‘The Fosters’ 3×14 Recap: “Under Water”

The Fosters’ “Under Water” brought some tears and fears!

This episode discussed what it’s like to be rejected, facing your fears, and embracing the love of family. But that’s what makes this show so great. The love of family will prevail against stress of the real world.

The episode begins when Callie goes in to see AJ in juvenile detention but he doesn’t want to see her. Callie is pissed at Lena and Stef, mostly Stef, because she’d thought that by telling them about AJ, she would helping him. But it’s made things worse. Callie goes back to visit AJ again and again but still not allowed in. FINALLY Callie gets an answer not from AJ but from Ty. They make a plan to get AJ some help.

Meanwhile, Callie and Justina (Kelli Williams) discuss the Fost & Found website. People have been spreading the “rumor” about Brallie sex. Justina suspects that the IP address whom was pretending to be AJ on the chat was Jude! Of course, Callie knows better and confronts Jack about it. He confesses that it was him, but begs Callie not to tell Jude because he doesn’t want to lose his only friend. Callie grudgingly keeps quiet, but bigger issues are for the kid. Callie notices he’s wincing and discovers that he’s bleeding, his stomach battered and bruised from the group home. Jack says not to worry, but Justina gets Jack into an intervention and she assures that she can help and make sure he’s safe. I’m still sensing a suspenseful aura around her. We’ll see what happens to Jack…

Stef and Lena have their own struggles to deal with, what with Stef’s upcoming surgery on the way. Stef and Lena discuss the double mastectomy procedure with the doctor but Stef dazes out in a swimming pool dream. I would be terrified, too. They schedule the surgery, and when they get home, Mariana calls Lena on her affair with Monte!!! Mariana shares a really gross Twitter meme about Monte and Lena. She wants to start a campaign to defend her mom that involves a very long hashtag.

Lena confronts Monte about the meme, and Monte makes it even more awkward. She shares a story of how she and her friends spread a similar rumor happens in grade school.  Yeah, that’s not helping, Monte! Lena gets upset and cries, and Monte consoles her. Awwww Lena…. 🙁 Right when Lena starts to feel better, Stef visits her at school and sees Monte & Lena talking. Oh boy, not this again.

When Lena returns home, Sharon spills that Stef was working on the power of attorney case for their wills. This tiptoeing of Lena-Stef and I’m just worried one of them will snap. No one really does, but Stef admits her fears that she won’t have the same body she did before the surgery, and that Lena will use Monte because she’s beautiful. Tears come into my eyes as Lena assures that although Monte may be beautiful, Stef’s the one who is more beautiful. Her mind, heart, soul, laugh, everything that Stef is, is what Lena loves the most about her. Lena takes Stef swimming in a neighbor’s backyard pool. The mamas making the most of their midnight swim and take up Sharon’s suggestion. I’m scared for Stef’s surgery, but at least she has her family with her 100% of the way.

Brandon on the other hand, needs some love and support with Cortney. He slays at the piano, but has no idea who the late, great Shirley Temple was!! Someone needs to send him to watch Heidi, The Little Princess or Bright Eyes and come back. But luckily, he does some homework and impresses Cortney with a sing-along of “Animal Crackers”! It’s cute, adorable, and brings me back to my childhood. They almost-kiss but she stops him, for fear of being a rebound. This is good because you can’t start a new relationship based on complications. Especially since his ex lives with him.

Callie takes the car from Brandon to see AJ (and only gets to see Ty). It’s strange that Callie calls him out on not moving on, when she’s stuck on trying to get to AJ, someone who doesn’t even want to see her. That long walk gave some time for Brandon to think. He assures Cortney that he really wants to spend time with her. Just when they are about to kiss, Brandon spots a carseat in her car. Come to find out that she has a 2 year old son in daycare! I think that’s too much complication Brandon can handle.

Minor family details:

  • Mariana has a new admirer, and his name is Nick! Yes, that 25-year-old junior whom Jesus has been palling around with. Mariana gets promoted to Chair of the Honor Board at school, and lets Nick off with a warning. After admitting that he’s intimidated by her, she finally agrees to a date with him. All is good until she does some research on Gabe. Come to find out that he’s been on charge for a sex offense with a minor. Be careful girl!!

  • Brandon, Mariana and Mat’s rock opera of Romeo & Juliet is underway, with Mari getting the green eyes for Mat. While she sees him flirting with crewmate Zoey, she suggests a no-dating policy. I thought that was funny, since she’s kind of onto Nick now, but we’ll see.

  • Jesus spends time with her supposed-dad, whom we now know as Gabe, at the construction site. He seems nice but on edge. Jesus and Kevin get into a bit of trouble with the car/police, but he explains to Gabe that he has school stuff. Jesus gathers the courage to tell Gabe that he’s his son but Gabe can’t legally be around him. What is Ana not telling us?!

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When Stef and Lena discover Callie wants to film an endorsement supporting a new foster care reform bill, they express concern, prompting Callie to seek out Rita (guest star Rosie O’Donnell) for support. Hoping to impress Mariana, Nick turns to Jesus for advice on planning their first date. Meanwhile, Stef recovers from a medical procedure.

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