‘The Originals’: Baby Hope Has Changed Klaus Mikaelson Forever


Let’s just say it now – men with issues – aka bad boys, are hot. We’re naturally drawn to them like a moth to a flame. Am I wrong ladies? A man with Daddy issues is hot. They are all a loof, sexy, brooding. And the character with the biggest Daddy issues in the world – Klaus Mickaelson is no exception.

And that bastard knows it.


Now we’ll be the ones to say that we didn’t want to like him. We wanted to find him repulsive. But then he met Caroline and we were all like “Damn, He’s Hot.” You know when he started showing those signs of vulnerability.


And we started to fall in love with him. We were like Damon who? Hell to the no. We’ll take the Original. We even over looked when Klaus got his rocks off with Hayley. Partly because we just couldn’t imagine him with anyone else.


But that vampire sex was hot. We were like well, you go boy. Also can you give some advice to my man how to do such things as what you just did?

So then came New Orleans and Klaus coming back. We were okay with Hayley being pregnant. Hell, we were starting to overlook Caroline and we were thinking that Klaus and Hayley could have more moments.


Unfortunately that hasn’t happened. Though we were okay with it, because Hayley and Elijah – well that would be where our hearts lie. And we loved Hayley enough to want her to be happy. So we were totes okay with it, because you could see the love that they shared.


So fast forward and Hayley has Hope. Broke our hearts when she had to let go of her daughter. I mean we got it was because of safety, but still – how can one be asked to give up that much.

It tore us apart when Klaus handed hope to Rebekah, but that is when we knew that he had found his reason for living, for loving, and for being. And that was stronger than anything.


We know, we know…

Hope will come back. We know that her parents are fighting tooth and nail to make sure that happens. But as much as we love you Hayley, we believe that Hope is Klaus’ redemption. We’ll explore the reason that she’s Hayley’s later, but right now let’s talk how Hope will make Klaus a better man.

1) Klaus will finally be able to love someone more than himself.

We will all be honest with each other – Klaus has some serious issues that he needs to address. He’s not cared about his brothers or sisters, unless they serve a purpose for him. But when Hayley was taken by the witches and they took Hope – Klaus had a determination that we had never seen in him before. Do you remember when he walked into the church and say Hope being born – the look of agony? That look was pure love. When he gave Hope to Rebekah for protection, that was pure love. That look showed us that Klaus experienced something he never had before – LOVE!


2) Klaus now knows the love a father should feel.

Remember when the witches stole Hope? The determination to get his baby back overtook him. And we loved that moment. One should be lucky to feel that unconditional love. But it’s seeing Klaus experience that love, that we know that he’s capable of redemption. And that’s an attractive quality.


3) Klaus has hope for a better future.

He’s said that he was the devil is disguise, and maybe he is. But the thing is that he’s also a good man. He knows that there is a future out there and he’s going to make is better for his daughter Hope.


4) Klaus is no longer selfish.

This photo breaks me. It’s so like just pull at your heart strings. Klaus has done everything that he can in order to make sure that Hope is taken care of – giving her up to ensure her safety. And we can appreciate that. He killed his father in order to make sure no one found hope. His real father was something that he had strived for his entire life, so giving him up – wow. But it was all for Hope, and that is a fathers love.


5) Klaus is … he’s Klaus. And that’s sexy.

I want him to look at me like this! Crap, he’s just wow! And we’re fully aware that Hope didn’t make him that way – but she sure as hell made him sexier. A man who is willing to do anything for his family – that’s the best man of all.




Let’s face it – Klaus’ life has been all sorts of fucked up in a way that we wouldn’t wish upon anyone. But he’s found purpose – beyond having the world cower at his feet. He’s found a reason for being. And that can and will change anyone.

All bad boys can be tamed, and there is not faster way than with a little girl of their own.

We can’t wait for Klaus’ story to keep advancing. What changes do you think that Hope is going to bring out of Klaus?


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