‘The Resident’ 2×05 Review: “The Germ”

This week’s episode of The Resident, entitled “The Germ”, is bittersweet. It accomplishes what a good drama does best: it makes you care for a character and then rip your heart out. “The Germ” accomplishes that scenario. While watching, you experience every emotion on the spectrum – happiness, anger, mistrust, grief. You name it, I probably felt it within this one hour.

The episode gets its title from my favorite plotline of the episode – Conrad and Nic caring for a little boy with Leukemia, who spends his last birthday in the hospital. To help him and his family cope, Conrad and Nic throw this boy, named Jasper, a police themed birthday party. They went all out, and it reminds you of those videos you see online of these sick kids who get charities like Make-A-Wish to come in and help make their lives a little easier for just one day. It made me smile so much. I’ll go into detail later on, but let’s just say you have to see it to really appreciate it. It’s just so beautiful.

Also in this episode: another Gilmore Girls connection, Bell being a grade A misogynist, Voss and AJ teaming up to help their patients, QuoVadis taking over Chastain, and Julian getting more annoying every time I see her.

One Last Wish

THE RESIDENT: L-R: Guest star Ravi Cabot-Conyers and Matt Czuchry in the “The Germ” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, Oct. 22 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’AlemaFOX.

The main plot line of this episode is so touching, so heartbreaking that I doubt anyone who watches this episode won’t be asking you for a tissue by the time you finish it. It gives the episode it’s title, “The Germ”.

You know, when I first heard that the episode was called that, I thought maybe they had some type of epidemic on their hands or something. When I go into these episodes, I often don’t know the episode title until it comes time for me to write the review. However, I saw the title online a few days prior and could only guess because I had not seen a synopsis. I love going into new episodes like that because I’m truly unspoiled by anything. It gives a perspective that I cherish, and the reactions I get while watching are true and I feel that they bring a raw and open concept to my reviews that everyone benefits from.

That being said, “The Germ” is not some epidemic that Chastain is facing down, but a character that Irving plays during Jasper’s birthday celebration at the hospital.

THE RESIDENT: L-R: Guest star Jessica Miesel, guest star Tasso Feldman, guest star Ravi Cabot-Conyers, Matt Czuchry and guest star Evan Whitten in the “The Germ” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, Oct. 22 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’AlemaFOX.

The picture to the left is a still of the moment that Jasper and Conrad “capture” ‘The Germ’.

To get the full effect of the event you really do have to watch the episode. I wish I had a clip of the scene, but I don’t. It’s not without trying to see if I could find it. However, I do have a gif set that really gives the essence of the scene in it’s fullest capacity. So – I’ll explain it through the use of gifs.

When the day of the surprise comes, Conrad walks into Jasper’s room in a black t shirt – yes the same one in the picture above with “POLICE” written across the front and back. He even has a pair of real handcuffs, that I really don’t want to know what the nurse that supplied them uses them for. Let’s just say – neither does Nic.


Tumblr: kbbey

It’s just so touching to see these doctors and nurses care so much about this little boy, who really just wants to grow up and help others, but can’t because he’s sick. It’s so touching. I know I couldn’t do a job in the medical field, and this is one of the main reasons why. I couldn’t deal with the death around me, like the people who choose to be doctors and nurses, on a daily basis.

Just the reaction of Jasper’s face when he sees Conrad and is given the “police badge” that his brother made him is amazing. Just look:

Tumblr: kbbey

His mom’s face is touching too. She was so heartbroken when Conrad, who insisted he was the one who told her the news that her son’s Leukemia had relapsed again, just because of the head of pediatrics’ bedside manner. It was probably a good thing as Conrad was able to be more personable with Jasper’s mom, especially since he’d treated Jasper originally when he had just started as an intern. This event became very personal for Conrad, who had seen Jasper in his worst and his best.

Tumblr: kbbey

And then – in comes Nic with a decked out wheelchair decorated as a squad car – lights and all.

Tumblr: kbbey

And in comes Mina – yes Mina – as Detective Okafor who states that ‘The Germ’ is on the move and that he has gotten rid of all the bandages in the hospital – but one!

Tumblr: kbbey

Jasper quickly notes that they used ketchup for the blood on the bandage and says that the only place he knows where ketchup could be is the cafeteria.

Tumblr: kbbey

So, they run down the halls of Chastain to the cafeteria where they meet up with Devon – who is playing “Bob” – a worker in the cafeteria. Notice in the gif – the ketchup hand print on the right.

Tumblr: kbbey

I just love seeing everyone just jump in to make this event special for this little boy – that truly became his one last wish. The gif set really doesn’t do the scene its justice – you need to watch the episode!!!

Eventually, they find ‘The Germ’ – who is really Irving in disguise.

Tumblr: kbbey

Conrad gives Jasper a set of disconnected paddles that they use on a defibrillator and they “defeat” ‘The Germ’. It was just too precious seeing Jasper’s face at the end of it all. So much happiness.

Tumblr: kbbey

That’s exactly the way I would like to remember Jasper.

When I say this episode ripped my heart out, I mean it. The next thing you know is that Jasper is not responding, that he isn’t breathing. His death isn’t calm and peaceful. He dies of complications of his Leukemia. A brain bleed that they can’t repair. When I realized what was happening, I didn’t even notice the tears running down my face until the commercial break came. It took a fair amount of tissues to clean up the tears.

Congrats, The Resident. You succeeded again in filling up my heart and ripping it out in the course of an hour. This is the mark of a good show – is when it can make you feel emotions at both ends of the spectrum in the course of an hour. Make you really feel like you are right there living through that moment with the characters. This show succeeded that with this episode, and particularly this plot line.

It truly was Jasper’s last wish. *sob*


Bradley’s Return

THE RESIDENT: The “Rude Awakenings and The Raptor” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, April 30 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX

Back in the season 1 episode, “Rude Awakenings and the Raptor”, a surgical resident named Bradley falls through a skylight due to sleep deprivation and lands on Dr. Bell’s conference room table. If you remember, that event caused Bradley massive trauma, and even had to have heart surgery.

Well, in “The Germ”, Bradley returned to Chastain to get a new valve put in his heart with AJ as his surgeon. In the events, we learn that Bradley has given up practicing medicine and does not regret it. Turns out, he’s been working in medical device sales. His signing bonus paid off his medical school debt, and his stress is much lower.

After meeting AJ, he asks Mina how she works with him. She says that while AJ is a jerk, he’s brilliant in the OR. That’s why she puts up with him.

Another part of this episode directly impacts Bradley’s plot line. Remember last week when Bell was trying to get the CEO of QuoVadis to give Chastain a cut so that they will be able to exclusively supply their devices to their patients? Well, it worked. Bell gets a 25% cut in return for $200,000 and a trip to Cabo. We Will get back to that later, but this event really irks AJ the wrong way. So much so, he tries to band together with Dr. Voss, who he usually is at odds with, to stand up to Bell about his decision. AJ and Dr. Voss don’t trust the QuoVadis devices and want to use the devices that they know and trust.

AJ tries to convince Bradley of this, but he insists upon the QuoVadis valve. I loved the scene where Bradley and AJ have it out in the VIP suite. You can probably see where this is going. Eventually, Julian comes to manipulate AJ to reconsider his stance on using another valve when she notes that his mentor, Dr. Benedict, has begun using QuoVadis devices. This event, along with going to Dr. Benedict himself for answers gets AJ to agree to use the device in Bradley’s surgery.

What AJ doesn’t know is that Dr. Benedict has pulled a Dr. Bell and sold out to the QuoVadis CEO, which includes a trip to Cabo and an over the top stipend. So, my question is will AJ ever find this out? It would make for an interesting plot line. I say this because as more and more of our doctors and nurses fight the corruption, Bell keeps getting worse – and as we know – we are seeing many others follow him.

I loved seeing Bradley back – and with the conversation that Devon had with him about his wedding – I sure hope to see Bradley there! He was one of my favorites last season.

I’m Ready for Julian To Go 

THE RESIDENT: L-R: Guest star Jenna Dewan and Manish Dayal in the “The Germ” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, Oct. 22 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’AlemaFOX.

One of my least favorite new characters this season is Julian Booth, portrayed by Jenna Dewan. While, I love Jenna, I don’t love her character. This plot line of her and Devon is irking me something fierce. I’m not the only one apparently, because not only has Mina noticed, but so has Bradley.

When Bradley asked Mina about it in the episode, she tells him that she doesn’t trust Julian, but does trust Devon. I concur. I do trust Devon. I just hope that he is able to hold Julian off because I really want to see Devon and Priya marry. I need to see this epic Bollywood dance they are planning for the wedding, ok.

However, it’s not just her attitude towards Devon, it’s that quite a few other characters have issues with Julian too. Conrad for one. I believe his reaction at the beginning of the episode is what made me really think to myself about this character – and I came to the conclusion that like Mina and Conrad – I can’t trust her.

I mean, come on – why is she in the OR when AJ is performing Bradley’s surgery? Really? I doubt device reps actually go in the OR. While I love The Resident for bringing important topics to light about the corruption of the American healthcare system, this is the most unrealistic thing I’ve ever seen in this show. Let her be in the hospital, but this woman doesn’t belong in the OR. Just no.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Julian needs to go, and I know this isn’t going to happen. So, I at least hope she begins to improve over the course of the season.

Dr. Bell, The Grade A Misogynist

THE RESIDENT: Bruce Greenwood in the “The Germ” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, Oct. 22 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’AlemaFOX.

My other least favorite character is Dr. Bell. The past few episodes have tried to put a new light on Dr. Bell. However, they can’t erase all the bad that he’s done. His moral compass is so screwed up he wouldn’t know north if it smacked him in the face. Add on top of all this, he’s a huge misogynist. Which considering he got arrested for solicitation earlier in the season, not surprised.

If there is one thing this show does right, is it brings to light some of the big issues of our time, like sexual harassment and consent. Using Bell in this platform has been interesting and I’m interested to see where they are going to take it. How they are going to make his wrongs a lesson for the character. How far can they take it, is the question.

In this episode, he not only thinks that he is going to have sex with Dr. Voss twice, but she puts him right back in his place. It’s hard to explain, but their first interaction in the episode made me cringe. I think the writers were trying use it as a bit of humor, but it just turned out to be cringeworthy.

“Let’s talk about a screw, shall we?” – Voss

“A screw?” – Bell

It takes him a few moments to really get that she really is talking about a screw. One of the screws she uses in her surgeries. For one, it’s too big. Two, it’s QuoVadis and she doesn’t trust it. She goes off on him for changing up the devices available in the OR. She’s not truly aware of how deep Bell is gone, but I sure hope she becomes aware soon because I need to see Bell get what is going come to him. I need to see someone competent in his position that won’t lower their ethics and standards to make a dollar.

The other interaction in this episode is when Voss notices the tension in Bell’s neck and says she knows of a way to get rid of it. Now, there could be many ways of interpreting that scenario, and for me I think Bell thought Voss was going to personally get rid of his tension when she tells him to be in his office in an hour. Who knew it was actually a massage therapist. Bell sure didn’t.

After his massage, he comes up to Dr. Voss and says, “You know I prefer female massage therapists.”

Of course you do, Bell. Of course you do. It was just so creepy.

Somehow, I can see part of Bell’s plot line with him at the center of a harassment suit. I’d love to see how a show like this would handle that. I mean it would help bring his solicitation arrest to light for the board and to push Bell out of the CEO and Chief of Surgery positions. I love seeing Bell and Marshall go head to head and I really would love to see all this come to light. I’d really like to see Marshall light him a new one, along with the rest of the hospital board.

I don’t know where the writers are going with this plot, but that’s where I can see it going.

Other Highlights

  • There was another Gilmore Girls connection in this episode. Emily Kuroda, who played Mrs. Kim on Gilmore Girls, was a guest star in this episode. She played a woman who had a spinal tumor, who was a patient of Dr. Voss’. Loved seeing her!
  • The Harry Potter reference. Most people who know me, know I’m a Potterhead. I loved Mina’s line when they were discussing Bradley at the beginning of the episode. “He used to be one of us.” – Conrad, “No, he’s not. Now he’s a muggle.” – Mina
  • Jasper’s brother, Henry has had absence seizures since infancy, and it’s something he and I share. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy in childhood and so seeing them have a child on this show that is struggling with the same issues I did at that age hit close to home. I felt for that little boy. I must protect him. Just like I want to protect Jasper. I just really want to give their mom a hug.
  • AJ has a cyst rupture beneath his ulna and cause a fracture to the bone. He had to wear a splint for a few days and he could operate again.

5 Questions Before Next Week

  1. Will this deal between Bell and the owner of QuoVadis bite Bell in the ass? Will Marshall confront him about this?
  2. Will AJ find out Dr. Benedict only changed devices because of the bribe?
  3. When Conrad tells Julian at the beginning of the episode, ““I don’t do bribes. I heard you’re helpful in the OR, but I’m not a fan of sales reps inside the hospital. Seems like a conflict of interest.” It’s like he’s reading my mind. I was like yeah, Conrad. She shouldn’t really be there. Where are they taking Julian’s character? How will they make her fit into the plot line better or make her more likeable?
  4. Where will this plot line with Bell go? Will his arrest come to light? His character issues? How will the show address this in a modern light?
  5. Will these QuoVadis devices turn out too good to be true? Will they begin to fail later in the season, causing issues for the patients they were inserted in – maybe even death? It would be an interesting plot line as it’s been clearly stated that the devices have not been tested before.

The Resident airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

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