‘The Fosters’ 5×17 “Makeover” Recap: Top 5 Underrated Moments

Now that we’re right before the 100th episode and spring finale, now is the time to put together some underrated moments. Fosters has a way of drawing attention to the big moments, such as Stef and Lena’s wedding, Brallie’s cabin moment at Idyllwild, and Callie’s adoption. However, there are those underrated moments that should be appreciated more. Especially in this episode, these five segments from “Makeover” prove how important The Fosters is as show.

5. Flip the Script, Callie! 

As Callie and Ximena discuss her art school professor saying art isn’t her true calling, Ximena adds that her parents moving back to San Diego for their hearing on Friday. All they can do is argue that they’ve been here a long time and are moral citizens. Might help their case for the judge. Aaron catches up with the girls, mentioning his law department wants to provide a panel on how social media affects politics and asks both Callie and Ximena to participate. It’s been awhile since Aaron and Callie last spoke (and made out!), but I’m glad they’re still friends.

At the panel meeting, Aaron’s new girlfriend Amanda asks what provoked Callie to join the cause for Ximena. Callie openly expresses how Ximena is her friend, mentor, and a really good person. What works even more is how she can relate personally; Callie explains how her foster care situation helped her be more compassionate. She knows what it’s like to feel powerless and out of control. Callie also stands up for herself against that Conservative Student Union leader, who challenges Ximena on her parents he considers criminals. Callie reads him down, showing facts upon facts about the US deportation system and how screwed up and archaic it all is. GO AHEAD CALLIE ADAMS FOSTER!!!! Aaron is impressed, and so is his law professor Professor Kim. In times like these, it’s good to have people like Callie on their side.

The meeting with the judge happens, and she sees the video at last. The Sinfuego lawyer pleads their case, that they’re good additions to society, not a threat. The judge finally makes her decision; while she agrees that they are good people, she plans to give them 30 days to set their arrangements, especially for Poppy, before they are deported. Everyone’s reactions are heartbreaking to watch, but it shows how real these situations are, that not everyone gets a happy ending. That’s the beauty of The Fosters, even though this show is a teen family drama, it doesn’t hesitate to show the harsh realities of life. This experience lights a fire under Callie to talk to Professor Kim. She’s going to file an appeal, but decides to change her major…to law! Way to flip the script on us and decide to try law, which I think is a better fit for her career-wise than art.

Sounds like a threat.

4. Detective Stef at Work 

We meet Stef at work, and Sheila (Kyle’s foster mom) explains that he’s being stalked by Patrick Molloy and his cronies. He can’t leave the house or answer his phone. Stef confronts Det. Grey for stalking Kyle and for keeping in contact with a pedophile who has committed a crime. It’s also interesting that Grey dropped the charges against Patrick so he wouldn’t testify as Kyle’s alibi. Stef talks to Kyle for more information and finds a dead rat in his dumpster, sent it to him as a warning. Gross! Stef puts Patrick Molloy’s name on a list of search warrant requests. Interesting. I would have added Det. Grey on the list as well, but that’s just me.

3. Logan or Wyatt, Mariana? 

Mariana’s STEAM teacher wants to write a letter of recommendation for the internship, but she hasn’t thought of anything for her project. In the midst of that, Wyatt wants to cook for her, and he can cook a mean pasta!! The underrated moment lies when Wyatt shares more about his home life. He went from living in his car, to his ex, to his new apartment. He and his mother haven’t talked, not since his dad died when he was 13.

Logan, on the other hand, also packs a cute, little lunch for Mariana as a thank you for supporting him with Tess. He also gives her an adorable bracelet for making the roller derby team. All of these precious gifts and lunches put Mariana in a dilemma. She can’t choose one, or risk breaking one of their hearts. She spots a sketch found in Jesus’ room and uses it for inspiration, but it is revealed as Emma’s for HER application. What will their poor teacher do with two similar internship applications?

2. Jude’s Rebellious Stage 

While Jude, Taylor and Declan have another gaming livestream, commenters make fun of Jude’s hair and wardrobe — calling it “a banker on vacation”. To calm Jude’s minor aggressions about being publicly humiliated, Taylor and Declan give him a makeover (hence the episode’s title). The new clothes and hair look good, even Lena thinks he looks totally hot, “in a mom way”. However, he still gets made fun of for trying too hard. When Jude comes home, he’s back to his old “nerdy” self. Declan insists on keeping the new look for the fans, but Jude backs down. Declan makes an uncomfortable and rude move where he makes Jude go shirtless and change on camera!

It gets worse when Stef and Lena find out from watching some of the video footage on YouTube, especially the latest video on Jude taking his shirt off. They warn Jude of how the language and suggestive behavior could lead to online predators. Of course, Jude is pissed that his little gaming career is getting threatened by his parents, but before things get more heated, Lena finds a compromise to give him one more chance to clean it all up or else the whole gaming thing is over. Jude rants to Taylor about his moms’ restrictions. Taylor suggests talking to Declan about it, which is a bad idea because he doesn’t want to stream with him anymore. What’s worse is their company the kids partnered with dropped them. Nonetheless, Declan asks Jude if they’re all set to film at his house, to which Jude replies yes. Lying to the parents, and now to Declan? Wow, Jude.

1. Brandon’s New Music Adventure 

Since Grace is going to a spa with her mom, now that she’s getting better, going back to school and working. But Brandon doesn’t have much to do, since he’s basically Grace’s couch potato. Even though he doesn’t think it’s any of her business what he does when they’re not together, he knows he needs a hobby, something to keep him occupied.

Callie, luckily, shows him Ximena’s video essay footage. She feels like it’s missing something, like music. Brandon has all the time in the world, so he suggests making music for the video.
Callie sees and hears the score for the video the first time, and thinks it’s really pretty, but feels like the song is overwhelming the video, like getting in the way of the story behind it. Brandon talks with Eric, his old music teacher who connects him to his old friend Jeff Stalin, a music composer who does scoring for TV movies. Brandon and Jeff discuss how they want the music to tell the story without drawing too much attention. Is it just me, or did anyone else see that look that B got in his eyes? Maybe he’s found his true calling. He shows the finished production to Callie and Ximena, who love it.

It’s so great how Brandon has found an activity that fixates on his love for music with a career. My only curiosity is how this will work out for Grace. She’s just now getting better, even got tickets for next year’s Coachella! But how long will this happiness last, especially with only a few episodes left of the last season?

How did you like The Fosters episode, “Makeover”? Comment below! Also, check out the promo for 2-hour event: the 100th episode “Just Say Yes”, and spring finale “Many Roads”. Both episodes air on Tuesday, March 13.

Synopsis: 5×18 “Just Say Yes” – In the 100th episode, Brandon and Grace go on a road trip and discover a lot about each other, while Mariana and Emma vie for a competitive internship. Stef and Lena go on a couples retreat to reconnect. The Fosters 5×19 “Many Roads” (Finale) – In the spring finale, it’s graduation day for Callie and Brandon, but after some shocking news, the family wonders whether they will make it to the ceremony.

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