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‘The Originals’ Preview Guide and Mid-Season Finale Guesses – ‘Map of Moments’

‘The Originals’ Preview Guide and Mid-Season Finale Guesses – ‘Map of Moments’

We’re looking forward to tonight’s Midseason Finale of The Originals, and then again we’re not. We’re not sure how we are going to take going without The Originals for awhile.

But we’re looking forward to this episode because it’s going to give us something that we don’t get everyday – a look at Hope. A look at Klaus and Hayley with their daughter. I don’t really think that one could ask for more than that.

Here’s the synopsis for this weeks episode.

A HOLIDAY REUNION — When Rebekah (Claire Holt) notices an unusual change in Elijah’s (Daniel Gillies) behavior, she asks Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) to meet her at their safe house, reuniting them with baby Hope. After reliving memories of being the odd man out, Kaleb (guest star Daniel Sharman) opens up to Davina (Danielle Campbell) about his resentment towards his siblings and sheds some light on a spell he created in 1914. Meanwhile, when Cami (Leah Pipes) discovers Esther’s (guest star Sonia Sohn) plan will put her life in danger, she demands answers from Vincent (guest star Yusuf Gatewood), who remains steadfast in his convictions. Elsewhere, Esther makes an unlikely alliance that could prove dangerous for Klaus, and Hayley makes a decision that could change her relationship with Elijah forever. Lastly, while Elijah continues to struggle with the lingering effects of being captured, Rebekah and Klaus devise a plan to take their mother down once and for all. Leslie Libman directed the episode written by Marguerite MacIntyre & Julie Plec (#209). Original airdate: 12/8/2014.

Here’s our theories on what we think may happen –

1) Esther is going to find out that Hope is still alive.

While Klaus and Hayley going to see Hope, I have a sneaky suspicion that Esther isn’t far behind. Her determination with her children freaks me the fuck out, and I feel like Esther may know more than she is letting on. Guessing – totally guessing – but somehow I have a feeling that Esther isn’t going to be far behind figuring out that her grandchild is still alive.

2) Michael is finally going to die by Klaus’ hand.

We’ve seen in the previews that Michael and Esther seem to make an alliance. So we’re guessing that the final showdown between Michael and Klaus is going to happen. We’ve got all our money on Klaus, being as he’s fueled by normal Daddy love – not that psycho shit Michael thrives off of.

3) Freya Mikaelson is going to return.

We’ve heard too much about Freya lately, and I have a thought that she may be the one to save or destroy them all.

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