The Fosters 3×16 Recap: ‘EQ’

The Fosters’ EQ did not waste any time adding warnings of talks of suicide in this week’s episode. Luckily, it was needed because regardless of the warning, this episode had made some tough decisions when it comes to teen suicide and depression. Stef and Jesus have an impasse in her youth empowerment class. Brandon and classmate argue about the suicide content in his rock opera “Romeo and Juliet”. Rita’s daughter Chloe returns, and Callie and Rita deal with her ominous voicemails.

Jesus, what are you doing? ?

Stef becomes uptight with Mariana spilling her milk on her new EQ emotional intelligence textbook, for the police dept. youth department. While Stef’s teaching is going well, an unruly student with attitude named Javier. He disrupts the class while throwing away a jar of hummus, when Stef throws him out. Her anger takes a toll in the home when she lashes out harshly on Jesus when he comes home drunk not only once but twice!! Which is understandable, but when it gets too much, that’s when Lena jumps in and explains that Stef may be being too harsh towards their son. Stef finds out that one of the kids have been drinking her vodka while she and Lena have a moment of their own, and her suspicions prove correct when Jesus is carried home drunk by Gabe. Gabe pleads and begs to keep Jesus away from him. He’s been out 10 years and doesn’t want to get fired from his job; as he walks out, Mariana meets him briefly. Sounds like Jesus’ buddy Nick is a great influence on him. (note the sarcasm). The next day, Mariana confronts Jesus about him coming home but he brushes her off, sadly.

Stef and Jesus get into a huge fight, in which Lena breaks up, with Jesus having to join in on her youth empowerment class. Jesus hates it, but he realizes that it’s just not worth fighting over. It’s not worth fighting with one of the two people who actually care about you, unlike your own birth father.

Need some ice for that *intelligent* burn? ?

Speaking of Nick, Mariana confronts Nick about the awful double date. She says that he has no emotional intelligence, which is true, if she knew what emotional intelligence was really about. When Nick comes and gets Jesus drunk the first time, Mariana makes up a story to the mamas about dying her hair blonde (total train wreck btw lol). Meanwhile, Callie and AJ traipse Jesus up the stairs to AJ’s room. Mariana swears off Nick, but after he takes her to his father’s old warehouse for a hoverboard date. He reveals that he can get his dad to agree to use the warehouse for Brandon and Mat’s play. I don’t know how to feel about that, but we’ll see if that really happens or not.

That awkward Brallie moment…?

Brandon and Mat’s Romeo and Juliet play isn’t going so well. Brandon shows off an awesome poster for the play, but as soon as he gets to school, Lena and Monte pull him over for a chat. Senior-class president Sally has protested against the play, claiming that it has negative vibes towards teen suicide. Naturally, Brandon is furious that he can’t fulfill his senior project to graduate, and Monte settles this case for the Honor Board to solve. And while both Brandon and Sally present believable cases towards the play, the student vote root more for Sally’s side. Poor Brandon has to come up with a new plan for the play. Mariana made a good point back home: if every book or play is to be banned for trigger warnings, how is anyone supposed to learn? Those are important in life. Not to say that trigger warnings are a bad thing, but sugarcoating everything that is an inkling of negativity won’t help any student learn about the real world.

WHAT?! ?

I was actually surprised that Monte rooted for Sally’s case, because isn’t Shakespeare a requirement for schools? It shouldn’t be such a problem that this play is causing. But it all makes sense when a sobbing Sally shows up to Lena’s office. She confesses that Monte kissed her!! I thought that kissing Lena was bad, but a student?! Monte has some issues!!

Trigger warning ?

Callie has her own share of suicide and depression with Rita’s daughter Chloe. Callie gets a mysterious voicemail from Chloe, and fears that she might harm herself. Callie goes to Rita who’s still pissed about her involvement with Justina; Rita explains that Chloe’s situation has happened over and over again, giving her money and getting off her meds and that she was enabling her to her demons. Callie doesn’t understand how Rita can be so selfish and ignorant towards her daughter but turns into this whole argument about the reform bill.

Callie goes to see Chloe anyway, and she sees a bit of what Rita was going through all those years ago. Chloe isn’t doing so well, though. She got let go from her job, living in an old, moldy hotel room. Callie looks so lost on trying to help, and with good reason. Chloe even asks for $600 for a loan to live with her friend. Of course, Callie says no, but still wants to help her.

Chloe needs Super Callie! 

While Brandon and Sally’s play case happens, Chloe calls again, but Callie ignores it, probing Chloe to take a handful of pills. When Callie gets back to her, she hears Chloe’s tearful words and calls the paramedics. They find Chloe, passed out on the bedroom. Thank God she’s okay in the end, because I really thought she was going to die. I feel even worse for Rita, because she didn’t listen to her daughter when she so clearly needed the help. While they’ll agree to disagree about the reform bill, Rita is so proud of who Callie’s becoming. Cue the tears!! But she made and interesting comment: “Maybe she was trying to get my attention, but I think this time she got her own attention.” Maybe she will, Rita. Only time will tell.

Minor family details:

Well hello there, AJ. ?

  • AJ is staying over the mamas’ home while Mike is out of town, prompting Callie to calmly tell them that she and AJ are dating. I would be happier with their new relationship (like AJ being all corny and cute comparing a math problem to drawing) if Brandon wasn’t so busy eavesdropping on them, like a stalker.

Awkward Brallie moment take 2.

  • It’s clear that Brandon isn’t moving on from Callie, but he finally lets out that he has a new girl. But he conveniently leaves Cortney’s baby Mason out.
  • I miss Jude. And Connor. When are they coming back?

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Also, see the new promo for next week’s Sixteen.

With their sixteenth birthdays just around the corner, Mariana and Jesus disagree over how to celebrate, on an all-new episode of “The Fosters,” airing Monday, March 7th on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family. Jesus is upset after his plans for a low key birthday are supplanted by Mariana, who plans a huge dance party instead. Jude is excited by the prospect of a weekend visit with Connor. Meanwhile, Callie and Brandon strike a truce by agreeing not to bring their new respective significant others home or to family functions.


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