‘The Resident’ 2×07 Photos & Synopsis: “Trial And Error”

In the November 5th episode of The Resident, titled “Trial and Error”, a drug trial puts the lives of some of Chastain’s patient’s at risk – including Nic’s sister, Jessie. Because of this Conrad and Nic work to convince Bell to discontinue the trial. Sounds interesting. We’re especially interested in seeing Conrad interact with Nic’s sister again.

Here is the official synopsis from Fox:

When patients from the hospital’s prescription drug trial start suffering life threatening side effects, Nic fears that her sister Jessie may be in danger. As a result, she and Conrad work to convince Bell that these trials are not worth the risk. Meanwhile, Mina, Austin and Kit must set aside their competitive nature and work together on a patient whose health is quickly deteriorating and Devon uses Julian as the beta tester for a product he’s designed. 

Other interesting things to take from the synopsis are Dr. Voss, Mina and AJ working together. Sounds like it could make for some interesting scenes.

And – ugh – Devon and Julian. Will this come to a head? The press release also notes that Devon’s fiancé, Priya is in the episode. We sure hope the teasing of a potential relationship between Devon and Julian is put to rest, or that it comes to a head with Priya’s appearance.

If you look at the pictures, you see they have a karaoke night. Very interested in seeing that scene. Other stuff that we’re excited about is that Conrad is by Nic’s side every step of the way and help’s her save her sister’s life. Could they be any more shippable?

We have Conic feels!!!

Here is the episode’s promo:

The Resident airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

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