‘The Resident’ 2×14 Review: “Stupid Things in the Name of Sex”

The Resident‘s Valentine’s Day themed episode, entitled “Stupid Things in the Name of Sex,” was an episode that filled me with various emotions, but lived up to its title in many regards.

It made you feel happy. It made you feel pity. It made you feel grief. It wasn’t your typical Valentine’s Day episode, but if The Resident did anything typical, I would’ve been surprised. Also, it ended on a cliffhanger that left Mina (and me) speechless!

This episode includes:

  • Focus on the various romantic relationships:
    • CONIC
    • MINA & MICAH
    • BELL & KITT
  • Devon is determined to find Julian.
  • AJ has some epic one liners and amazing advice.
  • Mina and Devon’s neighbor suddenly dies, and they end up saving the life of her niece.
  • Nic being a good big sister.
  • Bell spending his Valentine’s Day in the OR.
  • Kitt gives relationship advice to a patient with a sex injury.
  • Conrad helps a couple cope with an incurable diagnosis.

Yes, it’s a lot, but I’m going to go into complete detail and discuss it all!



Well, as you can see from the gif above, Conic had sexy times in this episode. This the scene that opened the episode, and if it had not been a sneak peek for the episode, I don’t know if I would’ve been prepared enough to start the episode with this! The scene leaves my Conic shipper heart squealing with joy.

In it, Conrad also tells Nic of his Valentine’s Day plans, however, Nic dashes his hopes when she reveals to him that Jessie’s rehab facility has family day that day. What rehab facility has family day on Valentine’s Day? Sounds too convenient of a foil. I’m just glad that the show didn’t go down the cliché route and have another suitor foil Conrad’s plans to take Nic to the most exclusive restaurant in Atlanta. After all, he planned for this day eight months in advance!!

I must say though, I’m proud of Nic for stepping up and being a good big sister. She is the only family Jessie has. They’ve been through so much together, that if Nic weren’t there for Jessie I’d be upset with her, even after the events in “Virtually Impossible.” I’m glad Conrad is the type of boyfriend who understands the situation that Nic is in and that he supports her completely in it. It makes me so happy to see.

Also, during a Facetime conversation, Nic blurts out, “I love you” to Conrad and then proceeds to end the call before he can say it back to her. He was disappointed, but understood that she had to go. This is the conversation where she tells him that she must stay overnight, as there is an event that she has to attend the next day. Again, it’s just too convenient. However, the fact that Nic is openly telling Conrad she loves him is a HUGE step forward, in my opinion.

Once his plans are foiled, Conrad decides to pay it forward and give his reservation to AJ. However, AJ is dateless, so he gives the reservation to Micah and Mina. They accept it and, well, that’s a whole new topic. I’ll get to it, but let’s say that Conrad pays it forward when he can’t use his reservation. He really is that guy!

Conrad makes it up to Nic by driving to Jessie’s rehab facility. This is where he and Nic end up eating string cheese, some sort of preserved meat stick product (his words), and sparkling water (since he had to drive that night) in wine glasses (because it’s fancier that way) in the back of his car to celebrate. Even with the circumstances thrown at him, Conrad still tries to make Valentine’s Day special for Nic.

In the end, that’s all that really matters to both of them. That they got to spend part of the “day of love” together. Nothing beats that. For Conic shippers, this episode definitely brings the feels.

However, don’t think I have forgotten that there was a scene cut from “Virtually Impossible” where they make up from their fight in “Fear Finds a Way”. I’m still mad about it. Please, writers make this up to the fans. It needs to be addressed. There was nothing saying it in the canon, and it’s left many fans very confused.


This episode brings the return of Mina’s boyfriend Micah. Played by Patrick R. Walker, Micah has been staple on this show since “Independence Day,” when he had a heart transplant. Since then, he’s recovered and started dating Mina. They’ve been together all of season 2, but his absence is definitely felt. If they want to have Mina have a meaningful relationship, they need Micah around more, or end it.

In this episode, though, Micah is at Mina’s apartment when she and Devon are leaving for work, and it prompts Devon to ask her when Micah got a key. Mina simply says that she is happy about the current status of her relationship with Micah. That it’s simple, easy, and drama free. Mina’s not the sentimental type of girl. She doesn’t want candy, flowers, or jewelry on Valentine’s Day. She just wants things to be simple.

However, things change for Mina very quickly when she comes to revelation that she’s in love with Micah. Yes, she pops out the “three little words” to him in a phone conversation about Valentine’s Day plans. She caves to Micah’s wishes, even if they have to have dinner in a 24 hour diner, because you can’t get a last minute reservation on Valentine’s Day.

For Mina, it’s an event that escalates fast over the course of the day. From wanting no plans to getting a table at the most exclusive restaurant in Atlanta, courtesy of Conrad through AJ. When they arrive at the restaurant, Micah doesn’t waste anytime by letting his intentions known.

I bet you can guess where this is heading. If you’ve seen the promo, you know. I mean, Valentine’s Day and fancy restaurants are synonymous. However, Valentine’s Day is also synonymous with marriage proposals. According to a Huffington Post article from 2013, roughly six million people are likely to be proposed to on Valentine’s Day. So, I’m not surprised that this event takes place in The Resident. What I am surprised about is that it is Micah proposing to Mina, especially considering how she feels about romantic love.

The episode leaves the question unanswered in a cliffhanger, and a shocked Mina. Mina was me when I saw this happen in the promo, but to see the whole scene in the episode gives it a whole new perspective. So, where to from here? Will Mina accept Micah’s proposal?

My guess is probably not. She’s just now realized she loves him. However, she may just say “not yet”. That’s better than a cold, hard “no”. One thing is for sure though, Mina’s no drama relationship just got full of it. I really don’t know what to expect, but I really doubt the answer will be the one Micah is hoping for.


Jessica and Irving have been having a secret relationship since they had sex in the elevator during the blackout in “00:42:30”. In that episode, Irving and Jessica were both saying never tell a soul that this happened. However, that changes once and for all in this episode, when Jessica gives Irving some candy hearts with some very naughty sayings on them. So naughty that Irving fears that HR will be down his throat about inappropriate work relationships.

Maybe it’s the fact that Irving never once thought he’d even have a girlfriend, much less someone like Jessica. However, after Jessica confronts him about it, and he has a run in with Noni, he rethinks his stance on his relationship with Jessica. So much so, he blurts it out to all who can here him that he and Jessica are together.

Once, the relationship is announced, Irving reveals to Jessica that he convinced the maintenance staff to close one of the elevators, so that they could recreate their first encounter in said elevator. It even includes a romantic dinner and flowers. Who knew Irving was such a romantic?

After his dose of cynicism in the ER over the holiday, I wouldn’t have thought he had it in him. What can you say, people will really go to great lengths for love, or as the episode title suggests, sex.

I have been wondering for a while where they were taking this relationship. There have been little hints along the way that they were seeing each other. Like Irving’s hand on Jessica’s butt in “Fear Finds a Way”, for example.

In an interview from the winter TCA’s last week, show co-creator Amy Holden Jones admitted the writers room have dubbed this couple with the ship name Jirving. I’m rooting for them. I may not be a shipper yet, but I’m totally rooting for them.


I did not see this one coming. Ok, maybe I did. However, it’s just so out there, you know. For one, Kitt, you can do so much better than Bell. However, they have teased the “relationship” between Kitt and Bell since “About Time”, when Kitt was first introduced.

In “Virtually Impossible”, Kitt goes to Bell’s office at the end of the episode and there is an air between them that is more than just two old colleagues. She even helps him put on his doctor’s jacket before he leaves for surgery. She was also the only one who was capable of stroking his ego enough to get him to even consider doing the triple organ transplant.

In this episode, Kitt reveals to Bell while they are both scrubbing in for surgery that she is going to the same fundraiser as him. Because of this, they decide to take one car. I mean, I agree. Why waste gas, right? However, their scene at the end of this episode definitely has the vibe that makes me feel that the show is going to be playing with the relationship these two characters have for the rest of the season.

I have no idea where I stand on this one. I honestly can’t say. However, Kitt can do way better than Bell. Way, way better.


We all remember the cliffhanger from “The Dance” about Julian. It’s hard to forget Julian’s car going off the road into the water. In “Virtually Impossible”, the police found Julian’s car, and it makes Devon start to uncover what happened to her.

I mean this is the woman he stopped his wedding to figure out his feelings for. He’s definitely more cynical in this episode about Valentine’s Day than he would’ve been had he married Priya, or he was with Julian. Also, it’s Devon’s first Valentine’s Day alone in over three years. With everything that’s happened to him lately, I don’t blame the guy for a little cynicism.

In a scene in this episode, he tells Conrad that he called the last number that Julian dialed again, and got the person on the other line. We all know this is the FDA agent she attempted to blow the whistle to about Quovadis. Devon now knows that Julian never showed up to that meeting.  He’s getting suspicious. He also feels he’s the only one who cares anything about what has happened to her.

It’s just like everyone has moved on. Except me. – Devon

If the words of Manish Dayal from this interview are anything to go by, then Devon’s search will continue to go on for the rest of the season. We will know the answer by the end of the season, Manish says.

I feel so sad for Devon. I know that he put himself in this situation, but I really can’t help but feel sad for him too. This is where the sadness and the pity come in. All I can say, I’m buckling in for the journey to see what Devon uncovers about Julian.

I still can’t help but wonder if she survived or not. That’s probably what Devon is thinking too.


There is one thing that The Resident is amazing at it is giving some amazing one liners for Malcolm-Jamal Warner to deliver, and deliver he does.

One of my favorite quotes he has in this episode is the one in the gif above. Despite being unattached, AJ tries to give out love advice when Devon’s cynicism begins to be too much for him. I mean doctor of love. Get it, he’s a heart surgeon. I thought it was funny.

Instead of focusing on resentment over what we currently do not have, let’s use today as an opportunity to celebrate what’s to come. – AJ

It’s some amazing advice that AJ dishes out to Devon.

Also, another favorite of mine is when he is picking out a candy heart to eat.

Well, I figure if I’m going to accept a fortune from a stale piece of sugar, I should at least have control over what it says. – AJ Austin

In this episode, AJ is in the background. However, with an ego like his, is he really even truly in the background? Not really.

AJ actually witnesses Mina tell Micah she loves him, and when he can’t use the reservation that Conrad gives him, he gives it to her and Micah. I think it shows how amazing AJ is because he’s already admitted he’s in love with Mina. He also knows there are boundaries between them that can’t be blurred right now. Like I keep saying, it’s only a matter of time. It really all depends on what Mina tells Micah.

None the less, I just had to have a section this week to talk about this because I really did love how much Malcolm delivered with how little he got. He spent most of the episode helping Mina with the autopsy of her neighbor. Also, when asked if he would help, his reply was that stealing an autopsy was “sexy”. Oh, AJ. He really helped me laugh this week.


When Mina and Devon’s neighbor, Gertie, dies suddenly they rush to find out why. It was hard for them to believe that a very active and healthy 70 year old woman would just randomly drop dead. Especially since they had just talked to her 30 minutes earlier, as they were leaving for work.

This is the lady that Devon gets to care for Julian’s cat since he can’t keep it in his and Mina’s apartment. Sadly, now the cat is, once again, without a home. I guess it will be living with Mina and Devon after all.

Bell denies Devon an official autopsy, so Mina and Devon have to get creative to find out why Gertie died. Unfortunately for them, Gertie’s only living relative, her niece, just wants the insurance money so she can move across the country.

They eventually convince the niece to donate Gertie’s body to science, and this is when they do an autopsy with the help of AJ and his anatomy class. In the autopsy, they discover Gertie had polycystic kidney disease, which eventually led to a brain aneurism. The combination became deadly for Gertie.

Sadly, the disease is genetic and when they put two and two together, they rush to save Gertie’s niece’s life before it’s too late. The reason why is that they think she has it is because she stated she has been suffering from chronic headaches. Turns out, that they were correct, and with surgery they removed the aneurisms before they ruptured.

Despite all this, the niece did not care at all that her life had been spared by the same fate of her aunt. She wasn’t grateful to Mina and Devon at all. She still just wanted to collect the insurance money and run. That is so sad that her aunt didn’t mean more to her than that.

I also loved that the show put a spot light on how senior citizens are treated by the American healthcare system. The thoughts of many doctors are that “they are old, let them die” is a very sad and real reality I’ve personally witnessed.

It’s something I really hate. Why? Many elderly people have a lot of life left in them, despite having some health issues. I really loved how Mina and Devon handled it and I applaud the writers for writing this story.


As mentioned above, Conrad and Nic’s plans get ruined when Nic has to attend family day at Jessie’s rehab facility. She hates the idea with a passion and bemoans the whole experience in a conversation with Conrad. She’s even considered dropping her sister during the trust exercises and notes that she “wants to kick people in the shins”. She feels like the event is a way for the people in rehab to blame the family members for their issues.

Despite all these feelings about this event, Nic goes to support Jessie through it. She was a good sister. I sure hope that Jessie sees that Nic truly wants the best for her, and that this time she stays sober. I’m so glad she decided to go back to rehab. We now know that at the end of last week’s episode, Jessie went back to the house to talk to Nic.


Apparently, Bell spends every Valentine’s Day in the OR performing surgery to avoid the holiday. He tells his assistant to book him back to back surgeries, no matter the specialty for the whole day.

First off, why Bell? Why? Knowing he has a high complication rate and the nickname of HODAD, he probably should be scaling back the surgeries, not doing more of them. However, lately Bell has been doing rather well. He saved Marshall’s life. He participated in the triple organ transplant during the last episode, even to the point of stopping the Mom from bleeding out, and sewed her back up.

So, is his tremor mysteriously gone, or has he finally decided to take meds for it? In season 1, he decided against the medication because of the side effects, but did he find an alternative? I’m actually curious.

Whatever the case, this surgeon spent the “day of love” doing what he feels is the right thing – saving lives. It helps a lot that when he finishes his long day in the OR, he goes to a fundraiser he proclaimed to be boring but necessary with Kitt. Maybe it didn’t turn out too bad for him?

Lately the show has been trying to show a better side of Bell. I believe that he does have one, but has made some really poor decisions along the way. However, Bell, in contrast to his fellow doctors is not a hero. He has done some bad things recently, and I feel that they will all be coming to light very shortly.

I’m wondering where his deal with Quovadis is going to go. He did the right thing last week when pulled the valves. Hopefully it won’t take someone else’s life for Bell to call Gordon Page out as a fraud. Where will Bell end up in all this mess? I can’t wait to find out.


During this episode, Kitt has a patient, Chet, that comes into the ER with a sex injury. It’s just a funny as it sounds too. This poor boy doesn’t have a clue, and when his fractured wrist and impaled arm becomes an injury that requires Kitt to do surgery, due to him having sex with the same girl in his hospital room’s bathroom, Kitt decides it’s time to impart some wisdom on this boy.

The gif above pretty says it all too. Seriously, she didn’t even come to the ER with him. He had part of his car door impaled in his upper arm and a fractured wrist. He did say that only he would get himself into a predicament like this because of a girl.

So, yes, Kitt if the girl didn’t care enough when the injury happened to make sure he was ok, then she didn’t care about this boy at all. I absolutely love how blunt Kitt is to him. However, I guess after everything she’d witnessed with her patient, she’d had enough and finally told him to make better relationship decisions.

I hope that this boy remembers this from his doctor in the coming months. I think he would, considering how much recovering he has to do from this injury. He’ll always have something to make him question his relationship decisions from here on out.

This is the storyline that literally lets the episode live up to its title.


When Otto and Andre come into the ER, Otto is telling Conrad that all he has is a virus and that he just needs some fluids. However, Andre feels differently and urges Conrad to admit Otto. Otto tells Conrad he’s been sober for 20 years and that he doesn’t even take an aspirin for a headache. However, when Conrad digs deeper and begins questioning Andre, he gets more than he bargained for.

Once Otto is admitted, Conrad runs tests and they don’t look good for Otto. He’s anemic and is in early kidney failure, and that the plans he had for Valentine’s Day will have to change because he won’t be leaving the hospital anytime soon.

Sadly, Otto begins crashing and talking nonsense. Conrad stabilizes him, but his left lung has hemorrhaged. I love that Conrad is the doctor that goes above and beyond for all his patients because I doubt Otto would’ve survived if not for Conrad’s quick thinking and skill.

Conrad’s first diagnosis is an auto immune disorder and he explains that it is what is causing the anemia and kidney failure. Nolan is there with him and they reassure Andre that the condition is curable. That they can go back to their normal lives, once Otto recovers.

However, Andre brings to Conrad’s attention that Otto is still talking nonsense. A cruise they haven’t taken, Valentine’s Day plans that were never made official, and blessing by the Pope that never happened. All these are things that they have planned to do together, but haven’t gotten to do yet.

Eventually, it’s revealed that Otto’s alcoholism almost killed him. It even caused him not to finish med school, and issues in his relationship with Andre. Conrad reveals that Otto’s tests reveal he’s sober, but Otto talking nonsense is raising red flags for him.

Conrad eventually does enough tests and consults Nolan to reveal that Otto’s alcoholism has caused permanent brain damage. Despite being sober for so long, the damage was done ages ago, and it’s now irreversible.

To put it in non medical terms, his alcoholism has caused him to now have dementia, and his brain is trying to put the pieces together the best it can. Conrad tries to help Andre understand and deal with the new situation the best he can.  Andre is devastated that they can no longer travel the world together as they had planned.

If you want to be with Otto, you now have to find a way to be with him in his world. – Conrad

After a while, it seems that Andre takes Conrad’s advice to heart, because he gets a projector and shows pictures of famous landmarks all over the world to Otto and they discuss them like they had actually been there. Andre is now literally living in Otto’s world.

The show did an amazing job with this storyline. It brought LGBT representation that has only minimally been brought to this show before. This is really the first time where it was this big of the patient’s plot line, and I’m so happy to see it. Please bring us more.

This story made me tear up. I’ve seen dementia first hand and it brought back those memories for me. It brought back trying to live in the world created so that I can at least spend time with my loved one. If there’s one storyline that pack the emotional punch this week, it was this one.

Also, that they spotlighted what alcoholism can due to your brain, even years after being sober. This is why I love this show. These are the stories that aren’t getting told, and finally someone is shedding a light on it. Thank you, writers. Thank you!


  1. Will we ever get any type of follow up from Conic’s fight?
  3. What will Devon do next in his search for Julian?
  5. Where are they taking Bell & Kitt’s relationship?
  6. What will Jessie do once she finished rehab for the second time?
  7. What is Bell going to do once he out Quovadis as a fraud? Will go down with it?

One thing I know, is that this is one Valentine’s Day episode that I will never forget.

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