The #Insurgent Trailer Premieres & All We Can Say Is, “HOLY SH*T!”

The new trailer for Insurgent debuted this morning and we know that you’re all gonna be pissed. There will be questions and breakdowns over what they are doing, “Is that in the book? That is not in the book! WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO MY FANDOM!”

We’re telling you that it will all be okay. There is nothing to worry about. Tris is in a sim – and in those, shit happens guys. Shit happens. One thing we learned along time ago – is we don’t judge until we see the entire movie. I mean, let us not forget Breaking Dawn Part 2, where Bill Condon actually made that movie interesting (let’s face it – the book was BORING) by adding the big scene at the end.

We’re not gonna sit here and tell you that everything’s perfect – we don’t know. We haven’t seen the movie. But we can tell you that we’re impressed by this trailer, and we’re hoping that you are too.

The only thing it’s lacking – not enough Four. But then again – you could give me nothing but Four for hours on end, and it still wouldn’t be enough. There is never a thing as too much Four.

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