The Originals Mid-Season Recap: ‘Map of Moments’

I’m 15 minutes in to the midseason finale of The Originals and I am fucked. My heart is bursting and tears are flowing out of me like there is no tomorrow. I’d like to say night now that I just can’t and as much as I love you writers of The Originals, I hate you.

Now we’re beginning with a flashback, which I can get down with. Though old Kol doesn’t do it for me like new Kol. Klaus in a suit – well, that’s enough to get anyone all sorts of excited. Except you know – it’s pre-fatherhood and he’s a dick.

But here’s what you need to know.

Elijah’s having some out of body experiences.

He’s there to protect Hope and family is his firoust priority, but his mother’s got him all sorts of fucked up. He doesn’t know why he killed people in the diner. He doesn’t like being patronized, but he’s kinda brought that shit 0n himself.

You can tell that Elijah loves Hope and he just wants the best. But me thinks Mama cray-cray has done something to him. He can’t forget the past. Rebekah see’s that something is wrong with him and she wants to help, but there is only so much that she can do.

Elijah and Rebekah think about the possibility of being human. But he is talked out of it.

Hayley and Klaus seeing Hope will break you apart.

When Hayley jumps out of that car and Klaus follows – the tears will fall like rain. Their love for their baby girl is overwhelming. And the way Hope smiles when she see’s Hayley. I am all sorts of done for.

Klaus tells everyone about the family curse – about their aunt coming after their first born. They consider it an old fable, but hey – we all know better.

New Kol and Davina are teaming up and Marcel is all sorts of jealous.

Kol and Marcel have some serious issues. Like they can’t let go of the past. I get that Marcel is trying to say that he’s trying to protect Cami, but I think he’s got it bad for Davina. He also had some serious back issues against Kol. I mean hey, forgiveness people. It should happen. Only for them they seem to hold onto a grudge like a bad girlfriend.

They are on the search for the diamond that was once stolen. Davina finds an old picture, and Kol talks about the Christmas of 1914 where Rebekah teamed with Kol and protected him.

After the spell, Kol and Davina are on a walk. Kol tells Davina about Christmas 1914 and how Rebekah was there for him. But Kol realizes that Rebekah did betray him, and that’s when Kol got staked. Kol prepared a different body that he promised for Rebekah. He tells Davina that Rebekah is safe. And with Klaus occupied, that means that Davina and him can finish what they started.

He then kisses Rebekah.

Bonfire Season is bonding season.

Rebekah knows how to stop Esther. In order to do that, she says that she is going to take her deal. And Rebekah says when she does she is going to take Esther down with her. I mean that’s some self confidence, being as your Mama is all crazy. Hayley

Cami is growing some balls.

She wants to talk to Finn for some answers. Finn’s being a dick and saying that she’s an idiot. As Cami is trying to be compasionate – Finn is being a dick. Finn thinks her compassion is her weakness. He tells her that he will show no compassion to anyone who stands with vampires when he is free.

Kol asks for the White Oak Stake and the diamond.

Kol wants the diamond to make sure that he can make a weapon to protect himself from Klaus should the need arise. Klaus agrees to it. He knows that he needs Kol, and he’s worried about Rebekah. Kol finds a new body for Rebekah, but asks for the white oak stake to give to his Mom so that she trusts him and can help. Klaus agree’s to it. I actually trust Kol on this one (granted I am only half way through, so I hope it’s not misplaced).

When he returns, Esther is impressed. Rebekah shows up and tells her mother that she knows that she’s offering a deal. Esther is still fucking insane. And Rebekah is putting on some show though, and I admire that. Esther is kinda of all set to go as soon as Rebekah says yes. Esther now admits that she is going to kill Rebekah’s vampire body the moment she jumps. Rebekah is scared.

Klaus shows up and tells Esther to stop the spell. Klaus offers himself, and Esther says no, that she’s offered Michael the chance to kill him. Klaus kills Esther, and we’re all hoping that Klaus killed Esther in time to stop her from jumping into a new body.

Klaus has imprisoned Esther and changed her into a vampire. What poetic revenge. Turns out Rebekah had put some of her blood in Esthers drink, and she’s now a vampire. If she doesn’t drink blood, she will die. Talk about poetic justice.

Hayley and Elijah get it on.

Hot vamp sex. Nothing better, right? Hayley tells Elijah that she is going to marry Jackson, and you would think he would be all no, don’t. But he knows it’s what she must do for the good of her people. So he tells her to do it. Not before kissing her the way every woman should be kissed. And then hot vamp sexual stuff. And the fandom cheers and dies a little at the same time.

Seeing the look on Elijah’s face when she tells him, is enough to tear your heart out from your body. I mean, this is not what I wanted, Elijah and Hayley need to be together. I hate this. I hate this. Elijah – as usual is willing to sacrifice his own heart and I hate that.

Rebecca agrees to let Esther make her mortal.

I can’t even believe that she agreed to it, but Rebekah wanted to help. So she agreed to undergo the spell for the body jump, and Rebekah hopes that they can kill Esther before she puts Rebekah in a new body. Klaus and Elijah don’t want her to do it, but they know it’s for the good of protecting the family. Klaus wants them to find a new body for Rebekah, not Cami’s. They just know that they have to rely on Kol.

After the spell, Klaus carries Rebekah to put he in the coffin. Cami and Rebekah have both not woken up. Marcel is heartbroken. Davina was able to protect Cami from being the body that holds Rebekah.

Rebekah is in her coffin and Kol returns with the white oak stake. He’s honored his word.

Rebekah wakes up in a strange place, in the house that the witches were locked in, back in 2014, when Klaus stole the diamond from him.

What We Loved

  • Everything and anything that had to do with Baby Hope. I think she was so important to be seen and to see the way that Hayley and Klaus reacted to having her around. Hope is an important part of the story.
  • The poetic justice of Esther being a vampire. I can’t even.

What We Didn’t Like

We loved the entire episode.

Our WTF Moment

Esther making a deal with Michael. Never though we would see those two together, ever.


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