‘The Hunger Games’: Today Is A Weird Day

Today is a weird day. It’s not a bad day, it’s a weird day.

I’m not sure how to explain it, because I am fully aware that it is first world issues and not a problem at all.  Because I am looking at today, and I feel a little tinge of sadness.

But I digress.

Today is a weird day.

I have said goodbye to franchises before. Saying goodbye to Twilight was one of the most difficult things I have had to do in my blogging career. But it is because of that I am standing here – well sitting – and recognizing that today is a weird day.

I remember the moment that I first discovered The Hunger Games. I was at a loss of what I wanted to read next and was searching for something I would love as much as Twilight. I knew what I wanted to find, but nothing was fitting the bill. And so an author friend of mine handed me a book and said, “It’s nothing like Twilight, but I think you will like it for that.”

I did.

I read that book quicker than I had read in a long time. At the end, I felt spent, emotionally weak, and ready to cry myself to sleep.

I am really not sure of how it got to the point that I was standing at The Hunger Games premiere or talking to Jennifer Lawrence. But hard work – a lot of it – got us there. The Hunger Games was a different beast than Twilight. But it was a good one. We tossed ourselves into the franchise with the same vigor that we had with Twilight, and didn’t look back.

But today – we’re attending the last premiere for The Hunger Games franchise and it feels weird.

Hence, today is a weird day.

The Hunger Games changed everything for us. We combined all of our websites into one – this one – because we knew that there was just so much to tell. The Hunger Games led us to friends, to enemies, to new adventures, to careers in social media, to a life that we really just didn’t expect.

Twilight started everything and we will always journey back to Twilight. It will always be our first love. But The Hunger Games was that rebound relationship – the one that you aren’t sure you want to have, but you toss yourself into, and you don’t regret it – because it made you sure of what you want out of life.

It was the best rebound relationship ever.

It made everything make sense.

It gave us hope.

When Twilight ended, we will be the first to admit that we felt lost. We don’t feel that way with The Hunger Games. Katniss taught us to go out with a bang – to embrace everything that you are and to stand true to your principals. And we have.

We know we want to be more in our lives and continue working towards all of our dreams.

Tonight, we will enter Panem one last time and we will say goodbye to the world that changed us. We won’t go home and cry because it’s over – we’ll probably drink a glass of wine and cheer to the “Girl on Fire” – because she gave us a life, friends, and a world of hope that we never expected.

Today is a weird day. It’s a mix between sadness, happiness, and laughter.

Today is a weird day.

Yes, it is.

But it’s a good one. We stand with the Mockingjay – even after we say goodbye to her. She’ll always be a symbol of freedom and hope – but to us she’s the symbol that reminded us that we can do anything.

She gave us hope.



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