‘The Fosters’ 3×12 Recap: “Mixed Messages” Sent in the Home

The Fosters’ ”Mixed Messages” brought us a firm storyline for the rest of the season.

Stef and Callie go through their inner insecurities about their appearances; Mariana and Lexi have a presidential face-off; Brandon learns how to surf; Sharon and Lena continue to push Stef over the edge. It all goes down on “Mixed Messages”.

“You’re not alone in this.” #TheFosters

For starters, after getting diagnosed with stage 0 breast cancer, Stef continues to trudge along, telling loved ones that she’s fine, perfectly fine. Lena researches her butt off on DCIS, and suggests that Stef not do anything hasty to her body just yet. Sharon, who had a hysterectomy after struggling with ovarian cancer, suggests that Stef do a mastectomy instead. But Stef wants no part in either option. She just doesn’t want to discuss it.

But we all know that Stef is so far from fine. She has her inner turmoil in the bathroom mirror, and we can see all over her face, how terrified she is of losing control. Of losing that strength she’s had as leader of the pack for so long.

Sharon’s pestering is no help, either. I understand that she’s her mother, but at the same time, she is not the mother of the Adams-Foster household; Lena and Stef are. It’s time to let go and let your babies make their own decisions. Also, Sharon’s plan of using reverse psychology only works on kids because they don’t know any better. But when you try it on adults, it only backfires on you, Sharon! Ugh, anyway.

“I’m really sorry” #TheFosters

Stef can confide in Mike, however. Mike takes the news as calmly as ever. After meeting her at AJ and Ty’s grandmother’s funeral (he waits for them to show up, but sadly, they don’t), they converse awkwardly about how big or small Stef’s boobs may be after surgery. More Mike and Stef scenes, please!

In the end, Stef decides on a lumpectomy. Sharon thinks that Stef should think that over again, but she may have to because she receives a letter in the mail. The letter states scary, positive results for the BRCA-1 gene, both ovarian and breast cancer. Naturally, Stef hides the letter from Lena, but if she freaked out about the DCIS diagnosis, there’s no telling what she will do about this one. Prayers for Stef!

? #TheFosters

Another person who is in also need of a prayer is Callie. After freaking the hell out internally about the anonymous email about her having sex with her ex-boyfriend-turned-brother Brandon, Callie deletes the message. But that doesn’t stop her from storming off to Brandon’s room and letting him have it. But I think Callie is overthinking it; maybe a little friend named Daphne told Brallie’s secret. I have a huge feeling she did because who else knows about it? No one but her.

And speaking of Daphne, she points out that the anonymous email may be referring to Callie’s former foster brother Liam raping her years ago. When Callie explains to B about it, he chastises her for being scared to move on from the “poor foster girl who always needs saving”. Funny that he says that, because when he changes to an instant surfer guy while hanging loose with the bartender chick, he’s having a grand old time. But Callie is still on his brain when he comes home.

Um, yes? #TheFosters

Callie is dressed up from an impromptu photoshoot for Fost & Found, and Brandon’s mad. WTF Brandon! So you can change for someone else and Callie can’t? Please. Callie gets pissed off and has an internal staredown in the bathroom mirror, and washes off the pretty makeup. Brandon and Callie can’t live without each other nor root for each other. Remember when they were in love seasons ago?

You’re beautiful no matter what, Callie. #TheFosters

In other news, Mariana and Lexi’s battle for junior class president is nothing but hilarious! When Mariana elects Hayley for campaign manager, Hayley arranges a debate special. But the debate turns into a “You shut up” battle and they disperse. In the end though, the two BFFs make up, with Lexi still in the race. Who knows, maybe one of them wins and ends up being VP.

Awkward … #TheFosters

From taking drugs at boarding school, Lena and Stef punish Jesus with no wrestling around Anchor Beach. It’s a bummer for awhile, but he meets Nick, a 25-year-old Junior in high school. Wait, he’s how old and still in high school?! Anyway, they go in a little joyride in Nick’s car at 120 mph, and Jesus has a flashback to the accident that almost cost him his life. I want to know more about this, and less of Brallie’s mess.

WOAH. #TheFosters

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Callie is surprised to find that Jude is spending time with Jack, a quirky foster teen they met at a foster youth event. Brandon and Mat decide to write a Romeo & Juliet rock musical as their senior thesis project, but they disagree over who should play Juliet. Meanwhile, Jesus asks Ana about the identity of his and Mariana’s birth father.

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