#TheFosters 3×10 Summer Finale Recap: “Lucky” I’m in Love With My Best Friend

The Fosters’ summer finale “Lucky” had love, fights, heartbreak and sadness. But the love overcame everything else for an incredible episode for the Adams-Foster family.

The morning after Brallie sexytimes is oh, so sweet! I loved the closeup shots of the sleepy, adorable smiles on Brandon and Callie’s faces shows all of the emotions of their actions of the night before.

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But when they get home, the tables turn when Stef and Lena announce that the caseworker approved Callie’s adoption!! The secret couple is trying so hard not to let their fear show, especially when Callie had thought that the adoption was “completely off the table”. Even Callie’s Girls United buddy Daphne says to her “what is wrong with you!” LOL!! But after some thought and late night first-time “I love you”’s, Callie realizes that having a family, this family, is better than having a romance with Brandon. Even Brandon agrees that “this is your family, Callie”. So, no more Brallie. It sucks though, because if they just were going to give the whole thing up, why bother having sex in the first place?


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The family goes into the courtroom to settle the adoption, and a huge following of foster kids show up to support Callie!! But before matters can be taken, the caseworker warns that the judge saw Callie’s video from her web app, and is not happy with it. They’re making Callie apologize for calling him out on video, but she does not back down. She apologizes for hurting his feelings, but not for standing up and fighting for what she believes in. YESS, Callie! Why should she have to apologize for anything based on a broken system? Luckily, the judge agrees that the system is broken. He asks is there’s anything romantic left between her and Brandon, and she says “it’s over.” And she’s finally finally adopted as an Adams-Foster!! The clouds part, hugs and kisses thrown, and all is right with the world! Praise God, Hallelujah!

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While Stef and Lena finally got the daughter they always wanted, loved and adored, they don’t seem to be spreading the love within themselves. Stef is barely speaking to Lena after finding out about the kiss with Monte. They get into a huge fight about it, and it makes me teary to see their relationship in shambles. Lena confronts Monte, and she confirms that she’s in love with Lena. Monte says that the last thing she’d ever want to do is break up a marriage, but it’s too late. I think Monte is already too deep in her feelings enough to just walk away.

The moms barely have time to think about their marriage hanging by a thread, because Lena’s parents Dana and Stewart (Lorraine Toussaint and Bruce Davison) once again show up for their 40th anniversary party. Am I the only one who is kinda tired of them? Everytime they show up, even for a celebration, they always have to bring some type of drama along.

Lena’s brother Nate shows up to formally apologize for calling their mom the N-Word. Notice how he kept saying “your mom”, not our? Like, she’s your mother too. At the anniversary party, Nate shows up, and Stewart is indulgent, but Lena and Dana convince him that Nate is genuinely sorry for what he’d said years before. Meanwhile, Stef pulls Lena aside during the party, and spills that she got a second mammogram, and both hold their breath. Stef, thankfully, is fine! Both mamas realize that having each other safe and sound is more worth it than any thirsty principal coming between them. Once again, all is okay in the family.

Minor details…

  1. Jude and Connor get caught making out, all hot and heavily with no shirts on, by Connor’s dad. Lena has no choice but to give her the awkward Sex Talk, even when Jude insists that they are not at that level yet. But the Talk is something every young person should know, even when it’s hilarious when Jude goes, “For a lesbian, she sure knows a lot about how guys have sex”. But the act between Jonnor makes Connor want to go live with his mom in LA. Jude thinks that his dad is making him move, but while his dad is trying to understand his son’s lifestyle, Connor’s decision to move is all on him. And while Jude is heartbroken, he understands and tells Connor he loves him. Aww!


  1. Mariana prepares to sing a song for Dana and Stewart’s 40th anniversary with Mat and Brandon. While Mat immediatetly backs down, Mariana and Brandon do a lovely cover of “Love will Keep Us Together”. After the performance, Mariana pulls Mat aside and tells him that she forgives herself and doesn’t necessarily need his forgiveness. Aww, you go, Mariana! While Mat is happy for her that forgives herself, he’s not willing to give their relationship another shot.

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  1. Rita tells Callie she got the recording of Carmen confessing to framing Rita about the assault. She also heard the part about Brandon, but since Callie did her a huge favor, Rita isn’t going to tell.
  2. JESUS IS BACK!! Welcome to the family, Noah Centineo!! Stef and Lena’s faces when he stepped in with Callie were priceless!!

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And that’s it for season 3A of The Fosters!! Let us know how you felt about the season as a whole and what you hope to happen in season 3B. Bye for now.

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