‘The Resident’ 2×12 Review: “Fear Finds a Way”

This week’s episode of The Resident, titled “Fear Finds a Way,” has a plot line that is quite predictable. In fact, it’s been done over and over again. There’s a virus outbreak!

It’s not your normal run of the mill flu, but they think it is at first. It’s flu season after all. It just happens to be some old school virus that is outrageously contagious. This episode, it just happened to be Black Death itself. That’s what this week’s episode was about, for the most part. It even has a part where Nic COULD have been exposed. Sounds way too familiar.

I love this show. I really do. It has ways of making old ideas new again, but this is one of those plots that would’ve been better off left alone. It almost felt like filler. I hate to call it a filler episode, but that’s what it felt like. I was left disappointed when the episode went off, and that’s so not normal for me when it comes to The Resident. 

Disappointed in the run of the mill virus outbreak storyline. Disappointed in the issues with Conic. (We will get there, promise!) The only thing I wasn’t disappointed in was Mina and AJ. I absolutely loved their plot in this episode.

I absolutely hate to say I didn’t enjoy the episode, because there were parts that I did enjoy, but for the most part this episode just didn’t hit it for me.

The Run of the Mill Virus Outbreak Story

I’ve seen this story before. Matter of fact, The Good Doctor just had an episode with almost the exact same plot. I guess every medical drama has this episode eventually. It’s not even that, though. I’ve seen this plot in many, many TV shows over the years, and I can promise you most of them weren’t medical dramas. Believe me, I’ve seen this before.

However, in case of this show, it all starts when a guy goes on a date with a girl, who just happened to have recently returned from a hike in Yosemite. This guy’s name is Sam. He is portrayed by Timeless‘ Michael Rady (Nicholas Keanes). It was so nice to see him in a role that didn’t have him as the father of Rittenhouse. I really was happy to see him on this show.

Anyways, Sam is lovesick for his date, named Sue. However, Sam has the chills. To be safe, he goes to the ER to get checked out. Well, so did everyone else in Atlanta it seems. With help from Alec, Irving and Devon clear the heard of the patients truly in need of help. Sam is amongst them. Especially after Devon and Irving discover he has a nasty rash. Turns out Sam got this from his date. They go to her house bring her to the hospital and administer the cure just in time to save her life. Sam is still smitten with Sue. I’d be mad if someone infected me with the Black Death, unintentionally or not.

Also, Nic’s former prison guard, Meg, (played by Dot-Marie Jones) is amongst the chaos. She comes in to get her eye checked, but ends up being infected by Sam while waiting in the ER. Meg is the first to show symptoms and so she was the first they quarantined.

See what I mean about it sounding familiar? It even has a part where Meg and Sam are having complications and due to the need to help Meg, Nic runs into the quarantine zone without her protective suit on.  Every single one of these shows that has this plot has a main character exposed to the virus. It’s like clockwork.

Luckily for Nic, she did not contract the virus, but Conrad in his worry for her, put her on preventative medication immediately. So, yay, Nic. However, so cliché. Ugh.

Anyways, all’s well that ends well. The team finds patient zero – that’s Sue – and stops the outbreak from spreading all over Atlanta, or even possibly further. After all Atlanta has one of the busiest airports in the US, if not the world. This thing could’ve spread fast if they hadn’t caught it when they did.

The Trouble with Conic

This week’s episode has ton of Conic feels. TONS. You get them all over the spectrum too. Everything from happiness to disappointment.

Conrad wants to get a place with Nic and go the next step. Living together. That’s HUGE. I didn’t think I’d see this step made by Conrad at all. I expected it to be Nic somewhere down the line. So, in a way I agree with Nic when she pushes pause on the moving in situation. Matter of fact, she tells Conrad she wants it all. Marriage included. It’s not like she doesn’t want it. She does, just not right now. Right now, she wants the status quo.

“We find ourselves in different places. Once again.”

“Yes, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to move in with you. Get married. All of it. Just not this second. Isn’t that ok?”

“I respect that.”

– Conrad & Nic, about the status of their relationship

Conrad doesn’t take the disappointment of Nic pushing the pause button well.  He wonders why. Is it because he’s changed? Is it because, as he put it, he’s been fixed? Conrad feels that Nic doesn’t have anything else to fix in terms of him. He even asks if he returns to the old version if she would like it more. WTF, Conrad? What are you doing? At least he’s learned how to be open and honest and communicate in a healthy way. Nic, you’re up!

So, from an understanding about not wanting it yet to Nic not wanting to look at Conrad?

Conrad, shut up. You should’ve shut your mouth after you agreed to respect Nic’s stance on the subject. By the end of their conversation, Nic can’t stand the sight of Conrad and leaves his apartment. That’s it. We are left with this situation at the end of a disappointing episode.

This impasse in the path of Conic’s relationship, at least temporarily, isn’t all doom and gloom. The beginning of the episode does have this cute scene where Conrad is showing Nic a potential house for them and even proposes getting a hot tub – and some chickens.

Hey, I live in the south. It’s quite common to have a pet chicken. Conrad does tell Nic he was joking with her about the chickens. It seemed like he was just wanting to get her thoughts on the situation at that time.

Luckily, they haven’t broken up. This could’ve derailed them in their earlier days. They have grown a lot with each other to at least be able to have an open and honest conversation that doesn’t end in a break up. Nic’s frustrated, but I do believe they will talk it out and get to the same point eventually.

It will just take time. I will wait for this relationship step to flourish. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t take the rest of the season.

There is one thing though, it seems Alec gets that Nic is off limits. This episode actually makes me feel better that he won’t come between Conrad and Nic. We will have to see how I feel as the season progresses.

Mina Proves That the Heart Valve Killed Bradley – And AJ Confronts His Mentor

A Quovadis heart valve breaking during Mina’s test.

After the events of “Operator Error”, Mina will not let AJ go down without a fight. She steps in to prove to everyone that AJ did not kill Bradley. With a little help, Mina runs a test that simulates a human heart pumping at full capacity for a normal person. Someone like Bradley, who despite his heart issues, had an active lifestyle.

When the test proves, multiple times over, that the valves are defective, Mina rushes to tell AJ the truth. That he DID NOT KILL BRADLEY JENKINS. It’s a relief to AJ, who has benched himself to serve penance. To find his humility. It’s something his mentor actually encouraged him to do.

Mina wants AJ back in the OR. She says it’s where he belongs.

Once they figure out that the valves are faulty, AJ and Mina do some digging and realize that his mentor was paid off by Quovadis to hype up the heart valves. Not just a little money either, oh no. It’s $1.5 million. No wonder Dr. Benedict is saying all nice things about Quovadis.

If you know AJ Austin at all, you know he isn’t going take being lied to about this laying down. Dr. Benedict was the one who told him the valves were safe. That’s why he conceded to using it in Bradley’s surgery. The word of his mentor. Nothing more, nothing less.

Somehow, someway, I knew that AJ would find out Dr. Benedict wasn’t telling him the truth and that he has been paid by Quovadis. I just knew it. I predicted it ages ago. I’m so glad to know I was right. AJ gives it to Dr. Benedict too, with Mina along for support.

“See, when Dr. Okafor believes in something – or in this case – someone – she will swim through a lake of fire and brimstone to meet her objective. Where, as you, led me to believe that my arrogance killed my patient. When, in fact, it was a company that makes defective valves that owns you. Disappointing.” 

-AJ to Dr. Benedict

While he’s lashing out at Benedict, he also notes that Mina is to take all the credit for his discovery. He gives Mina her credit where it is due. I absolutely love AJ and Mina’s partnership and this episode highlights exactly why they work so well together. It’s only a matter of time before the professional and personal boundaries blur. I’m waiting for it.

Seriously, if AJ is talking about Mina like this now, then can you image how he’d be if they were together? Oh, the feels.

Bell Begins to Question His Connection to Quovadis

THE RESIDENT: Bruce Greenwood in the “Fear Finds A Way” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, Jan. 28 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX.

Lucky for us, Bell is starting to question Gordon Page and his ties to Quovadis after “Operator Error”. He asks his assistant to do research into the company and he finds out that the last CEO that did this kind of business with Quovadis committed suicide. But, did he really? We know what Page is capable of. Remember Julian?

So, keep questioning Gordon Page, Bell! Let’s take him down!

Questions Before The Next Episode

  1. Will Conrad and Nic continue their discussion on the status of their relationship? Will they reach an agreement on this impasse?
  2. Where will Mina’s discovery take her and AJ from here?
  3. Will Bell keep questioning Gordon Page?

The Resident airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

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