‘The Originals’ Will be Ready for Payback When Secrets Come Out



The Originals returns tonight – can’t wait! Joseph Morgan talked to The Hollywood Reporter about all the things that we have to look forward to.

I’m looking forward to Klaus kicking some ass.

On Klaus and Rebekah’s Relationship…

“Klaus and Rebekah have both been captured. They’re not able to immediately deal with issues that they may have with each other,” Joseph Morgantells The Hollywood Reporter. “But I think the secrets she’s kept from him for a hundred years, when the truth about that comes out, he will certainly be needing some sort of revenge. That will not bode well for their relationship.”

On the siblings addressing their issues with each other…

“When the secret does come out, it’s going to force the siblings to address their relationship and their ties with each other,” Morgan promises. “Each of them have responsibilities toward each other and and they each have things they should feel guilty of, so it’s really going to adjust the balance.”

On the Original Family dynamics…

“They’re three adults in a world of children,” he says of Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah’s outlook. “They are absolutely desperately in love with each other and utterly bored of each other. They hate each other but love each other at the same time. Nobody will be able to understand them as much as they understand each other, so I think it’s an incredibly conflicted relationship that’s very needy and dysfunctional.”

Are you excited for the return of The Originals?

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