‘The Mindy Project’ S03x06 Recap


Last Week on ‘The Mindy Project’ (‘Caramel Princess Time’) Danny had grown impatient with Mindy’s inability to be on time for anything, causing him to miss his favorite movie “The Godfather 2”.

Dr. Fishman visits the practice following Danny’s fake suicide rant the previous episode. She believes Danny could benefit from attending a mental health seminar but as expected Danny is not on board with this plan.

Morgan and Tamra set Peter up with Tamra’s friend Abbey. When Peter turns up to the bar to meet Abbey she is not what he expected since Tamra said they are basically twins they could not be any more different physically which does not impress Peter and he is super rude to Abbey, bailing on their date. Tamar is furious with Peter but gives him a chance to make it up to Abbey sending him to her book signing.Peter LOVES Abbey’s book when he reads it in line and attempts to gain her forgiveness but fails.

When Mindy arrives for her date with Danny at a comedy club, Mindy of course is late and Danny has already left, as she texts Danny to find out where he is the comedian calls her out for texting during his show, telling her to ‘take a hike’, kicking her out of the show.

Danny calls Mindy out in front of all their colleagues over her tardiness, Tamra tells Danny that when your as cute as she and Mindy you run on Caramel Princess Time. Danny convinced he will never be late sparks an idea in Mindy’s mind to fix his clocks turning them back an hour.

The following morning Danny is surprised to see Mindy on the sidewalk ready for work, it doesn’t take him long to realize what is happening as Mindy drives off he runs to work. Making it just in time to burst into a show off “I made It, in your face” dance, not realizing Dr. Fishman sees everything causing her to insist he takes the mental health seminar, suspending him from he hospital until he does so.

Since Saturday is his usual day with his Mom, Mindy offers to take Annette on all her errands to make up for messing up his time.

At the mental health seminar, hosted by none other than Brendan, Mindy’s ex, Danny finds it difficult to follow instructions and commit to the activities of the seminar. But Danny finally opens up and we learn that his issues with time come from something that happened in his childhood; one day as he waited for his dad to come pick him up for a movie, he didn’t show and Danny had to go to a different movie alone. He fears when people are late they are not going to show up because “If you love someone, if you really love someone, why would you keep them waiting”. This was such an adorable break through for Danny it explains a lot.

Annette and her friend Dot are driving Mindy insane, throwing their day completey off schedule with the inconsideration for time. Hmmm sound familiar Mindy? When they are late for Annette’s mammogram Mindy has to guilt the doctor into seeing her but Annette decides she’s too tired to go ahead with the appointment. Mindy snaps at Annette and Dot over their inconsideration for other people’s time forcing Anette into her mammogram and causing her and Dot to burst into tears. Oh Mindy, Mindy Mindy!

Peter crashes Abbey’s writers club haven written his own disastrous story “A Titanic Mistake: Sunken Love”, unfortunately his story does not go down well but he does get another chance with Abbey. Yay Peter!

That night, when Danny arrives at his Mom’s house, Mindy has been locked out by his mother and is sitting on the front porch. Mindy apologizes to Danny for being late haven seen how irritating it is having to wait around for people and promises to try to never be late again. Let’s see how long that lasts.

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