‘The Last Ship’ 5×08 Review: Honor

This episode was so packed with important and heartbreaking moments that I don’t know where to begin. With only two episodes left, I’m wondering how they can fix everything and everyone. Maybe that’s the point, you can’t always fix everything. But, The Last Ship has always been focused on hope and even in this week’s darkest hour, we found some.

I wept during ‘Honor’, and I held my breath thanks to the intensity my crew was facing. I can’t begin to describe how amazing this show is and has been for the last five years. It’s stayed consistently good and has always stayed the course of its overarching theme.

Let me break this episode down…


At the end of last week, it was clear Tavo’s men were going to take Command, and I have spent the last week stressing about it. I know they say not to take your work home with you but what about your shows and your characters? There wasn’t a single moment during ‘Honor’ where I wasn’t worried about one, or more, of these characters because it was that insane.

Among the many deaths, including an entire S.W.A.T. team, Kelsi (as a human shield for her trash boyfriend), one packed the biggest punch, Admiral Joseph Meylan (Emerson Brooks). Meylan joined the show in the third season ruffling feathers with his entrance, but he quickly became one of the most honorable men in the bunch. He proved that again even when his President couldn’t. We will miss you, Admiral Meylan.


The title of this week’s episode was also the theme and gave displays of all types before the hour was over. Meylan was willing to give his life for his country, in a heroic moment, and ended up making that same sacrifice later in the episode. I was absolutely disgusted with the President because, as his life was threatened, he cried and did exactly what the terrorists wanted. The show’s previous President would have never folded like that.

Tom Chandler nearly died for the cause as well. He was ready to trade himself to secure the lives of the President and those left alive in Command. I loved his plan to blow up Tavo’s ship instead of boarding it. Chandler is in a dark place. Episodes have hinted at it, but this one really let me see how far it goes, and I worry that Sasha is going to get hurt because of it.


With Command under lockdown and a terrorist attack, there weren’t many avenues for hope, but Master Chief and Swain were not taken hostage. Thanks to that, Wolf, Danny, and Burk put together an attack plan for them to use to get into the War Room and take back control. Nathan James worked with each team to ensure they saved as many lives as possible. It was a remarkable show of teamwork, just what I needed to see that hope rise once again.

After Thoughts

Are Tom’s demons going to cause his demise?

Tavo had everything he needed, but lost because of his obsession with Chandler, will Hector and his men turn on him?

How do they end this war in two episodes?

And, can we get more moments of Slattery, like this?

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