‘The Originals’ Alert! Caroline Forbes Is Back!


Lets be honest here – Caroline Forbes has not had it easy. Sure, she’s like whined a lot and sometimes – okay a majority of the time – brought shit on herself. But the girl deserves a happy ending.

It’s like the last thing that she’s been able to do in her life. Everything goes wrong.

Look, I love Caroline. I think she’s amazing. She is fierce and selfless and she just doesn’t put up with shit. But I want more than anything for her to have a happy ending. And I am not talking massage parlor happy ending.

I am talking about that all out can’t breathe, can’t sleep, can’t function without that other person kind of love. And sure, I know that love doesn’t and shouldn’t define anyone. But Caroline has always wanted to be loved. She’s always wanted her happy ending.

Remember this moment?

But Stefan was her happy ending for a moment. To me, it’s always been Klaus that is the end game. That’s why I am so excited that she’s on The Originals.

It doesn’t matter how many lifetimes – and yes, I know that they are fictional – but hey, so are many ships. Let me believe in love and shit. Don’t ruin it for me – I have so few things left. Well today I do, but that’s like a totally different story and one that I don’t need to tell.

The CW released new photos from episode six of The Originals and Caroline doesn’t look happy. But hey, we all fight love. We all fight destiny.

Cred:The CW


Look – don’t fuck with my ship. Klaroline will rise! And if it doesn’t – there isn’t enough whiskey in the world to sooth the pain.

Well, whiskey is painful – so it won’t exactly sooth but it’ll burn like hell. Never mind I’ll stick to water.

The Originals airs on The CW.

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