#TheMessengers at #WonderCon: @D_Morgado Says It’s All About Choices–and Nothing is Random

The day is finally here! The Messengers premieres TONIGHT on The CW, and in honor of the occasion, we’re sharing our final WonderCon interview with one Diogo Morgado (Son of God). Diogo’s character is known only as The Man–a mysterious, dangerous, but oh-so-beautiful guy who may or may not be the Devil.

Diogo’s casting is rather ironic, since he is best known for his portrayal of Jesus in Son of God. So what made him want to take a turn on the dark side? “It’s a really tricky role to play,” Diogo said. “[What I like about the show is that] it puts the audience, as we go, in the place of these characters. Ultimately, the whole show is about choices–is about what they’re going to do, facing obstacles, and how they’re going to act. Sometimes they’re going to be selfish, and that’s going to bring consequences. And sometimes they will be pushed to be altruistic and think about the bigger picture,” he said. “I love the fact that there’s an element here, which is my character, that’s going to feed out of that all the time. So it is going to be when you are least expecting–in the most surprising ways–he’s going to be playing different roles in the same role and being around the corner waiting for them to fail and pushing them to do that.”

We see The Man interact with only one of the Messengers–Vera (Shantel VanSanten)–in the pilot: he offers her information she desperately wants, and all she has to do is kill someone for it. However, like any good devil, The Man doesn’t seem too sinister right off the bat. “He’s going to be as normal, as friendly, and as human as he can possibly be. So that’s the trickiest part,” Diogo said. “If you were walking a street and there’s a guy with a knife in the dark corner, you know that’s a bad guy. But sometimes it’s the one that’s smiling at you that’s the craziest.”

We asked Diogo how he would categorize his interactions with the other Messengers–will they trust him initially, or will he have more difficulty winning them over? “I wouldn’t say that this is the best example in the pilot–the scene with Shantel is clearly blackmail–but [in] all the other ones following this one, he’s coming up with pretty good arguments,” Diogo said. “He’s using a lot of information, and sometimes he is just raising the question: ‘Okay, so I have this and this. What would you do?'”

According to Diogo, The Man is not so much a tempter as someone who opens the Messengers’ eyes to alternative choices and perspectives that may further his own purpose. “He’s not pushing anyone to do anything, but sometimes raising the question is all that he needs,” he said. “He’s making people face their own demons, their own fears, and their own weaknesses–like a good friend would do. Sometimes your best friend is the one who tells you the truth about yourself–and is that a bad thing?”

Though The Man’s glowing eyes and murder mission seem to point to yes, is he in fact a bad guy? Diogo sees him as always walking a thin line between right and wrong. Sometimes it will even appear that he is helping some of the characters. “I would say, in terms of my character in The Messengers, there is not good or evil–there’s only circumstances,” Diogo said. He raised the question, are you a bad person if you become a killer, say, to protect your family? “It’s all about circumstances and how you act accordingly. It’s a thin line, and sometimes you are a good person but that doesn’t translate into actions. That’s what the show is about all the time, and my character is feeding out of that,” Diogo said.

In addition to the emphasis on the importance of choices, Diogo gave us one more major insight into the upcoming season: nothing is random. “My character says, ‘Nothing is random.’ That’s going to be the whole show,” Diogo said. “Everything that is coming up will feel like random stuff, and when they overcome that event or that person, they will come back–sometimes it will be intentional and planned, too. The whole thing will build up to the apocalypse… They are using the plastic side of Revelations and tweaking it with human stories. It’s a journey with a lot of stuff going on.”

The Messengers is a journey we are certainly looking forward to taking. Watch TONIGHT to learn more about The Man, the Messengers, and the oncoming apocalypse.

The Messengers premieres on The CW TONIGHT, Friday, April 17. Will you be watching?

Thanks again to the cast and creators of The Messengers for taking the time to chat with us at WonderCon!  In case you missed our other WonderCon interviews with The Messengers team, here’s where to find them:

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