‘The Resident’ 2×15 Review: “Queens”

This week’s episode of The Resident is one of the best episodes of the whole series, hands down. I’ve said that before, and I meant it then, but I also mean it now. This show always finds a way to improve upon itself, and that is a very good thing.

The whole cast was amazing, but Shaunette Renée Wilson and Matt Czuchry had performances in this episode that are heart pounding and award worthy. GIVE THEM AN EMMY ALREADY! That’s how good it was.

In this episode, entitled “Queens”, we get:

  • Mina’s mother (Lynn Whitfield) coming for a visit to help Mina on case for her friend, Adaku (Erinn Westbrook), who has aggressive breast cancer, and their tragic past surfaces for all to see.
  • Henry’s VNS device is malfunctioning and it almost kills him. It takes Conrad doing a heart pounding sprint across the street to the pediatric neurologist’s office to save Henry’s life.
  • Henry’s mom has a new boyfriend, and dealing with Henry’s health is hard for him. Henry just wants his mom happy, but you can tell he’s not so keen on the relationship. You really feel what the absence of a father is doing to Henry.
  • Henry asks Nic the question we all want to know: Will she marry Conrad?
  • Mina reveals to Nic that she hasn’t given Micah an answer to his marriage proposal.
  • Devon helps a patient who isn’t who he claims he is. Also, has Devon began pulling Conrad-esque stunts now?
  • Bell is already questioning the validity of Quovadis, but Henry’s near death experience makes Bell realize just how bad these devices are. It shouldn’t have taken people dying, or almost dying, for you to realize this, Bell! Let’s just say Gordon Page isn’t too happy with Henry’s setback.

I’ll go into full detail later, but the main thing felt throughout this episode is the lack of a parent. It shows that an absent parent or not having a parent at all can emotionally scar you for life. I think almost every character on this show has an issue with this scenario, and I’m glad they aren’t just pushing it under the rug.

Mina’s Mother Comes To Town

Upon arrival at Chastain, Mina’s mother is everything you expect her to be. She’s got a strong personality that clashes with Mina’s immediately. She’s flamboyant. She’s proud. She’s strong. It’s everything I pictured her to be. Lynn Whitfield did an amazing job bringing her to life.

As we learned in “Heart in a Box”, Mina’s mother is a famous Nigerian surgeon. Lately, she’s been doing groundbreaking work in breast cancer research that has been helping many Nigerian women detect the disease much sooner than they could before. It’s an accomplishment that AJ is impressed with when he finds out she is coming to Chastain.

However, when Mina greets her mother, neither AJ or Bell knew the connection between the two women, and it leads AJ to confront Mina about it later on.

Josephine Okeke is your mother?

Yes, and please keep that to yourself. I’ve got to get her in and out of here as fast as humanly possible.

Why? The woman is world famous. You call her in to operate on your friend, and you don’t want anybody to know you’re related?

-AJ & Mina

The main reason Mina asks her mother to come is because she is a specialist in the exact type of breast cancer her friend, Adaku, has. At first, Adaku is against surgery, but Mina convinces her that her mother is the best they come. To get Adaku to agree, she notes that just because her mother and grandmother died young from this doesn’t mean she has to. She also has American medicine on her side, where as her mother and grandmother did not.

Adaku wants a baby. She wants to nurse when she has it, so being told she has aggressive breast cancer makes her feel many things. After all, she’s only 28 years old. She swears she has time, but Mina nips that one in the bud, fast. It takes Mina noting that she will call her mother and have her come from Nigeria to help with surgery. That there is no one better to help with this type of cancer in a Nigerian woman.

So, with her mother now at Chastain, Mina is on high alert. All she really wants is for the surgery to go smoothly for Adaku and for her mother to go back to Nigeria. It doesn’t take long to find out why, either. She not only calls Chastain a dump, but insults Mina’s ability to convince Adaku to get a double mastectomy, saying she has no tact or compassion.

While Mina usually is very blunt, and yes, without tact and compassion, when she was talking to Adaku, she had more emotion than I’ve ever seen her have.

You can’t tell me that the woman in the gif above isn’t emotional or lacking in compassion. It’s because she wants Adaku to survive a fate her mother and grandmother couldn’t, especially in a country where the technology exists for it to happen. Why suffer the same fate when something can be done?

Between Mina and her mother, Adaku is convinced that having the double mastectomy is the right thing to do. That it will save her life, and she will be around for many years to come. After all, she wants a baby, and as Mina’s mother puts it, she should be around to see it grow up. That a child needs its mother. It’s a very ironic statement from this woman, considering how absent she has been in Mina’s life, and Mina very much agrees with that statement with nothing more than an eyeroll.

Later on, at lunch it gets tenser for Mina. Her mother doesn’t try to hide the fact that she hates that Mina left Nigeria for America. That she’s not in her home country. Mina makes it clear that she doesn’t want to return to Nigeria anytime soon. The reason she left Nigeria is revealed to be the fire that killed her sisters.

It was referenced in a conversation between Mina and AJ, it’s the same conversation Mina tells him about her mother, during “Heart in a Box”. It’s obvious that the wounds from this event are very fresh and she has trouble even thinking about it. However, her mother brings it up at lunch, and Mina gets upset and walks out.

Mother, this lunch is about you, not me. I think you’ll be kind enough to respect my privacy.

– Mina

However, Mina realizes that a conversation needs to be had so she waits for her mother in her limo that she has to get around while she is in Atlanta. In this conversation, Mina makes it clear that she respects her mother as a doctor and surgeon, but as a mother, that respect disappeared a long time ago.

Her mother thinks it was the fire that caused it, but Mina makes it clear, that her issues with her mother predate this event by many years. That she was absent for a very long time. Yes, Mina blames herself for the deaths of her sisters, but if her mother had been there, would she have been as tired? Would she had fallen asleep with the stove on? Probably not. So, I feel that it is on both of them.

It’s sad that Mina feels all this responsibility for this, when she should have never been in this situation to begin with. She was in med school when it happened, and if she had not been so busy caring for her sisters and dealing with school, she probably wouldn’t have been so tired, and she wouldn’t have fallen asleep. Siblings shouldn’t raise their siblings.

It’s definitely an event that has scared both women. How could it not? They lost two family members in a horrific event that should’ve never even happened. However, neither of them seem to have dealt with it well. I hope that in the future Mina can find ways to cope with this grief she has. I hope she can find ways to open up about it, because what she’s doing now is definitely not healthy. Even if it’s just a conversation with Devon or AJ.

If there is any chance of this coming up again, our relationship, both professional and personal, is over. Is that clear? 

– Mina

The quote above is harsh, but this is where Mina stands on it at that time. She doesn’t want talk about it. Even to the point of cutting her mother out of her life, for good. I hope one day, Mina can fully open up about this traumatic event, but for now this is how it is.

Eventually, Mina and her mom head to the OR to do Adaku’s double mastectomy, and let’s just say that the way Mina’s mother runs an OR is very different than Mina is used to, and even AJ and Bell are a bit turned off by it. However, even they can’t deny that her work is amazing. The surgery is successful and Adaku will live, despite her feeling like part of her womanhood is missing. I’ll take being alive over losing my breasts any day, and Mina’s mother tries to convince her again of that once Mina has left the room.

It’s all in a day’s work, it seems.

Mina Gets Emotional

Bell actually has to see Mina’s mother off to the airport because Mina can’t emotionally handle spending anymore time near her. Near the end of the episode, AJ finds Mina sitting in the OR that she shared with her mother earlier that afternoon. There they have an amazing conversation. It’s a conversation that not only has Mina showing some of greatest emotions she’s ever shown on this show, but it’s a scene worthy of an Emmy nomination for Shaunette. I sat there and was floored by this scene, long after the episode went off air. Hands down one of the best of the episode.

It was a scene that came with AJ giving one of his famous speeches. You know the ones where he offers some amazing advice. In this one, he reminds Mina that he is adopted and that meeting his birth parents would be a disaster for him. He’s moved past it. He notes that her family is now the people surrounding her at Chastain. Family does not have to be blood, and this is what AJ tries to make clear to Mina.

Look, we will always appreciate you. Always.

– AJ

He also notes that her hard work is greatly appreciated and noticed by everyone around her. From Bell down. It’s noticed, Mina, and as AJ puts it, it always will be. The scene was just phenomenal, but I have to say that it also pulled at my Mina/AJ shipper heart. Especially when AJ rubs her back and pulls her into a hug. Where are the tissues? I was crying right there with Mina.

Don’t tell me that it didn’t pull on your heart. I know it did. Just look at that gif. I think that’s all I can say. I’m just glad at the end of a very hard day, Mina had a shoulder, quite literally, to lean on and let it all go. Please, writers, can these two please get together? I know there are boundaries and stuff, but I doubt Mina is going to marry Micah (she hasn’t even answered the proposal yet), so please let this ship come together. The chemistry between Malcolm and Shaunette is amazing. I absolutely loved AJ and Mina in this scene and episode. THE FEELS ARE REAL.

The VNS Device Almost Kills Henry

THE RESIDENT: L-R: Bruce Greenwood and guest star Evan Whitten in the “Queens” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, Feb. 18 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX.

In this episode, Henry is back in the hospital after his mother, Zoey, is concerned he’s having more seizures, despite him having a VNS device. All the tests come back normal. No seizures. However, Henry is fainting and waking with bruises, and it worries Nic and Conrad.

To be on the safe side, they keep him in the hospital for observation, but when no seizures happen, Bell forces Conrad to discharge him. However, before Zoey and Henry and can leave the lobby, Henry faints and has seizure like symptoms, only this time his heart stopped working and Conrad had to administer CPR.

Once back in the hospital room, Conrad and Bell put two and two together that it’s the VNS device and that it must be turned off before Henry dies, especially with it firing every 3 minutes for 30 seconds. So, Conrad goes on a hunt for the wand to turn the device off. There should have been one in the ER, but when Conrad and Devon can’t find it in the supply room, Conrad takes matters into his own hands.

This is the scene that Matt Czuchry needs an Emmy nomination for. It’s so heart pounding, so emotional that you are literally stuck on the edge of your seat wondering if Conrad will make it back to Henry’s room in time to save Henry’s life.

Because Conrad can’t find the wand in the ER, he literally runs across the street to Henry’s pediatric neurologist’s office to get the one he has. Unfortunately for Conrad, the door is locked. Because of course it is, right?

Conrad knows that he can’t wait for the door to be unlocked, so he shatters the glass and gets the device. Will Dr. Eckhart say something to Conrad for shattering his office door and breaking into his office? Who knows? All I know is that because of it, Henry is alive to see another day. Conrad gets back to the room just as Henry is having another episode, and turns off the device. It’s the way it always is, isn’t it?

Chastain can not continue to be in business with this company.

– Conrad

This prompts Conrad to tell Bell that there is no way Chastain can do business with Quovadis anymore, and Bell absolutely agrees after witnessing Henry almost die multiple times because of the device.

It shouldn’t have to take a child to almost die for Bell to get that these devices are a fraud. That Quovadis is a scam, but at least now he gets it. He’s been questioning this since Bradley died in “Operator Error”, but now he’s ready to fight back, and he has every doctor at Chastain behind him. Gordon Page doesn’t stand a chance.

The crazy part about it all is that Quovadis is about to go public on the stock market, and make billions of dollars for Page. Unfortunately for Page, his secret is about to be let out of the bag. It makes me wonder how many more people have died, or almost died, at the hands of these devices. There is definitely more than the two we’ve seen.

One thing is very certain, I’m so ready to see Quovadis go down! I also wonder where Bell will be financially at the end of it all, because he has a lot tied up into this company just because he had to bail Hunter out jail. Will that little secret get out? Will Bell, despite his good in recent weeks, go down with Quovadis, or will he be safe from the damage because of the fact that the company is fake? Oh, and let’s not forget what happened to Julian, ok? There’s so much that Page has to answer for and I’m ready to see it happen!

Take them down!

Henry Asks The Question We Are All Wondering

Well, Henry you just asked the million dollar question. Everyone is wondering it. Right, now, Nic is scared to even move in with Conrad, much less marry him. One day, hopefully she won’t be so scared of commitment and she will marry the man she loves.

We all know it would make Conrad (and me) very happy.

Also, in this same conversation, Henry admits that he wishes Conrad would marry his mother, just so he were his dad. However, it may also be that Zoey has been lonely up until recently. She does have a new boyfriend, but is Henry as ok with him as he lets on? What really prompted this?

Henry really seems to be missing his dad, and Conrad has helped him at his baseball games in the past. There is no doubt that Conrad will be an amazing father one day. His interactions with Henry, and other children, over the course of this series prove this. PLEASE SHOW. PLEASE ONE DAY, LET CONRAD BE A DAD. I BEG OF YOU!

Will this conversation with Henry make Nic rethink her commitment issues with Conrad? Will we finally get the conversation dearly needed since “Fear Finds a Way”? I would love to see Nic not only talk to Conrad about her fears of moving in with him, but her plans for their future. You know, marriage and babies. The stuff of shippers’ dreams.

Since having a miscarriage, Nic is very hesitant to discuss kids with Conrad, and in the one instance she did, she told him she wasn’t ready. That she has a lot going on with her sister. I really would love for her to come clean and reveal the real reason she’s so hesitant to go the next step. Right now, moving in is absolutely the next step, but they definitely need a discussion to know they have the same thoughts on their future.

While we’re at it, maybe tell Conrad about your panic attacks, Nic? It seems they are more recent. She’s been through a lot, so I don’t blame her. However, a conversation NEEDS to be had between Conrad and Nic. I’m sure hoping that Henry has laid the seeds for it to come around.

You know what they say about kids, right? They are always the most honest.

A Case Of Mistaken Identity?

THE RESIDENT: Manish Dayal in the “Queens” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, Feb. 18 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX.

In this episode, Devon is spending his time in the ER helping a patient, Brent, that has kidney stones and appendicitis. Also, Devon eventually learns Brent has rheumatoid arthritis, which cause issues with the appendicitis because he was taken off his steroids inadvertently.

However, the chart Devon has to go by notes that the patient had an appendectomy 5 years ago. Hold up, what?

It takes a ruptured appendix (which required surgery) and some scathing remarks from Irving and Nolan about the situation for Devon to start figuring out that something was dearly wrong.

A ruptured appendix, Pravesh. It’s kindergarten stuff. The janitor could’ve caught it.


When Devon goes to call Brent’s emergency contact, the phone in Brent’s belongings rings. Once he does some digging, Devon realizes that Brent has an identical twin brother, Milo, and that all the information they have was Milo’s.

No wonder the chart was wrong. Sorry, Irving. Devon couldn’t do his job because the medical records he had were for the wrong person!

When Milo eventually arrives, he confronts Brent about stealing his insurance card and also notes that if he had told the truth sooner maybe he wouldn’t have had to wait so long for relief.

Due to the situation, Devon makes a call to billing to report the error, but once the lady from billing makes her appearance he decides to not report it after all. It’s something that Devon could lose his license for, as Irving noted to him, but Devon felt bad that his patient has no insurance and a lot of student loan debt. He took pity and tried to lower the financial issues for Brent.

Is Devon pulling Conrad-esque moves now? I’d say Conrad would be proud. I can definitely seeing him pulling this. After all, it’s patients over money, right? At least it is for these guys.

So, not mistaken identity. It’s more like insurance fraud by an identical twin brother. Wonder how Milo and Brent will handle this in the future? We will probably never have an answer, as this is one of those patient of the week things.

I will say that I’m glad that the show brings this to light, because it definitely happens more than people want to admit. Just a reminder, that if the doctor doesn’t have the right medical records, they can’t treat you properly! Also, insurance fraud is illegal.

Questions Before The Next Episode

  1. Will Mina ever talk to her mother again?
  2. How’s Adaku after her double mastectomy?
  3. When will Mina and AJ happen? THE FEELS ARE REAL!
  4. What will happen when Chastain officially stops business with Quovadis?
  5. How many more people have died or almost died because of Quovadis devices?
  6. Will Bell’s secrets be revealed?
  7. How is Henry now that the VNS device has been turned off?
  8. Will Zoey’s new boyfriend stick around?
  9. Will there be ramifications for Conrad breaking the glass in Dr. Eckhart’s door to get the wand to turn off Henry’s VNS device?
  10. Will Henry’s conversation with Nic prompt her to talk to Conrad about the future of their relationship?

The next episode of The Resident airs Monday, March 4, 2019 at 8/7c on Fox.

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