‘The Fosters’ Season 5 Spring Finale Recap: Top Moments from “Just Say Yes” and “Many Roads”

The time has come! We all knew it was going to happen, but we denied as much as we could. The Fosters isn’t officially over, but this 2-part, 100-episode/spring finale could have sufficed as such because there was so much going on. Graduation day, Grace and Brandon’s trip to LA, Emma’s insecurity about her future with Jesus, and Lena and Stef’s couples retreat venture. Not to mention, Stef has a major breakthrough with her self-love. Callie has to prove why she wants to study law, not only to Aaron and Professor Kim, but to herself. Jude also has a minute to ponder Declan’s position in 2 Gay Guys and a Girl. Both in “Just Say Yes” and “Many Roads”, it’s too much to narrow down to just five moments, so here are just the most important top hits!

Someone get these two a star.

5. Goodbye, Grace.

This one is a bit of a spoiler, but the moments that lead up to Grace’s death are possibly the most heartbreaking. Especially for Brandon, considering we knew her through his eyes. “Just Say Yes” begins on promising terms. Grace goes for another doctor’s appointment, and she’s in remission! Brandon heads to LA for an interview with Musician’s Institute, so he takes Grace sightseeing around Hollywood. They are too cute, taking awkward selfies with Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! They even keep up with an acoustic set as a duo and Brandon takes this moment to reveal his want to adopt kids later in life.

In “Many Roads”, things go from bad to worse when Grace, who has gone from a happy bubbly girl, to someone who can’t even lift her head up to kiss her boyfriend. It turns out she was lying about her remission; she tearfully couldn’t tell him that the T-cell treatment didn’t work, so she’d wanted to spend her last free moments with him having fun in LA. She makes Brandon promise to go to Coachella if she can’t. Also, she made her mom her proxy instead of B… damn. The sweetest, most touching part of this ending is when Brandon sings to his girl on acoustics as she slowly dies in her sleep, with her parents in tears in the background…..so sad. We knew this would happen, but knowing it now, right in front of us, is such a tear-jerking moment. Brandon is so numb by the grief that while calling Stef back home, he has a daydream about the band playing Coachella on their grounds. The daydream is a chance for our Grace to see what might have been. However, it hurts just as much in reality to what really happened.

On a positive note, Callie shows up for her foster brother after finding his Coachella tix in his room. Brandon breaks down in tears as the crushing guilt overwhelms him, as Callie reassures that Grace knew how much he adored her. How great it was to share that love, if only for a while. Grace would have wanted him to graduate with his family watching proudly. And he does!

4. Is Callie off to Law School?

Speaking of Callie, she is persistent about UCSD’s 5-year law program. Like, determined! So much so that Professor Kim actually wants her to be part of the school, but next year. However, not all hope is lost so Callie can put some focus into Ximena and her family’s legal issues with DACA. She knows of loopholes that can get the family a state of approval, the way ICE invaded their home. Dr. Kim likes the idea, but it’s still not enough. Callie enlists her good ol’ ICE agent friend Alan to testify against unethical ICE legal disciplinary. On the other hand, Alan doesn’t want to lose his job, so Callie and Aaron issue a subpoena. Since ICE doesn’t want to ruin their reputation with the courts, they issue the Sinfuegos a state of approval, granting their stay in the U.S.!

This is brilliant because it makes Callie realize she’s taking a step in the right direction. She wants to help the families who don’t have people like her on her side yet. Dr. Kim calls her a “force of nature”, which we fans are so proud of hearing! In spite of that lovely statement, it’s not enough for Aaron in the romantic sense; even though Callie tells him she loves him, he wants to see how it goes with Amanda. I’m not completely heartbroken over his decision, especially after being so patient over Callie’s grief last season. But it would have been nice to see them make it together. At least they can stay very good friends in law school.

And as it turns out, Callie makes it into the law program! In “Many Roads”, while walking up to get her diploma, Lena reveals that she’d gotten a last-minute slip from the law department, adding her in. Yes! That’s our girl!

We’re proud of you too Stef.

3. Stef and Lena’s Epic Getaway

These mamas have been through hell and back, both individually and as a couple. Especially Stef, since she’s been in a turmoil throughout this whole season. She and Lena begrudgingly agree to go to the couples retreat gift from Sharon on Mother’s Day, and it kind of starts off well. They meet a nice elderly couple who runs the retreat, who mistakenly register them for the Mr. & Mrs. suite. Also, they participate in goat yoga, which is pretty funny to see Stef doing poses with a baby goat on her back.

However, things take an unexpected turn on Stef’s part when she has to learn to face her fears and anxieties, especially about her father. He even comes back to life as a ghost! It’s tough (if not downright creepy) to have a conversation with her Dead Father, but it’s helpful because it makes Stef realize her self-worth. That even though she’d love nothing but her father to love her for who she is, she can love herself even more. Stef sees the light and makes herself say she loves herself, her family, her Lena.

Back in the cabin, Stef and Lena have a heart-to-heart about their relationship. The most distressing part of their conversation is when Stef revealed, “When we make love, I feel ashamed like what we’re doing is wrong. Like it can be taken away from us.” Lena just sits back and listens, and lets her know that she knows her wife. So sweet!

Stef takes that strength to end this beef with Detective Grey once and for all. In “Many Roads”, Stef gets a text from Margo about her filing a warrant for Patrick Malloy. She wants to call a truce with Grey, but he has to promise not to go to the Internal Affairs and leave Kyle Snow alone. Stef is ready for a career change, she recorded the whole conversation for evidence! Nice plan! As much as it is scary for change, it’s got to happen. And Stef has Lena for immense support, so they will be fine.

2. Jude Takes a Stand

Judicorn has gone through a rebellious phase in his young, little life this season. For the past two seasons, actually. But “Many Roads” showcases a new and improved Jude Adams Foster! Jude and Noah argue about 2 Gay Guys and a Girl, mostly Jude ditching him to go to a meet-and-greet for Imminent Power at GamerCon. During building Jesus’ treehouse project, Noah accidentally ruins Jude’s new shirt from Declan, which pisses Jude off. Noah basically calls him out for caring so much about the clothes, hair, fans, being a role model for other gay gamers. It’s even more awkward when at the Meet-and-greet, Declan is very rude to this one young fan with blue fingernails waiting to see Jude. That makes Jude see the error in his ways and cuts ties with Declan by the end of the finale, back with blue fingernails of his own! Remember season one’s petition, #BlueforJude?! Lena finds him in the bathroom and Jude confesses to still gaming. Lena isn’t mad, but asks what his plans are.

At the graduation ceremony, Jude apologizes to Noah; he was right about him and where Jude was going. He reveals that he quit Imminent Power, with both him and Taylor going back to streaming on their own. Look at our little Judicorn growing up, making better decisions!

1. Jesus, Emma and Mariana’s Futures

Jesus and Emma have their own little breakthroughs in the finale episode. We jump back to two days earlier, where Jesus is upset about being held back another year as a junior. But good little sis Mariana pulls him out of bed to the backyard, where the whole family comes together to build Jesus’ treehouse!! Also, Jesus patches things up with Gabe, who we haven’t seen since he’d left abruptly last season. Gabe apologizes for leaving, and Jesus is so gracious about it. He knows they have an awesome family, and Gabe is doing his best to stick by it. Jesus has grown up so much, and I’m so here for it!

Emma on the other hand, is a little unsure about her future with Jesus, especially going to LA for the summer, as well as her college years in Boston. She knows long-distance relationships don’t usually work out, but anything can happen. In the background, Jesus overhears the whole thing! But like I said, anything can happen, right?

Mariana also has some boy troubles towards the end. At first, she doesn’t want to help Emma with her robot for the internship, for fear of fraternizing with the “enemy”. However, she realizes that the STEM industry is small when it comes to women and female empowerment, so she ends up helping Emma, who wins the internship! Mariana sulks a lot, while working on the treehouse. Jesus reassures her that she can do almost anything she sets her mind to. She’s the most single-minded girl he knows, when she wants something she gets it. It doesn’t matter if she didn’t get one internship. Such brotherly love!

Mariana and Mat even have a moment to patch things up at graduation. With Mat graduating and moving to Boston for college, they can chat more if she makes it at MIT. Nevertheless, it looks like she ends up with Wyatt in the end, because towards the flash-forward in the end, he shouts, “That’s my girl!” while she’s graduating. Adorable!

This moment could not have been more perfect.

Honorary Moment: That Flash-Forward!!

As if we weren’t feeling all the feels throughout the entire 2-part finale, let’s talk about that epic flash-forward. Mariana and Jesus graduate with their respective colleges; Mariana and Emma are both off to MIT, Jesus to community college. Additionally, we see Jude and Taylor’s high school graduation, where Mat and Mariana are back together, and Stef’s hair is longer. All is right with the world!

Until we get back to the house after Jude’s graduation and acceptance to UCLA. It’s nothing bad, but you know how this goes in the Adams Fosters home; there’s always something. Brandon brings home his new fiancée to announce their engagement. Future Callie, who is still 4 years down into her law program, doesn’t look very happy and shares a look with Jude…what’s up, Callie?! Is she still not over Brandon?

The coolest part is when Lena gets a call from a social worker (the same one who worked on Callie in season one) about a new kid who needs fostering. What should she tell him? We’ll find out in June, for the 3-part series finale. June seems so far away now.

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