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‘The Magicians’ at SDCC: Olivia Taylor Dudley on All Things Alice

Everyone on The Magicians has experienced their share of struggles – but Alice Quinn (Olivia Taylor Dudley) really had a rough go of it last season. After performing Grand Magic during the Brakebills students’ final confrontation with The Beast, she destroyed her physical form and transformed into a Niffin. She spent the season tormenting Quentin (Jason Ralph), who finally managed to return her to the land of the living – much to Alice’s dismay. So… what comes next? We talked that and more with Olivia Taylor Dudley during San Diego Comic-Con.

As one might assume, Alice isn’t in the most forgiving place when we pick back up in Season 3. She’s furious at Quentin for taking away her Niffin status – and it doesn’t sound like that’s going to change any time soon. “She hasn’t come to terms with it by any means, and she’s very angry with Quentin for what he did,” Olivia explained. “He basically told her what her life should be now.”

“Alice’s intentions right now are to find magic again, and she wants to be a Niffin again.”

Alice has always been the smartest one in the room, and seemingly one of the most magically-inclined. For someone used to being the best and the brightest (not to mention someone eager to learn), it’s not surprising that she would find the kind of power Niffin-ism offers addicting – and the loss of it unbearable. “She’s not happy. Not that Alice has ever really been a happy girl – but I think there’s a lot of secrets in her head,” Dudley said. “At least in my mind, she learned so much as a Niffin that we haven’t gotten to explore yet, [which] I hope happens this season.”

Though Alice is pretty single-minded in her mission right now, fans can probably expect to see the dynamics between her and our other faves change now that she is human again. “Alice’s intentions right now are to find magic again, and she wants to be a Niffin again. She doesn’t really care what the other characters are doing, but they all have this goal and they’re all on a journey right now to get magic back – so I would imagine they’re going to meet up at some point and have to deal with their personal relationships, because that’s the theme of this show,” Dudley said.

Watch our full SDCC interview with Olivia Taylor Dudley below:

The Magicians will return to SYFY in 2018. Stay tuned for more interviews with the cast and creators from SDCC! 

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