‘The Resident’ 2×07 Review: “Trial And Error”

This week’s episode of The Resident, titled “Trial And Error”, has three interweaving storylines. For the first time since I have been watching and reviewing this show for Fangirlish, have I ever screamed at my TV, “WTF” so loudly! Seriously, this episode has a huge WTF moment that I can’t forget.  Seriously, Devon, what were you thinking?

What in the world am I talking about? I’m referring to Devon kissing Julian! Since Julian’s arrival in “The Prince And The Pauper”, I have been more and more cautious about her. In the more recent weeks, Devon and Julian have been seen growing ever closer. Mina noticed long ago, as did former surgical resident, Bradley. Now, AJ, Nic, Conrad, and Irving have all noticed the closeness and this plotline is about to explode! Or has it?

I’ll go into more detail later, but WTF! Devon is about to marry Priya in two weeks and he kisses Julian! WTF! I definitely feel like Devon and Priya are heading for splitsville, and Julian will be right there waiting to swoop in. I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all, but it’s not like I didn’t see this coming ages ago. One thing that can be said though, as much as The Resident tries to humanize and make us like Devon (and there are many times where the writers and Manish Dayal have succeeded), this event alone makes all their effort of humanization fly right out the window.

Also in this episode, we see more of the sister bond of Nic and Jessie, when Jessie who has participated in a double-blind clinical trial for a new cancer drug for some extra cash so she can get a down payment on an apartment, because in her words, “[she’s] too old to be living with her sister”. During this, things go wrong for Jessie and the other participants, resulting in the death of one of Jessie’s friends from rehab and the trial being shut down by Bell. My favorite part of it all though, Conrad is there for both Nic and Jessie until they are sure Jessie has recovered from the bad drugs in her body. It’s an incredible sight to see and it shows the strength of Conic.

The last plot that weaves throughout this episode is about a man who AJ claims has the best ribs in Atlanta, who had a hip replacement and is now being poisoned by it. Luckily, Conrad, Mina, Kit, and AJ step up and figure out what’s hurting this man before his wife has a mental breakdown. In fact, the wife is so grateful she hugs Mina at the end of the episode.

Seriously though, The Resident! You’re really gonna go there? The real title of this review should say, “WTF Was Devon Thinking?” It was way too much.

WTF Was Devon Thinking?

THE RESIDENT: Manish Dayal in the “Trial & Error” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, Nov. 5 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’AlemaFOX.

If there ever was a WTF moment on this show, at least in the relationship department, this episode had it. Which begs me to ask again, “Devon, WTF are you doing?” Let me set it up for you.

At the beginning of the episode, we see Devon and Priya at their apartment. He asks her to be his beta tester for his new medical device, which she agrees to do – until she leaves it behind when she leaves for work – leaving a disappointed Devon in her tracks. There’s more to this, though.

If you remember, Priya is a journalist and in this episode, she happily tells Devon that she got accepted to be an investigative journalist, which he was happy about. However, there’s a catch – it’s in San Francisco. To Devon’s disappointment, she suggests they live in different cities – and that they can make it work. Devon hates this idea. He even talks to Mina about it, and she was a fish out of water about giving relationship advice.

With two weeks to the big day, Devon has a lot on his mind. Not only are Conrad and Irving dragging him rafting for his bachelor party, but he’s still got the normal stresses of being a 1st-year medical resident. It’s a lot. He’s trying to figure out how to talk to Priya about the fact that he hates the idea of them not only living in different cities but different coasts. It’s not the makings of a successful marriage – at least not to him. It doesn’t excuse his actions, not one bit.

When he arrives at Chastain, he runs into Julian, who as we know, he has been getting closer to. She has been helping him choreograph his wedding dance and with each passing episode, they seem to be getting closer. It’s being noticed by other people. Mina, Bradley, and by the end of this episode – Conrad, Nic, Irving, and AJ. Who’s gonna talk to Devon about this?

I still haven’t covered anything at all. Not a stitch. The event that gives this section of my review it’s heading – “WTF Was Devon Thinking?” – is a kiss shared between Devon and Julian around the middle of the episode. How does it get to this point? How could this happen? NOTHING I CAN SAY CAN FORGIVE THIS ACTION. NOTHING. SORRY, DEVON.

Well, let’s get to it then. When Julian runs into Devon, he’s wearing his medical device and she tells him that he can’t beta test his own device. Fair enough. Right? She offers to be his beta tester and he agrees. So, as the episode progresses, Devon goes about his normal duties in the ER. You know, the usual sew a finger back on, treat a cold, etc. When Devon’s device sends an alert to the app that accompanies it that Julian is in cardiac arrest, he freaks. He runs out of the ER and to Julian’s side.

Turns out, the device overacted to a bout of tachycardia because Julian had a panic attack while witnessing Kit and Mina perform a hip replacement. When Devon shows up, she thanks him with a hug – and then – they kiss. WTF! Julian knows Devon is engaged. She knows VERY WELL. A lot of events come into play here, but none of it excuses the kiss. NONE OF IT.

Later on, Julian apologizes for the kiss and they agree to never speak of this event again, but this is TV. With an event like this, you can bet it will come up in a big way later on. I have a few questions. Will Devon tell Priya? If so, can they move past this or is their relationship over? Will Devon and Julian discuss this again?

I hate this plotline for Devon. Of all the characters on this show, he’s the one I’ve had a hard time getting to really like. There are moments where Manish Dayal makes him likable, or the writers give him lines and actions that make me smile. However, it feels like they have gone too far here. Can Devon become likable again after this?

I’ve been known to give TV characters more chances for redemption than some of them are worth, but it will take a lot for me to give Devon redemption. If Devon and Priya move past this and marry, I’ll need to see how the show handles things. However, if they break up because of this event – which if I were Priya, he’d be packing his bags – and if Julian is still around then I don’t know what it would take for me to forgive Devon for cheating on Priya.

If Julian is still around, and she just so happens so swoop in and be there for Devon after it all. Then my already low opinion of Jenna Dewan’s character just dropped even further. If Devon and Priya don’t move past this, then Julian is a homewrecker – and it feels like she’s purposely manipulated these events to get him to cheat.

Every episode since her introduction has had little hints, and they’ve gotten closer with every interaction. I’ve been irked the whole time and could see where it was going. Now that it has happened, all I can continue to ask is “WTF, The Resident?” How did you think this was a good storyline for Devon? Not only that, but I really wanted to like Julian and with each passing episode, I’ve been screaming she needs to go. Now, she really does need to go. Let Devon pick up the pieces of his life, and try to work it through with Priya.

I must say though, the episode was really laying it on thick at the end with its use of music. During the bar scene, after the group dance, a slow song starts. Devon questions dancing it with Julian, but she convinces him to dance with him. The song – Chris Stapleton’s “The Last Thing I Needed, The First Thing This Morning”. If you listen to the lyrics, it really is foreshadowing trouble for Devon in the upcoming episodes because of this event.


Chastain Does A Drug Trial – And Fails

THE RESIDENT: L-R: Guest star Julianna Guill, Emily VanCamp and Matt Czuchry in the “Trial & Error” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, Nov. 5 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’AlemaFOX.

When Nic’s sister, Jessie, does a drug trial for a new cancer drug to get a cash deposit for an apartment, things go horribly wrong for her and the other participants. One of which was her friend, John, from rehab. Jessie noted to Nic that she wouldn’t have finished rehab if it wasn’t for John.

However, for John, things do not go well for him. He’s been trying very hard to get clean and return to South Carolina (my beloved home state) with some extra cash for his little girl’s music lessons. When John began to deteriorate, he went fast. John eventually ended up on a ventilator, and by the end of the episode dying, despite Conrad and Nic’s best efforts to save him.

When Bell tells John’s wife that he died, she initially doesn’t believe him. Eventually, she breaks down and seeing her have to tell her daughter that her father is dead breaks my heart, and for the first time in the history of this show, it seems, Bell’s as well. The show has been trying to humanize Bell, and with this episode, they became a little more successful.

Originally, when John started showing symptoms, Conrad demanded he is rushed to the ER for observation. The doctor running the trial jumped in and said it’s an infection caused by the hospital and not the drug. Conrad and Nic disagreed. When John and Jessie both ended up on ventilators, Bell shut the trial down, much to the doctor running the trial’s disdain. When John dies, Bell tells the other doctor that he will be seeing a lawsuit and could face a manslaughter charge. I mean, seriously, for once I’m actually cheering for Bell.

THE RESIDENT: L-R: Matt Czuchry, Bruce Greenwood, Emily VanCamp and guest star Andy Milder in the “Trial & Error” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, Nov. 5 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’AlemaFOX.

In the midst of it all, Jessie learns a valuable lesson. That the drug trial was not worth the money with all the headache she caused Nic. At one point, Jessie was put on dialysis. Luckily, she began to recover with a high dose of steroids. The thing that saved Jessie, that didn’t save John was time. Jessie had more time for the medicine to work, whereas John was the first to take the drug and it ended up being his death. There were two other people in the trial and because their symptoms came on later, they were able to be saved.

After the events happen, Conrad reflects and says:

“…A student trying to pay for his tuition, an underpaid school teacher, a recovering addict (Jessie), a dad trying to provide for his little girl – now that child has no father.” – Conrad

That child has no father. That hits home. I can’t honestly imagine what it would be like to not have my dad, but to lose him to a faulty drug trial is just sad. I feel for that little girl and her mother. If there was a part of the episode that made me ache for the characters, it was this one. Having been raised by a single father for many of my early years, it hits me right in my feels.

Then, there was a moment in the midst of it all between Nic and Jessie that shows the bond of these two sisters, and the bond I hope this continues to expand on. There’s are two quotes between them that highlight this:

“John always reminded me to be grateful for the people who don’t give up on us. Not every recovering addict has that person, but I do, and I am so grateful.” – Jessie

 “You almost died today, Jess. You’ve gotta start making better choices.” – Nic, “I know.” – Jessie

Through it all, Conrad is there for both Nic and Jessie. He lets Nic lean on him when Jessie was at her lowest, he encouraged her that Jessie would make it and that his diagnosis was correct. Nic reminds him that she lost her mom to a bad judgment call, however, it seems, in the end, she did trust Conrad.

Conic is strong, and this episode proves that they help each other through the good and the bad. This is what shippers love seeing with their ships. CONIC FOREVER!!

When Your Own Body Poisons You

THE RESIDENT: L-R: Shaunette Renée Wilson and Jane Leeves in the “Trial & Error” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, Nov. 5 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’AlemaFOX.

The final plotline in this episode is about a man who had a metal on metal hip replacement that eventually begins to poison him. This man eventually loses his sight and can’t work anymore. As Mina puts it, if there could be something wrong with him, he had it wrong with him. His wife is at her breaking point and is ready for a solution for his issues, so much so that she will only sign the consent for the surgery if Mina, AJ, and Kit are the surgeons in the OR.

When Mina asks AJ to help her consult on the patient, Ernest, he notes once he hears the name that he has the best ribs in Atlanta. Due to this, AJ helps Mina with the case and they band together with Kit to replace the metal prosthesis with a polypropylene one. Unfortunately, before they can switch out the devices – they find that the metal prosthesis has caused deterioration in the area. In the middle of surgery, Kit accidentally cuts the exterior iliac artery. Mina steps in to repair it, despite Kit wanting AJ to do it. Mina proves herself to Kit and AJ during Ernest’s surgery. They save his life and his prognosis is a full recovery.

Ernest’s wife is so grateful, she hugged Mina at the end of the episode. Mina’s reaction is very typical of her, reminiscent of her season 1 self. I do hope that with time, Mina will grow more comfortable with human touch.

This is the surgery that Julian was witnessing when she has her panic attack. The reason is that she has a hip implant herself and she became worried she has a metal hip implant inserted. She finds out she doesn’t, but the case becomes personal for Julian. However, WHY IS JULIAN IN THE OR AT ALL? Device sales reps are not usually in the OR, are they? Seriously, just asking.

Other Episode Highlights

THE RESIDENT: L-R: Emily VanCamp and Matt Czuchry in the “Trial & Error” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, Nov. 5 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’AlemaFOX.

  • During Ernest’s surgery, Kit and Mina “relished” AJ’s quietness. Loved their cheekiness.
  • “This is my hospital. Back off.” – Bell (You almost want to root for the guy.)
  • Bell notes to Conrad that if clinical trails didn’t exist, that “we’d still have polio.” So, while they are good things – if not done properly they can also kill the participants.
  • Instead of camping and rafting, Devon opts to get the girls to let him, Conrad, and Irving join them at “girls night”.
  • What’s going on with Irving and Nurse Jessica?
  • The gang goes to karaoke night at the end of the episode and we see Nurse Jessica, Irving, and Devon sing “Islands in the Stream”.
  • Bell and Kit at the bar after the events of the episode. Bell notes his confliction between being CEO and a surgeon. She says that he should buy a Porsche (which is in the parking lot), buy a sailboat (which he just sold), get a high dollar prostitute (which he got arrested for doing earlier in the season). In the end, she calls him a real bastard and still admits to liking him. Loved seeing them outside the hospital, though.
  • AJ and Mina coming to an understanding that they are partners and that when she works with him and Kit, she gets to choose her surgeries, and make the cuts in them. AJ reluctantly agrees. I’m interested in seeing where this partnership between Mina and AJ goes.
  • They did the Bollywood dance that Julian has been helping Devon with for his wedding at the end of the episode, probably because Devon and Priya aren’t getting married and they didn’t want to disappoint the viewers by not letting us see this dance. It was interesting seeing Matt, Emily, Tasso, Manish, Jenna, and the rest, dance a Bollywood dance.

Five Questions Before Next Week

  1. Will Devon tell Priya about kissing Julian? If he does, what is her reaction? Will she want to work through it, and still get married or end their relationship?
  2. Will Devon talk to Julian about the kiss again?
  3. Will Mina, AJ, Conrad, Nic, or Irving talk to Devon about his closeness with Julian?
  4. Will we get more Jessie this season? I’ve loved seeing Julianna Guill on this show!
  5. Seriously, WTF The Resident! WTF!

The next episode of The Resident airs Monday, November 19, 2018, at 8/7c on Fox.

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