‘The Last Ship’ Review: Courage And Commitment

Here we are, for my final review of The Last Ship ever. I can’t believe it’s over. They did an excellent job with the show’s final two episodes, even if my heart broke a few times. Having the show’s very last episode air on Veteran’s Day couldn’t have been a better way to celebrate those who have sacrificed for our country. Eric Dane fully channeled the troubled Tom Chandler we’ve come to know since the end of season three. During this season, every episode got bigger and better, other then the strange one with the time jumps we’re just not going to talk about. Things got the most intense as the war with Tavo came to a close.

Let me break down the finale to The Last Ship for you…


In episode nine, the Nathan James, followed by the USS Michener with the plan to execute today’s D-Day. What ‘Courage’ mainly set up was the final events, as teams prepared the chosen beach for the breach they would execute the following day. Tom exhibited some strange behavior, like when he hears the Battleship when no one else can. I believe it’s all about what haunts him and his survivor’s guilt.

The biggest moment of ‘Courage’ was the death of Carlton Burk during their prep for storming the beach. I was brokenhearted and definitely shed more then a few tears. Danny was with him when it happened and, after doing a re-watch, I hadn’t realized how many deaths Danny was present for when the people were close to him. Burk was an amazing part of the cast, and I am so grateful Jocko Sims is on New Amsterdam so I don’t have to say goodbye completely.


After witnessing so many of my favorite characters meet their ends through this final season of the show, I was terrified going into the series finale. All the signs pointed at Tom Chandler’s demise and the promo let me know that the ship would be going down. I have been watching this show since day one, and Nathan James is just as important of a character as anyone else on the screen.

The James did go down and I did shed a tear (okay, way more then a tear) for the ship that served as a sign of hope during all the trials we’ve faced through the years. The first sequence was blockbuster movie level as the Marines and Navy stormed the beach and took it even after some gruesome deaths. A guy was run over by a tank!


The Fallen

The crew abandoned Nathan James once it was determined she was going down, but Tom stayed on board. He pushed forward and set his ship on a direct path to run into the Battleship (yes, she was real and Tom is not crazy). Was he dead? Did he make it? The show left it to mystery for a little while by having him wake up on the ship in a dream like sequence, running into those who have died since day one of The Last Ship.

The first few faces did not have as much of an impact until Tom reached Tex (John Pyper-Ferguson), one of my favorite cast members who died in season 3. Tex was always the one who could talk sense into Tom. I turned into a crying machine when he appeared, and it only got worse when Tex turned on a TV to show President Michener (Mark Moses) awarding Chandler and relieving him of command. Here’s where the tears really started to fall. Chandler asked who was taking over and here’s the list of people who stood up, each saying, “We have the watch:” Alisha Granderson (Christina Elmore), Andrea Garnett (Fay Masterson), Will Mason (Chris Sheffield), Cossetti (Tommy Savas), Doc Rios (Maximiliano Hernandez), and Carlton Burk (Jocko Sims). Just when I thought my eyes couldn’t produce anymore tears, Admiral Joseph Meylan appeared to close out the symbolic ceremony of Tom putting away his ghosts.

Thank You

After the show ended, showing Tom survive to end with the same hope that has always prevailed on The Last Ship, a special thank you message to the fans played. I will miss this show, its cast, the crew, the creative team, and the message it shared to all of us. I can’t imagine another show will ever be quite like this one.

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