‘The Last Ship’ 5×04 And 5×05 Reviews

Ok, I got a little behind on The Last Ship, and I did not give you the episode four review super fast as I promised, it’s really my bad. To make it up to all of you, I’m going to post episodes four and five together! Since this is the last season of the show, it might make sense to do some combined reviews, especially since all the episodes go together so well and there are so few.

Season five has been just as great as every season before it but I am very ready for all my characters to be together again on Nathan James. The only way they are going to beat this Gustavo character is together and unified. I am devastated that I’m getting so into my characters and their stories only to know that this will be our last journey together. However, I hope it ends just as wonderful as it began. I have faith in the team behind The Last Ship.

Let me break down the last two episode a little deeper…

5×04 Tropic of Cancer

On the Nathan James

Episode four picked right up where three left off with Nathan James setting up their plan with Mexico and Cuba. I really like watching Kara as the Captain of the ship because she is doing  a great job. Marissa Neitling is an extraordinary actress and she’s grown so much since she first started on this show. The same goes for her character who went from a lieutenant with exceptional skills to be the, now, acting Captain of the ship.

I got to see a side of Tom Chandler that we don’t see very often on this show, his darker side that longs for vengeance. This was the one time I was glad he was not the Captain of the ship because he would have sunk the ship just to take down some of the enemies they’re facing.

As far as I can tell, Cuba betrayed the James. I enjoyed watching Slattery in his element, using the resources available to him, to defeat the threats that were vastly more prepare for battle. My heart shattered to see my ship in such bad shape as the episode ended and they retreated from battle, but I have faith in the long game.

On Land

I’m with most of the fanbase and I ship Wolf and Azima. So when their plan to get on a plane and get out of the warzone they’ve been existing in went wrong, I was not happy. Wolf got hit my a mine and luckily, his team didn’t listen to him and leave him behind.

What I liked about the injury storyline was that it gave Wolf and Azima some great chemistry moments. I also loved that I got to see my characters being their best selves like always. Danny and Sasha are such amazing soldiers! They managed to get to the plane so I have high hopes that they will get back to the James in episode five, or meet them in Florida. I really really need my crew back together to take down this season’s big bad.

Favorite Scene

Watching Slattery run the weapons operation was a treat. It wasn’t just one scene, it went through the entire episode, but it was so good. I loved watching him in his element and Adam Baldwin is so good! These scenes also broke my heart a little though because he did everything he could think of. But it wasn’t enough to keep the James unscathed before finally retreating.


5×05 Warriors

Oh My Gosh at the Time Jumps

Episode five jumped forward three months from where we left off without any info shared across the screen, but luckily verbal clues gave me the facts. The three months were not the only time jump we got, either. Moments of this episode were from forty-eight hours prior, twenty-four hours after a mission, with two sequences that I don’t know about. Overall, it was a good episode, like always, but the jumps were really distracting.

One, in particular, was disconcerting. The focus jumped back and forth from the mission in Jamaica to a scene with Tom Chandler having a fight with his daughter, all set to some pretty rough music. This was the only time, in the entirety, of this series that I wish they’d done it differently. It was just too much.

Be Still My Wozima Heart

Wolf is mostly healed after his injury in the previous episode and he’s training with Azima in their first scene for episode five. If I could play any scene from this episode over and over, it would be this one. Wolf and Azima finally kissed! We had an almost kiss before but this one was real and in a public area so Wozima has to be a real thing now! I can almost forgive the terrible time jumping back and forth sequence for this moment because I have been waiting for it.

Danny and Kara – What Happened?

Before Wozima ever started to spark on The Last Ship, Danny Green and Kara Foster were the love story of my generation. They weren’t supposed to get together, but they did and they had a baby. Their love has been prevalent for every season of this show, until now. I could tell there was some tension in their relationship from Kara’s words about Danny in the premiere, but seeing them interact was heart wrenching. I hate to think they are broken up but it kind of looks that way. Danny is making time to see their son which seems like a separated parent thing and not what a happy family would be doing. We need their love back!

Favorite Scene

I loved the last moment in this episode the most. The Wozima scene was excellent but for my favorite, I have to go with the last minutes. The guys were sharing sodas after the Jamaica mission and laughing about Miller and his pet mouse. What struck me most about this scene was not the camaraderie, but the silent sadness that haunts all of these men. In a moment of silence after Tom arrives, the camera shows each man’s face: Chandler, Slattery, Wolf, Burk, Miller,  and Green. What I saw in each expression was the ghosts of all the battles they’ve fought. It was a beautiful and well done scene.

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