‘The Last Ship’ 5×06 Review: Air Drop

The final season of The Last Ship is more then halfway over and I won’t pretend my heart isn’t broken. Last week, I had some issues with the episode but the show is back on track with an intense collection of events that will lead into next week’s episode.

I enjoyed Slattery in command instead of the ship, giving orders and being himself. However, I would have like Tom to stay there or be on the James because he really is too important for the crazy mission he was on.

Let me break this week down…

Tom Chandler Will Win This War

I feel like they are gearing us up for a huge death in this final season and I am really worried Tom Chandler will be the victim. They already tried to kill him this week when his aircraft was hit. All worry aside, I have every faith in Chandler because he always gets things done. If I was on the plane with them, or on the James, or in command, I’d trust him with my life.

His crew trusts him but most of the people in charge haven’t worked with Tom in a crisis. They know his reputation but they don’t trust him. I have a hard time believing that when I watch because he has gotten everyone through so much, with no misses. I want everyone on this show to let Chandler do what he thinks is necessary. He more then proved it this week, once again.

Kara Foster Is A Badass

Kara has been one of my favorite characters from day one. She has grown so much over the course of the series but watching her Captain the ship is extraordinary. I would never have guessed she’d be in charge of the James when season five began. Kara is fit for the job. I loved watching her prepare for revenge on the ship that sent them in for repairs. She plays the long game and that’s a different look from the captain’s chair then I’m used to.

What Is Gustavo Really After And How Is Kelsi Involved?

I don’t like Hector but he sees the battle clearly while Tavo is more unhinged with each episode. Hector will end up being the undoing of Tavo, either by joining the other side or taking over his revolution. Tavo is killing his own people just to make a point of how powerful his is. I just don’t see that lasting long before someone steps in.

Kelsi, the girlfriend/mole/murderer of Alisha Granderson, is on the run. She’s just as evil as I suspected before the show revealed her truth but I still want to know how she got involved in Tavo’s mission. How did this young American girl, who’s sister is raising her daughter as her own, get mixed up in that to become a traitor? I am really hoping this question gets answered before the final episode is finished.

Favorite Scene

Tom’s resolve during the plane crash and then gaining aide from the Cuban rebels was my favorite part of this week’s episode. I sJtarted out worried, like really worried, when the plane got hit. He’s Tom Chandler, though, so he used a rock to cauterize the wound and kept on fighting. I just loved seeing him in action and proving to others why he is the man to solve problems. No one can do what Chandler can. I just couldn’t get over how calm he remained throughout the entire ordeal.

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