‘The Resident’ 2×13 Review: “Virtually Impossible”

This week’s episode of The Resident 100% makes up for the disappointment I felt after watching last week’s episode. This episode, titled “Virtually Impossible” left me engaged in every storyline, and it flowed seamlessly, even overlapping at times.

The episode is titled “Virtually Impossible” due to the almost impossible odds surrounding the patient of the week’s storyline. The reason why? This week’s patient is a triple organ transplant recipient. She now has two new lobes of lung (each given by a parent), a new liver, and a new pancreas. It’s a surgery, that in the show itself, had only been successfully performed in Canada. I did some research, and the story is totally legit. This surgery happened in Canada back in 2015.

Also in this episode:

  • Nic’s sister, Jessie, returns, and it leads to a confrontation between her and Nic over Jessie’s opioid addiction.
  • Devon becomes a detective when Julian’s car is found in the Chattahoochee River.
  • Bell pulls Quovadis off the shelves and replaces the devices with a reliable alternative.
  • The relationships are in the background, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t feels.

It’s an episode that is full of action and emotion. It leaves you on the edge of your seat with so many questions. Amy Holden Jones, who co-created the show, also co-wrote this episode. Definitely one of my favorites of the season, so far. A wonderful job by everyone involved.

A “Virtually Impossible” Situation

The patient in the episode has cystic fibrosis.  Her name is Eloise Camden. Eloise is a med school student who has been taken under the wing of Kitt. However, due to her health, she is constantly in the hospital on oxygen. Originally, she thought she only needed new lungs, but it turns out she needs a new liver and pancreas as well.

So, with few options left, they decide to go to Chastain’s medical ethics board to get approval. Also, they need a surgeon with enough guts to take on the surgery. Enter AJ. However, AJ is benched from high risk surgeries by Bell until he can do some research of his own into Quovadis. He finally convinces Bell that he can handle the job, and handle it he did.

For Kitt, this situation is personal. She wants Eloise to chase her dreams of being a doctor. She wants this surgery to be a success. As she’s watching the surgery, she and Conrad have an amazing conversation about the situation. Jane Leeves and Matt Czuchry both did a phenomenal job in the scene. Can we have more Kitt and Conrad, please? I loved it! THAT HUG!

Kitt, Conrad, Mina, and AJ go up against the medical ethics board, and end up winning. It takes Kitt to finally get through to Bell that the life of this patient outweighs the risk of failure. Kitt seems to get that to get through to Bell, she needs to stroke his ego some.

“I remember a surgeon who took on the toughest surgeries in the state of Georgia. Who gave hope to people who had none. Who had no fear. He would’ve jumped at the chance to advance science and make medical history.” – Kitt to Bell

So, with Bell’s ego stroked, they continue on in their search to save the life of Eloise. He even scrubs into surgery and helps AJ and Mina, along with the head trauma surgeon, Dr. Nolan.

The donor they are using is a girl that died of an opioid overdose. However, this isn’t just some random girl. This girl just happens to be Jessie’s close friend, Letty, from high school. Her parents agreed to keep her on life support long enough to harvest the organs for the surgery. So, while one life ends, another can keep on going.

See what I mean about interweaving storylines? I love it. I’ll continue on more about this later, but let’s just say this has a huge impact on Nic in this episode.

In the midst of it all, they find out that the donor lungs aren’t viable, but the liver and pancreas are. This is the part of the episode that really had me sitting there on the edge wondering how they were going to pull this off. Especially when they had no lungs to transplant.

The solution: Mom and Dad.

Mom and Dad both were tested and matched. Seriously, how rare is it that both parents match their child? I don’t know these stats, but I’d wager it’s really rare. Definitely an almost impossible situation.

Anyways, Mom and Dad both offer to donate a lobe of one of their lungs for their daughter. However, during surgery, Mom ends up with some complications when she begins bleeding out. She survives, but the lobe of lung they placed in Eloise from her could be damaged.

I’d love a follow up on Eloise and her family later on. How’s Mom recovering? How’s Eloise? Did she finish medical school? Is she a doctor? Is she now working at Chastain along side everyone else? I need to know. This is one rare event that deserves a happy ending. I’m rooting for this girl. I know she’s fictional, but I’m totally rooting for her.

Another part of this plot I loved was that Eloise was live streaming her progress with her classmates and other people with cystic fibrosis. They even live streamed her surgery to her classmates, per her request. Her explanation is that so people can learn from it. It can help others. Indeed, it can. I feel that. That totally sounds like something I’d do. I’m all for helping advance science and helping others learn. You go, Eloise!

Jessie’s Opioid Crisis

When Nic finds out Jessie is still using, she confronts her. Jessie denies she’s using again, but Nic finds the pills in her purse and tells her she’s going back to rehab. Jessie declines and Nic kicks her out of her house, but not without making sure Jessie knows that she is done enabling her.

“Remember your friend Letty from high school? She’s at Chastain, Jess. She’s dead because she OD’d. I don’t want that to be you.”


“It’s true. Come with me to Chastain. I’ll show you.”

“I don’t believe you.”

-Nic & Jessie, Nic trying to prove to Jessie the reality of opioid addiction

The whole scene is just amazing acting by Emily VanCamp and Julianna Guill. Just wow. I was in tears right along with both of them. Especially after Nic tells Jessie that if she died she wouldn’t feel any guilt, because she had tried to save her. That she had done all she could do. That’s harsh, but the reality of it is that Nic has had enough. I don’t blame her. It doesn’t make it any easier for either of them.

When Nic gets to her car, she begins to cry very hard. You can tell that she really doesn’t want to do this, but she’s left with no other options.

Jessie’s lost, and without Nic’s support, I wonder what will happen to her. Where will she go? What will she do? Will she let her addiction get the best of her? Will she end up back in the hospital with an overdose? Is Jessie a lost cause? Where was she at the end of the episode? It looked like Nic’s house, but I couldn’t be sure. Is Jessie, in a later episode, going to try to win Nic’s forgiveness? Will she try going to Conrad? He was the one who made Nic aware that Jessie was using again. It didn’t sink in until Nic saw Jessie’s friend on life support, awaiting her organs to be donated.

Jessie’s friend, Letty, is Eloise’s liver and pancreas donor. Her lungs were not capable of being transplanted, which is why Eloise’s parents had to donate parts of theirs.

This story is timely. Opioids are now the leading cause of drug overdoses in the US. In 2017, over 70,200 people died of an opioid overdose, according to the CDC. I’m so glad that this show is tackling such a timely issue.

All I can say, is that this is a powerful and extremely relevant story, and I felt every single second of it.

Devon Plays Detective

At the end of “The Dance”,  Julian gets chased off the road, by what I’ve always assumed were Gordon Page’s henchmen because she tried to blow the whistle on Quovadis being a fraud. Well, as we know Gordon Page will do anything to make sure this doesn’t get out, and I do mean anything. Including murder, or at least attempting it.

We have no clue if Julian is alive or not. Her body has yet to be found. However, her car was found by a group of birdwatchers in the Chattahoochee River. When they open the car, her body is nowhere to be found. So, that begs the question. Did Julian escape, or is her body laying at the bottom of the river? Or, is Gordon Page behind Julian’s missing body? I have so many questions!

I’ve been operating under the assumption that Julian is dead since November, but could she actually have survived? That’s what Devon and crew are wondering too.

In this episode, when Devon finds out from Conrad that her car was found, but not her body. Because of that, he goes in search of answers at her apartment, only to discover that she hasn’t been home in a week and her landlady has been feeding her cat. So, Devon offers to take the cat home, but not before he swipes Julian’s last phone bill off her kitchen counter.

The phone bill begins to lead Devon in the right direction when he notices one of the last calls she made was to the FDA. We all know this was Julian’s “whistleblower” call. Hopefully, in the next episodes, Devon will begin to piece together the story, and that Julian’s body will be found. I’d be very surprised if she is actually alive. Talk about a plot twist. I’d be so shocked if she is.

Just when I started to like Julian, she’s “killed off”. Not that I like the love triangle that happened because of her, but if she’s alive, and she and Devon find each other, then who am I to not root for their happiness. I’ve had months to think that one through. You’re as shocked as I am to come to that discovery.

Devon notes to Conrad and Nic that he wants to get to the bottom of Quovadis’ dirty dealings to bring justice to Bradley’s death. Now, Devon has another reason to add to this list – Julian.

ALL I CAN SAY IS FINALLY!! A four episode wait is a bit much. I sure hope we get more momentum on this plot. It’s too much of a cliffhanger to make fans wait for too long. I need resolution, but at least this is a proper first step towards that.

Bell Pulls Quovadis From The Shelves

When AJ and Mina tell Bell about Mina’s test results of the valve, Bell goes to Gordon Page and begins asking questions. It’s something Page doesn’t take well. So much so, that Page threatens Bell that he will regret pulling the valves. However, as Mina puts it at the end of the episode, Bell did the right thing. Who knew he still had a heart?

During the same discussion with Bell, where Mina and AJ are fighting to get the valves pulled, AJ also tells Bell about Dollars for Docs, which Bell then researches himself. Guess what? Bell finds that $750,000 payoff Page gave him is completely public knowledge. Maybe this is why he does pulls the valves, or is Bell truly questioning if Quovadis is legit?

Who knows? All I know, is that no one else will suffer the fate of Bradley who has a valve replaced at Chastain again.

However, where to from here? I’m very interested in seeing how Bell gets himself out of his deal with Quovadis. I don’t put anything past Gordon Page. Not after Julian. Not after he blamed AJ for Bradley’s death. I’d love to see them shock me with Page’s next move, but I doubt he can shock me anymore.

Background Relationships

The relationships were in the background this week, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get any feels. I did.


Conrad and Nic only had two scenes together, and yet I’m dying of feels. In the first scene they have, Conrad mentions to Nic that Jessie might be using again. Turns out, he was right.

In the second scene, Conrad and Devon are over at Nic’s and they are discussing Devon’s findings about Julian. That scene is where the gif above came from. Just the little things like Conrad wrapping his arm around Nic’s shoulders makes me have feels.

I’m wondering if they will discuss their argument from last week again. Nic somewhat mentioned it when Conrad mentioned Jessie to her. I want a true discussion. Not just one or two lines. So, for me their conversation that resulted in Nic walking out of Conrad’s apartment isn’t resolved, and I need it to be.

I guess we will see where it goes, however, that gif is providing the feels for right now.


Near the end of the episode, Kitt comes to Bell’s office and helps him with his white doctor’s coat before he leaves for surgery. It’s a scene that makes me wonder if they are going there with them. Not that I’m against it, but I need to see more. There’s definitely a connection between them in this episode that’s not been noticed in previous episodes, except when Kitt was first introduced.

I’m curious, but I’m also saying WTF at the same time.


AJ and Mina are, as always, the perfect partnership. She went with him to Bell’s office to get the valves pulled and she assisted him in the organ transplant.

I just love their chemistry. Don’t ask me why, I just do.

I know she has a boyfriend, but I definitely see the potential in this ship. I’ll be waiting.

Questions Before The Next Episode

  1. What will Mina’s reaction be when she sees that Devon brought Julian’s cat home?
  2. Will we get a follow up on Eloise and her parents?
  3. Will we get more story about Jessie and her struggle with opioids? Will she ask Nic for forgiveness?
  4. What’s going to happen now that Bell has pulled the Quovadis valves from the shelves?
  6. Will we get resolution on Conic’s conversation from “Fear Finds A Way”?
  7. Can we get more scenes with Kitt and Conrad?

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