‘The Resident’ 1×09 Review: “Lost Love”

The most recent episode of The Resident, entitled “Lost Love”, we get more background on Conrad, PUPPIES, and an emotional character death that not only left Conrad crying in the floor – but for me too. A death that will definitely leave a lasting effect on the show and that I certainly hope one character feels the consequences of purposely causing.

There was also some epic Conic feels in this episode as well. I think I spent parts of this episode internally screaming at how many feels I had.

I mean PUPPIES, Conic feels, background on Conrad, and an emotional character death that had me in the floor bawling. Can this show make me more emotional?

I fall more in love with this show every week. Every episode – I feel more connected to these characters.


This episode has some of the cutest guest stars I’ve ever seen on a TV show. PUPPIES! It’s amazing the love such a small animal can give. It proves that through it all, no matter who you are that puppies are the most innocent source of unconditional love that exists. Everyone needs love and these puppies provided it to many characters throughout the episode.

Originally, Nic brings them in for the kids in the pediatric wing, but one little mischievous puppy named Cookie brings joy to many people through the episode. Everyone from an elderly lady to Lily, Conrad and Nic’s Leukemia patient that is having some complications. Wherever Cookie went she brought smiles to faces, well except Conrad, but it’s understandable. I will talk about that later.

The writers used the puppies to bring the message of this unconditional love that a puppy can bring. Not only this though, but the love and happiness that can be brought to the life of the animal. The puppies Nic brings in are up for adoption. Over the course of the episode, they slowly but surely get adopted. Well, all but Cookie, it seems. Maybe she can give Conrad some love and comfort after the emotional events of this episode. However, Cookie did bring joy and companionship to someone in the final moments of their life.

I love that the puppies are all named after a candy or sweet. It’s just too cute for words. There’s Cookie, of course, but Cookie has four brothers and sisters: Brownie, Jelly Bean, Donut, and Life Saver. It’s just too cute – and so are they. Did I say that? I did? Well – I’ll say it again! THEY ARE CUTE!!!

One of the puppies was even a birthday present from Devon to his fiancé, Priya, after he realized he forgot her birthday. All was forgiven by Priya when she sees the puppy. I just loved it.

THE RESIDENT: L-R: Shaunette RenŽe Wilson and Emily VanCamp in the “Lost Love” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, March 26 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX

You could tell that the writers had one message to tell with using the puppies – and letting the characters help find them homes or giving them homes themselves. Adopt your pets – dogs, cats, etc. – don’t shop! Help an animal in need. It may surprise you how much love and joy can be brought to your life by the unconditional affection of a puppy (or other animal) that needs a loving home. With this, I agree.

The one person not overjoyed at the puppies was Mina. She notes she’s not a dog person. Come on Mina! These guys are adorable! How could you not adore them?

The puppies brought a light and joy to otherwise very emotional episode.


THE RESIDENT: L-R: Guest star Joanne Kelly, Matt Czuchry and Emily VanCamp in the “Lost Love” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, March 26 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX

The main plot of this episode reveals more of Conrad’s past to us, and to Nic. When Conrad’s ex-fiance, Katherine, shows up at Chastain with abdominal pain, Conrad makes it his mission to find out why. In the midst of it all, Katherine lets slip to Nic that she almost married Conrad some 11 years earlier.

It turns out that the wedding was stopped when Conrad’s father, who we met in “No Matter The Cost”, told Katherine that Conrad didn’t actually love her at the rehearsal dinner. Conrad punched him and Katherine called off the wedding.

Conrad did love her then, but he admits to Nic he doesn’t anymore. He does still deeply care about her – as she was his first love. Katherine is now happily married to another man, and as we find out later in the episode – not that it was a no-brainer to me – Conrad is hopelessly in love with Nic. He even tells her she is the love of his life when she asks about the ring he gave her that belonged to his mother.


Ring? What ring? Well, when Nic and Katherine are talking, Katherine notices Nic wearing the ring and tells her that she must mean a lot to Conrad if he gave her the ring because it had belonged to his mother. Conrad later tells Nic he promised to only give that ring to the love of his life and that she had earned getting to keep the ring – despite them being no longer together. As she still is the love of his life.


It doesn’t matter to him that they aren’t together anymore, he still wants her to have his mother’s ring. If that isn’t true love, I don’t know what is. Also, she’s still wearing it. Meaning this goes both ways! Like, my heart! I have so many FEELS! I need to stop before I get ahead of myself. Just yeah can hear me squealing at my TV screen when I watched the episode.


Let’s just say Katherine’s arc intertwines with the Conic feels, ok, and before Jude goes in surgery at Conrad’s request for Katherine – he tells her that both Katherina and Nic left for the same reason. That he was too closed off from them.

THE RESIDENT: L-R: Matt Czuchry and Emily VanCamp in the “Lost Love” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, March 26 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX

I think this is something that would beneficial for Conrad and I think that he is already beginning to open up to Nic more now than ever. This is the character development I love. Please, more of this. Men don’t have to be emotionally stunted. They can be open and honest with their feelings. I don’t need Conrad as another example of toxic masculinity on TV. He can overcome this. He can open up. I believe he is well on the way there. A lot of Conrad’s issues seem to come from his time at military school and serving in Afghanistan, but that doesn’t mean he can’t overcome this. Not at all.

Back to Katherine though. In the episode, Conrad discovers Katherine is pregnant. It’s something she’s wanted for over two years and even IVF has failed for her. Conrad is so happy she is finally getting the life and family she always wanted.

However, that isn’t causing her symptoms. They think it’s a bowel blockage. Turns out the hospital’s OBGYN missed an ectopic pregnancy and it was twisted with her bowels. A very rare thing to happen. The pain was caused by a rupture, which led to internal bleeding – causing Katherine to almost die in the OR. Luckily, Conrad saves the day when he notices the ectopic pregnancy on Katherine’s scans and rushes to tell Jude about it before it’s too late.

Both Katherine and the other baby she is pregnant with survive. It’s a happy ending for her. However, it may not have been had Dr. Bell been Katherine’s surgeon instead of Jude. Which is where I am heading to in my next section.


Dr. Bell’s arc in this episode isn’t much, but I do want to touch on it. When the episode opens we see him at home. The house is bare and empty. Moving boxes are in certain areas. There’s a for sale sign in the yard. Cut to a scene where he’s signing his divorce papers. Dr. Bell is now a divorced man, who has more than a few problems up his sleeve. I’m not just talking about him having to pay alimony to his ex-wife either.

Once he arrives at the hospital, he goes into a meeting with the hospital’s CEO where she informs him that she took his advice about the hospital being more transparent. So, she decided to put cameras in the OR’s to help her decide on the doctors who have the highest complication rate so she can make them accountable for their actions.

THE RESIDENT: L-R: Melina Kanakaredes and Bruce Greenwood in the “Lost Love” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, March 26 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX

This scares Bell to death. You can see him worried about this. Especially when he goes to scrub in to do Katherine’s surgery, a surgery I’m glad Conrad got Jude to do. Conrad knows about Bell’s shaky hands and complication rate. The last person he wanted operating on Katherine was Bell. What would have happened had Bell done the surgery? Would Katherine and her baby survive? Hard to tell. On call or not – Conrad made the right decision in my opinion.

How will the cameras being added in the OR effect Dr. Bell in future episodes? Will his shaky hands finally be revealed to the hospital’s CEO? Is his personal life taking a toll on him? I can see this landing Dr. Bell in much deeper trouble down the road.


Especially since he very unaware of what Dr. Hunter has been up to when she joins him to eat dinner together at the end episode. Could her actions have some major issues for Dr. Bell? Their friendship? That’s where I’m heading next.


THE RESIDENT: Matt Czuchry in the “Lost Love” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, March 26 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX

Above, when I mention an emotional character death – this is where it comes into play. In this episode, we see Lily, a girl with Leukemia that we’ve been getting to know since the pilot (played brilliantly by Violett Beane) struggle with complications from chemo. She comes to the hospital having a panic attack that Conrad and Nic help calm her from. Lily’s understandably scared.

Conrad advises her to get a second opinion on her treatment plan, as Dr. Hunter almost killed her in “None The Wiser” pushing a bone marrow transplant when she has renal failure. In “The Elopement”, we see Devon get his fiancé, Priya – a journalist – to dig some scoop on Dr. Hunter’s patients trying to see if similar things have happened.

THE RESIDENT: L-R: Manish Dayal and Matt Czuchry in the “Lost Love” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, March 26 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX

Unfortunately, Priya’s findings aren’t what Devon, Nic, and Conrad are hoping for.
Priya informs then that despite suffering from the normal complications of chemo, some of these patients have been cured of incurable cancers and are living a normal life as they can thanks to Dr. Hunter. They are still concerned there’s more to this than meets the eye and Devon asks Priya to continue digging. Where will Priya’s research lead them? What will it reveal? Will she get a big break with this story? She might, considering what Dr. Hunter pulls on Nic at the end of the episode.

Conrad talks to Dr. Hunter about the mistake she almost made that could’ve killed Lily. She seems genuinely upset at the thought that a decision she made could’ve killed Lily because her body wouldn’t have been able to handle the bon marrow transplant. Conrad tells this to Nic, but Nic isn’t buying it at all. She tells Conrad Dr. Hunter is a good actress and to not let the fact that she was his mentor cloud his judgement. Will Conrad listen to Nic about this now that he has watched Lily die before his very eyes.

What do I mean by this? Well, when the doctor that Lily asks for a second opinion from, at the advice of Nic and Conrad, asks Dr. Hunter for Lily’s complete medical records, while nice about it on the phone, Dr. Hunter takes it out on Nic in the worst way possible. Nic, thinking Dr. Hunter trusts her again with Lily, is happy that she can be Lily’s nurse again. So much so, when Dr. Hunter tells Nic to give Lilly a very large amount of potassium – which Nic questions her on – she does it anyway because she wants to help Lily and be on Dr. Hunter’s good side.

Turns out that once Nic leaves for the night, Dr. Hunter goes into Lily’s room and makes an adjustment to the potassium that ends up killing Lily. Dr. Hunter is a murderer, and she has set Nic up to take the fall. How will this all go down? There is no redemption from this for Dr. Hunter. This woman deserves to be in prison and never practice medicine again, but no, she’s out eating fancy meals with the hospital’s chief surgical resident instead.

THE RESIDENT: Matt Czuchry (L) and guest star Violett Beane (second from R) in the “Lost Love” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, March 26 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX

When Conrad finds Lily on the floor in her hospital room, she tells him she knows she’s dying. Conrad does everything imaginable to save Lily. From a defibrillator to CPR, Lily’s heart just stops. By this point, I’m bawling my eyes out over Lily being murdered by Dr. Hunter. Seeing Conrad try everything to save her. Seeing him sitting in the floor by Lily’s bed crying with little Cookie by his side trying to provide comfort. I loved Lily so much! I’m so sad to see her death in this manner. The tears won’t stop coming. The heartbreak is real. I’m grieving for Lily.

I sure hope that Conrad can fight to prove it wasn’t Nic who killed Lily, but Dr. Hunter. How will this all go down? Will justice be served for Lily’s murder? Please let Dr. Hunter see repercussions for this! An innocent girl was killed because Dr. Hunter had to get revenge on Nic for giving Lily advice to get a second opinion.

A patient always has the right to get another opinion if they fear they aren’t getting the medical care they want or deserve from their first doctor. Dr. Hunter killed Lily because she didn’t want to lose the money she was making off of her. Lily is more than money. She is a human life – who deserves a chance to get to live.



Especially when she had just found a small little blip of happiness after deciding to adopt Cookie. Lily was happy with her new puppy! I’d never seen her smile brighter. JUSTICE FOR LILY!

Mina – The Comedian?

Not only did the puppies bring light to this heartbreaking and emotional episode, so did Mina. I’ve said it before, but I will say it again, Mina Okafor is not afraid to speak her mind and I love that about her. Whether she’s speaking about a bad patient review or gawking at the concept of romantic love – she blunt with her opinions.

She starts out by helping Nic with the puppies in pediatrics, but she reveals to Nic she isn’t much of a dog person and leaves stating the sweetness of the puppies is making her feel hyperglycemic. I mean where do you get these lines? I do fault Mina for not liking the puppies, but I think can let it slide a little.

When Devon asks Mina for advice on a present for Priya, Mina couldn’t give him advice. Mainly, cause she notes she’s not the type of person who celebrates her day of birth. When asked if she’s ever been in love – because finding Priya a gift meant a lot to Devon and he fears he failed Priya – Mina notes that to her romantic love is “the brain’s wiring to make babies”.

Hey, remember when I said I loved how blunt she is? Cause it is my favorite quality about Mina. These little moments, along with the adorable puppies (How dare you, Mina?), helped bring a little light to a very heartbreaking episode.


My heart hurts. For Lily. SHE DESERVES JUSTICE! Dr. Hunter deserves to be in jail! No redemption here.

For Nic, who might be made to take the fall for Dr. Hunter. Nic doesn’t deserve this! Please Conrad, do whatever you can to help THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE.

Oh, that’s right Nic is the love of Conrad’s life. Pass it on. Over and over again. The chemistry of Matt Czuchry and Emily VanCamp just have me loving Conic so much!

I loved getting more background on Conrad and seeing him having to learn to be more open with his emotions. If he ever wants Nic back – AND WE AREN’T TALKING ABOUT WHAT HE SAD TO JUDE – NOPE – Conrad will need to learn to not shut off his emotions. After, it this part of his character cost him the only two women he’s ever loved. There has to  hope of getting the one he currently loves back. THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE – NIC.

I also feel these cameras were smart on the hospital CEO’s part. What will they reveal to her?

DID I MENTION PUPPIES?? With names of sweets or candies!! Precious!

Week after week, The Resident delivers episode after episode that gives us these intriguing characters with these well written, emotional storylines that have me on the floor bawling along with the characters. I was right there with Conrad in that floor at the end of the episode.

I love this show more and more! Please Fox, hear my plea! #RenewTheResident for season 2!

The Resident returns on April 16 at 9/8c on FOX.

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