‘The Resident’ 2×04 Review: “About Time”

“About Time” is a jam-packed episode. It has quite a few recognizable guest stars, and the first appearance of Jane Leeves, who will be a series regular this season, as Dr. Voss. She is an orthopedic surgeon who seems to have some animosity with AJ. We will get to that in a moment.

There are a few recognizable guest stars in this episode, one, in particular, being Tanc Sade. Tanc has been a friend of Matt Czuchry’s since his Gilmore Girls days, where he played Finn – the best friend to Matt’s, Logan Huntzberger. We were very excited to see these two on-screen again and we were not disappointed!

In this episode, Tanc plays Josh Robinson, a daredevil (not unlike his Gilmore Girls character) and professional adventure guide, who says his scars from his adventures mark his experiences. Josh was a concertgoer at a music festival in Atlanta when he passed out from the injuries given to him by the supplements he was taking. To make matters worse, a speaker exploded and made other concertgoers think it was a bomb, scattering them and injuring Josh further. If not for Nic and Conrad’s quick actions at the park, Josh would’ve died.

This episode takes place in partial flashback as Conrad recounts these events to Josh’s lawyer. Lawyer, you ask? Turns out, Josh is suing Conrad and the hospital because of the events that conspired once he gets to the hospital. We’ll get to that in a moment. It was interesting seeing these two actors on opposing sides of the issue for part of the episode. Our excitement of Tanc’s appearance was definitely worth it. Loved seeing him again!

Other things that go on in this episode include: Devon treating a washed up, a former alcoholic rock star, who was injured at the festival, portrayed by Colin Hay, who also sings in this episode; Mina being reassigned to another doctor by Bell; Bell trying to get Julian’s boss to only use his devices at Chastain; and Conrad’s father showing his true colors.

The episode has a lot going on, but as usual, the writers are able to deliver another amazing, well-rounded, heart pumping episode that makes you wonder how they will top it.


What Happens At Chastain, Doesn’t Stay At Chastain

THE RESIDENT: Emily VanCamp in the “About Time” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, Oct. 15 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’AlemaFOX.

When Conrad, Mina, and Devon volunteer as medics for the Hotlanta Music Festival on their day off, they get much more than they bargained for when a speaker blows and injures many of the festival attendees, including Tanc Sade’s character – Josh Robinson.

When Nic shows up at the end of Conrad’s shift to try to enjoy the festival with him, the insanity ensues. People are running around and our beloved doctors and nurse jump into action. Nic finds Josh unconscious and can’t find his pulse so she begins chest compressions when Conrad finds her. Together, they decide to bring Josh back to Chastain to stabilize him.

Once there, they uncover he was unconscious before the stampede and not because of it, due to some of his supplements he has been taking. Josh, a firm believer in the all-natural route, states he doesn’t trust big pharma. Understandable. However, as this episode proves – not everything that is natural is always good for you. Josh suffers from a blood clotting issue that eventually causes a brain hemorrhage. This is the event that Conrad, as he is known to do, jumps in against protocol and saves Josh’s life. Something Josh is grateful for until he realizes he can’t walk and must spend time in a wheelchair.

Due to the system of events that goes down, Josh hires a lawyer and sues Conrad and the hospital. This where the episode picks up.

This lawyer tries everything – blaming Conrad’s relationship with Nic and saying that it may have distracted him and his decision making process, blaming his unorthodox methods and his routine break in protocol, and finally that he was overworked.

Conrad denies that his relationship with Nic distracts him from performing his job, and also says Nic is the best nurse practitioner he’s seen. Defending Nic from the lawyer’s accusations in the process. He also denies that he was overworked and that he’s used to the high volume of patients he cares for on any given day, and that it is normal. However, he can’t deny that he is known for breaking protocol – despite his father begging him to not say anything about it.

In the end, they can’t come to a settlement and they may go to court – something Conrad’s father doesn’t want (either as his father or the chairman of the hospital’s board). This is when Conrad’s father’s colors shine.

We’ve only seen a glimpse of the guy he can be up until now. Last week, in particular. I wouldn’t want to mess with Marshall. Apparently, Josh doesn’t either because he drops the case and thanks Conrad, per request of Marshall, who forces him to sign a non-disclosure agreement and bribes him with money. I suspect these are Marshall’s true colors – and they are ugly.

I have questions about this.

  1. Will Conrad ever find out his father bribed Josh to drop the case? Will the hospital? I’d love to see that go down.
  2. Will Conrad be more careful – or will he continue to be the doctor we know him to be – even if it means breaking protocol to save a life? It’s part of him – and I’d sure hate to see that part of his character disappear. It wouldn’t be Conrad! Only time will tell.

It’s an event that I believe gives the episode its name, “About Time”. That after all these incidents of Conrad breaking protocol, it was about time a lawsuit came about to shake things up.

Previous Questions Answered – Or Almost Answered

THE RESIDENT: Guest star Jenna Dewan in the “About Time” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, Oct. 15 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’AlemaFOX.

This episode answered a few of my questions I have posed in previous reviews.

What did Dr. Nolan tell Dr. Bell at the end of “00:42:30” about who made the first cut on the young boy during the blackout? Did he rat out Conrad for breaking protocol or did he cover for him?

I was pleased to FINALLY have this answered after three episodes. Dr. Nolan covered for Conrad to Dr. Bell about this event, which was in the premiere episode. However, it was very reluctantly done and Nolan issued Conrad a warning stating he wouldn’t do it again.

Julian and Devon – are they trying to tease this, despite Devon being engaged?

Honestly, I still don’t have an answer, but if the one scene they have in the episode is anything to go on – I’d say so. I’m not for it. Not only did Julian purposely seek out Devon and ask him about her dress for her boss’ party, but the dress is rather revealing. It’s just too flirty for me. Why else would this scene exist? They could’ve written many different scenes and that is the one that made it. I’m not for it! I so want Mina to question Devon on this, maybe even talk to Julian!

 Mina Gets Reassigned

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Jane Leeves makes her debut in this episode in a series regular role, as Dr. Kitt Voss, an orthopedic surgeon with a love of metal music in her OR. She’s feisty. She stands up for herself, and she can easily take on AJ and Bell without batting an eye.

Sounds like she and Mina will get along quite well. I love her already! She even gets a jab in at AJ, calling him a grade A narcissist to make Mina feel better about her reassignment. Even goes so far as to take her frustration out during the surgery they perform during the episode.

Tumblr: kbbey

However,  I have two favorite moments.

The first one is when Mina and AJ are in Bell’s office and Bell is telling her he is reassigning her to ortho. We see earlier in the episode that Dr. Voss asks Bell for a new resident as her last one almost passed out during surgery. He assigns Mina, knowing she’ll perform well, and seeing as it’s a teaching hospital, he thinks she’ll learn a thing or two from Dr. Voss. I believe, that for once Bell and I can agree on something!

When AJ disputes the reassignment saying, “She’s mine.”

Mina responds, “I belong to no one.”

I literally yelled, “Yeah! Go, Mina!” Really, Mina is my queen! That’s right, no woman belongs to a man! I’ve loved Mina from the beginning, but this episode made me fall in love with her again.

The second moment, well, pictures speak a thousand words – a gif set speaks 1 million of them:



I’ll just let that gif set do the talking. Mina put AJ in his place and said she is not his descendant, but the first of her own line! This woman is amazing! Two times in the same episode she puts AJ his place. Reminding him that she is her own person. A woman, and proud to be it!!

It’s like – “I’m a woman, hear me roar!” GAH! I’ll never be able to get enough Mina. She was initially frustrated by her reassignment, but I believe she will do well with Dr. Voss, who I can’t wait to see more of. I’ve always loved Jane Leeves and she was FANTASTIC in this episode!

AJ, however, is taking the loss of Mina hard. How will AJ deal with this in the upcoming episodes? That’s one of my questions this week.

Music For The Soul

THE RESIDENT: Manish Dayal in the “Three Words” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, Oct. 1 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Bob Mahoney/FOX.

In this episode, Devon has a very special VIP patient. A washed-up rock star who is a former alcoholic, who is portrayed by Colin Hay. The Hotlanta Music Festival was supposed to be his big return, but because of the chaos, he ends up in the hospital with a fractured tibia. They repair it during surgery, however, because of his former alcoholism and his addiction to red licorice, his body is turning the sugar from the licorice into alcohol, despite him claiming he’s sober.

Through the episode, we see Devon perplexed as to how he’s got alcohol in his blood when he claims he’s been sober for a year. It’s an interesting case that leads to a happy ending for all when Devon convinces him to sing in front of the rest of the hospital’s guests and staff. The song sung at the end of the episode brings us a happy ending this week.

Especially since Bell forgave all the bills for the patients that came in with injuries from the music festival, which Bell tells Marshall won’t cost Chastain as much as the other hospitals in the area because they didn’t have as many patients as the others.

Bell’s Good Side

THE RESIDENT: L-R: Bruce Greenwood, guest star Jenna Dewan and guest star Michael Weston in the “About Time” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, Oct. 15 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’AlemaFOX.

In “About Time”, Bell is out to cut costs for the hospital by getting a deal using QuoVadis equipment right from the company’s owner, played by Michael Weston. Dilemma: all the other hospitals want that deal too.

Bell goes to a party with Julian showing him around at her boss’ house, who owns QuoVadis.  He brings it up, and Julian’s boss says he needs to think it over but was impressed that the first thing he didn’t say was how much money his hospital made from the injuries at the music festival. Maybe this is a step in Bell’s favor. Is Bell beginning to see the error of his ways?

This episode proves that despite all the bad we’ve seen Bell do, he does somehow have a good side to him. This includes him forgiving the patient’s bills who were injured at the festival.

Also, in this episode, we get a tidbit of backstory from Bell. The reason he went into medicine – to help his parents have an easier life. They ran a hardware store and worked all the time, just to make ends meet. Sadly, Bell’s goal was never reached as both parents passed while he was doing his residency. This is more of what I want to see. What made Bell who he is. How did he get where he is? I liked seeing this better side of him in this episode.

It will NEVER erase the bad, but knowing that there may be a good buried under there, it makes Bell more human. A more interesting character.

Conic Moment of the Week

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I can’t go a review without mentioning Conic.

Conic was in the background this week. However, it doesn’t mean there weren’t a few cute moments through the episode. My favorite one is the one at the end of the episode where they are dancing to the music sung by Colin Hay.

Nic accuses Conrad of being a swayer when they dance to music and therefore is hesitant to dance with him at the festival – or at any event with live music. However, she showed up anyway so they could spend time together, just because their schedules are so crazy. They both mention that they want to make sure that they put the work into their relationship to make it last this time. They confirm that they are strong and committed to each other.

It’s what every shipper wants to hear.

Sometimes, relationship moments don’t need to be pushed in your face. The ones in the background are just as amazing – this episode proves that.

5 Questions Before Next Week

  1. Will we see more of Bell’s backstory eventually. I liked seeing this side of him.
  2. Will getting sued make Conrad rethink his tactics of going off protocol as much as he does?
  3. MINA!!!! This woman is fierce. Will we see more of this part of Mina???
  4. How will AJ handle Mina being reassigned in the upcoming episodes?
  5. Will Conrad ever find out his father bribed Josh to drop the case?

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