‘The Fosters’ Star – Caitlin Carver Books A New Show

Umm all these people from our favorite fandoms colliding into one show makes us happy. Caitlin Carver (The Fosters), Yani Gellman (Pretty Little Liars) have booked roles in a show that stars Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl) , Don Johnson (Miami Vice) and Delroy Lindo in the ABC drama pilot Boom.

So apparently Boom is about the biggest oil finding in America since the 1800’s. Personally we’re glad that it’s not like a show set in the 1800’s.

We’re kinda glad that Caitlin Carver won’t be on The Fosters (nothing against her – we just don’t like her and Jesus together).

So what the hellz is this show about? Well we know what the two that were cast today will be playing – According to DEADLINE…

Carver will play Lacey Boyd, the younger daughter of Hap (Johnson). Gellman will play A.J. Menendez, Hap’s personal driver who leads a triple life: He’s not only Lacey’s clandestine lover, he’s a spy for the reigning family of Saudi Arabia as a member of its royal family. And Lacey’s pillow talk gets passed along to the Middle East as soon as she falls asleep.

We’re kinda excited for this, cause we miss Dallas. Yes, we’re comparing.


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