‘The Last Ship’ 5×07 Review: Somos la Sangre

I wanna start with this sentiment, Gustavo is a piece of trash. My second important thought is: no one is safe and that’s legit. I have seen many battles on The Last Ship for the past five years, but this season is the first to feature all out war. It’s devastating to watch and we only have three episodes left until there’s nothing more. Is anyone else as emotional about this as I am?

So, this week was stressful as hell and the promo for next week makes me pretty confident, things aren’t going to get much better. As Green said: “We are getting our asses handed to us.”

Why is Slattery in Command on not on Nathan James?

Let me break down ‘Somos la Sangre’…

Camp X

Chandler and his team (Green, Wolf, Cooper, Azima, Miller, and more) are all working with Cuba resistance to take down this big, heavily guarded camp. Unfortunately, the big reveal comes too late. Every aspect of this portion of the show had my heart racing. Things went from bad to worse so quickly for my guys that I started to wonder if any of them would make it out. My poor Miller lost his legs tonight.

With some help from a kid and the helo, Chandler and crew take down Camp X and find the real secret Tavo’s men were hiding. A full scale replica of Command, their real target in the plan to take down the U.S. Other then some great Wozima moments, this was all bad.

Mystery Battleship

Remember the battleship that sent Nathan James to Florida for repairs? She’s still stirring up trouble and is still very much invisible to my people. Kara and the crew of the James thought they found her last week but there was nothing. Now, the battleship is adding Tavo’s destruction of Chandler’s men and still nowhere to be seen. I can tell you one thing, when Kara does find that ship, she will sink it.

Kelsi Is a Traitor Because Of A Boy

I finally learned why Alisha’s girlfriend dated her and betrayed her country for Tavo, for a boy. This week, her little boyfriend shows up with one more task for heroic Kelsi. Tavo is so impressed with her, says the boy toy, but I think he probably doesn’t even know she exists. Kelsi’s new task, you know, after getting the war starting virus into the Navy system, a full takeover of Command.

Kelsi turns herself in as a way to get inside and let her friends in. Chandler and crew haven’t found the big plans yet so Slattery and Meylan just take Kelsi’s surrender as a big win. I have never shouted at a television so loudly as I did when they didn’t put her in handcuffs and lock her up the moment she walked inside.

Favorite Scene

Watching Wolf and Azima be adorable while taking down Camp X from the inside has to be the highlight from this dark episode. This moment gave some much needed light heartedness and, of course, shipper delight. I hope neither of them get hurt before the season’s end because they’re the only pure love we have left.

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