The Heretics Are Coming! The Vampire Diaries Casts Three Heretics for Season 7

Here they come, the Heretics.

What we know so far, is that the Heretics will definitely be in season 7 wreaking havoc around Mystic Falls. But now, we know who three of those Heretics will be.

A few weeks ago, we found out that three newbies would be gracing Mystic Falls. Remember the ‘lethal lesbians’ that would be heading to town? Well that’s them.

Now we already know a little about these new ladies, but we have more intel into these crazy Witchvamps, thanks to Entertainment Weekly.

So without further ado meet Stefan and Damon’s new enemies.

  • First up we have Nora who will be played by Scarlett Byrne. Nora’s been described as “a heretic that’s cute in a tomboyish way and is in a relationship with Mary Louise (Neighbours’ Liane). Nora has a sly sense of humor and potent magic, though she is less interested in coexisting with the residents of Mystic Falls and more excited by retaliation and mayhem.”


  • Second we have Nora’s girlfriend, Mary Louise, played by Teressa Liane. Mary Louise is a Heretic “with a girly and feisty side. Teaming up with girlfriend Nora and heretic cohort Valerie to wreak havoc, Mary Louise has a strong point of view which she isn’t afraid to express, with equally strong magic.”


  • And last but not least there’s Valerie, played by Elizabeth Blackmore. Now this Heretic chic “has powerful magic and a dark and moody attitude. Valerie has a difficult time adjusting to life in Mystic Falls and is opposed to the pacifist instructions Lily (Annie Wersching) has given to the heretics. Focused on revenge, she will take matters into her own hands and starts a dangerous chain of events that will change the face of Mystic Falls…” Now Valerie sounds like she could be quite interesting, could she be interested in switching Salvatore’s?

These ladies sound like they’re about to make Stefan and Damon’s life hell. Well what’s TVD without a little drama.

The Vampire Diaries is back on Thursday October 8th at 8/7c on The CW.

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