‘The Resident’ 2×16 Review: “Adverse Events”

Hello, everyone!

First things first, I must apologize for how late this review is. I recently had two big events happen in my life in the past two weeks – I had surgery (and I’m leaving it at that), and my 30th birthday. So, a busy two weeks on top of a phenomenal new episode of The Resident that left me ready for what is to come.

“Adverse Events” is more of a set up for the rest of the season, and that is ok, but let’s not discount the events that did take place in this episode. Just because it’s set up, doesn’t mean it’s filler. This episode is anything but filler. I want to make that perfectly clear.

In this episode we get:

  • Marshall’s return, and with it he brings a lot of damage to Gordon Page and Quovadis. However, the end of the episode has you wondering if he is really on the right side of the story.
  • Bell shows a side of himself that is rarely seen – humility. When his long time friend, and the hospital’s longest serving employee, dies on the table after Bell and AJ try to repair his heart, Bell shows respect and humility for his friend with a scene that left me in a puddle of feels unlike few before it. Who knew Bell could make me cry?
  • Page bribes Zoey with money to keep her mouth shut about what happened to Henry.
  • Alec makes a move on Nic, that has me putting him on my shit list. DUDE, WTF? Thankfully, Nic got out of there, FAST.
  • Alec has a patient that makes him wonder if taking the job at the clinic was the right decision.
  • Devon and Mina storm the fort, and confront Dr. Benedict, AJ’s former mentor.
  • Some of my favorite scenes in this episode were just Conrad being Conrad.

Like I said, it’s an episode setting things up for the rest of the season, but the events of it are very important – in terms of plot and character development. Let’s discuss it, shall we?

The Bribe

In an attempt to stop a furious Zoey from telling the press about what his VNS device did her son, Gordon Page bribes her with $3.5 million dollars. When Conrad finds out about this, he begs Zoey to not take the money, that they will find another way to pay for Henry’s continued treatment.

Ok, backstory first. When they realize that Henry needs more care than Chastain can provide, Dr. Eckhart and Conrad tell Zoey that they want to send Henry to Duke University Medical Center, where they have a specialized program to help with pediatric epilepsy. She agrees to send Henry there, but because she has to leave the state to be with her son, she must quit her job, which means she loses her health insurance. See the issue?

Now, Zoey, without the ability to pay for Henry’s medical care, needs to find funds to do so. Conrad swears they will find a way to do so, but Gordon Page beats him to it when he confronts Zoey about going to the press about the failed VNS device.

“Henry’s condition is likely permanent. I’m here to tell you that Quovadis is willing to cover his medical bills. Not for a month, not for a year, for his whole life.”

– Gordon Page

So, in return for Henry’s medical care being paid for the rest of his life, Zoey doesn’t tell the press about what Page’s failed medical device did to her son. It makes Conrad furious, but ever more determined to take Gordon Page down, once and for all. So, much so, that Marshall comes back into the picture to help out.

This is also the last time we will likely see Henry and Zoey. It’s sad, but I’m glad Henry is going somewhere that can help him further with his seizures. The only thing I hate is that Page got to Zoey before she could tell the press the truth, however, Page will get what’s coming to him. These doctors are not going to let him get away with all that he’s done.

The bribe is an event that sets many things in motion for Gordon Page to be taken down, and I’m so ready to see him face judgement day. We got a snippet of it at the end of the episode, but I need more. So, much more. The next episode can’t get here fast enough!

The Take Down

The gif above seems to be Page’s go to. He makes people fear him to point of no return. He manipulates them into doing whatever he wants. How many people’s lives have been messed up by this guy? Well, let’s count, shall we?

  • Zoey and Henry
  • Julian
  • Bradley
  • AJ
  • Devon
  • Dr. Benedict
  • Bell
  • The US military
  • Chastain
  • The rest of his staff

There’s probably many more people who have either died, been injured, or have had their lives threatened by Gordon Page. Those are the ones I can count off the top of my head through the course of season two. This is a man willing to do anything to prevent the word getting out about his fraudulent medical device company. However, he’s about to be taken down! I’m ready for this show down!

In this episode, Mina and Devon are ready to hold no prisoners against Quovadis. They are mad. Devon has not only lost his best friend, but a potential relationship. He’s ready to confront Page over Bradley and Julian, and he’s ready now!

So, with documents altered to protect the identities of the patients, in accordance to HIPAA, Devon and Mina go to Page’s Innovation Summit, which is open to the public, in search of people who can help them bring Page and Quovadis down.

When they get there, they find AJ’s former mentor, Dr. Abe Benedict, and they try to get things out of him about the fraud that Quovadis is knowingly guilty of. Benedict won’t budge, unless it was to AJ, and AJ was in surgery at the moment, and completely unreachable. He doesn’t tell them much after Mina can’t get to AJ because he is terrified of Page, and his backlash.

Mina tries to reason with Benedict, but she also confronts him over his betrayal of AJ. I sat there the whole time and cheered her on. You go, girl! As they say, it’s a true friend that will defend you without you even there. Mina is a true friend to AJ.

“The greatest betrayal of Austin’s life was when his birth parents abandoned him. Throwing him away like trash. You were a close second. That’s how much your friendship meant to him. He trusted you.” 

– Mina

What Mina tells Benedict is harsh, but it needed to be said. However, I feel Benedict is in so far over his head, that it is going to take a lot to get him out of this mess. We will see what happens over the next few episodes. Can Dr. Benedict’s actions be redeemed? Not only for AJ, but can he ever ethically practice medicine again?

Eventually, Marshall makes his appearance at the Innovation Summit and goes right to General Fulton, the military leader overseeing the insertion of multiple VNS devices in veterans with PTSD. While it sounds like an amazing thing that Quovadis is doing for our country’s finest, who are suffering unimaginable pain, let’s not forget the only thing Page sees is green. He could care less that he’s hurting people for profit on a device that doesn’t even work.

Not only that, but he was having these devices made in China and shipped to the US, and then relabeled to show that that were made in the US. They also were not tested completely, or at all. The VNS, for example, was approved by the FDA because of grandfathered data and not independent testing. It makes you want to be wary of these devices and companies.

According to show co-creator Amy Holden Jones, this plot line is inspired by a book written by Jeanne Lenzer, called The Danger Within Us: America’s Untested, Unregulated Medical Device Industry and One Man’s Battle to Survive It. I haven’t read it, personally, but let’s just say that after I did a Google search on the book, I’m not shocked about this at all.

Know what you put in your body, people! Ask your doctor questions! Don’t go blindly into a procedure without knowing. This show gave me a wake up call, and I used that knowledge during my recent surgery. I think my doctor was actually impressed I asked questions. It’s so common to just trust your doctor, after all, they should know, right? Not always. After all, it’s your body, you need to know what’s being done to it and inserted in it.

Back to the show, though. So, not only did Page lie to the military for profit, if he had not been found out as soon as he did, he could’ve killed 21 veterans with this device. That’s how many of them were supposed to be inserted had everything gone as planned. Thank you, Marshall, for getting General Fulton to shut down the surgeries and reveal the fraud for everyone to see!

“What happened is the US military partnered with a liar and a fraud. Our contract is now null and void. All surgeries are cancelled.”

– General Fulton 

Next, came Chastain pulling their contract, and down Quovadis goes. Page is sitting in his company’s headquarters surrounded by his embarrassing and very public take down. He’s disheveled. He’s wondering what’s going to happen, and crazily enough listening to a news report about it. That’s when he gets a phone call from Marshall offering to buy what’s left of Quovadis.

After what Marshall did to stop the company from hurting anyone else, and he was adamant to everyone around him that Quovadis needed to be stopped, from the board, to Bell, to Conrad. So, why is he doing this?

Well, my guess is only going by the press information given for the next episode. My speculation is that Marshall is going to try to take the company down from within. That’s a guess and nothing more. I don’t think he’s changing sides. I don’t think he’s betraying his son or Chastain. I think he’s truly trying to stop this company the only way he knows how. It’s a risky idea if I’m correct, but this company must be destroyed. Gordon Page deserves to rot in jail. I believe Marshall is the right man for the job to make both those things come to pass.

I provides me with hope more than anything else that Page will get what he deserves. TAKE HIM DOWN, MARSHALL!

Bell Shows Humility

Now, I know what you are asking. Is this the same Randolph Bell that not only got arrested for solicitation, bailed a murderer out of jail, and got himself in deep financial trouble with Quovadis? That Randolph Bell. Well, yes, it is.

These last few episodes, really since Bradley’s death, Bell has been a breath of fresh air. He’s began to see the error of his ways and he’s gone on a redemption arc of his own, in a way. He can’t erase what he’s done, but he can try to make right his wrongs, and that I’m here for. I’m definitely liking him more than I used to.

I used to never think I could like Bell. However, lately his character proves, but one thing, that he’s human, just like the rest of us. Bruce Greenwood does an amazing job showing how fallible Bell is. How far he is from being a hero, but he tries. He really has tried, as of late, to right the wrongs. I’m here for it, and I’m excited to see where they take his character the rest of the season. I’m a sucker for a good redemption arc.

Now, for why this section even exists. In this episode, Bell’s longtime friend, and the hospital’s longest serving employee, Simon, is having heart troubles. At first, Simon is reluctant for any treatment, but Bell insists upon it. He brings in AJ and Conrad to help with the case, and things move on from there.

AJ runs a scan and discovers that Simon has a myxoma on his heart and that without surgery he has maybe a month or two to live. Even with surgery, he didn’t stand a long chance of surviving. It’s a sad thing when a character like Simon comes along, and they are dealt this fate. Curse you, writers! I loved him from his first scene to his last.

Yes, I am hinting at what you think I am hinting at. Simon, who says he’s a betting man, is willing to take the low risk he has at surviving surgery to live a little bit longer. Sadly, his heart was too weak to last through surgery and Bell and AJ lost him on the table. They did everything in their power to save Simon. His heart was just too weak. I can only imagine if Simon had been getting normal check ups, would he have had this noticed sooner? Was he getting normal check ups? You’d think he would’ve been, considering he worked in a hospital. Who knows?

However, after Simon’s death, instead of getting a custodian to clean up the OR, in honor his friend, and how long he’d been a custodian at Chastain, Bell decides to clean up the OR himself. Wow! I found his humility heart wrenching and very touching. I cried the whole time he was cleaning up the OR.

The scene was superb. The music, the lighting. Everything about the scene was amazing. Sometimes, you don’t need a lot of dialogue to push the message that you want across to your audience, and the scene where Bell cleans up the OR in honor of his friend Simon is one of those scenes. It made me cry. I never thought that Bell, of all the characters on this show would make me cry.

Simon really was an engaging character. He not only was the hospital’s unofficial historian, he knew things about Bell when he was a resident. Hard to imagine Bell as young as Mina, Devon, and Conrad, but he was at one point. Simon allows us to see that part of Bell. The part Bell tries to leave in the past.

He tells Conrad and AJ stories of Bell in his residency, and it makes both of them laugh. Simon tells Conrad of how Bell got smoking banned at Chastain. Like, who knew that at one point in history that people could smoke inside of a hospital. Most hospitals have banned tobacco anywhere on their property, these days. It makes Bell more human. I like that. I once would’ve hated that, but I love how they are trying to humanize Bell these days.

Kudos, writers! Kudos, Bruce on your acting. You nailed it! I also loved Dan Lauria as Simon, you didn’t have long to bring Simon to life, but you did an amazing job with what you were given.

RIP Simon, you will be missed.

Conrad Being Conrad

That’s the essence that is Conrad Hawkins. He gets things done. Sometimes, he just has to be a pain in someone’s ass to do it. Whether it’s professional or personal, Conrad gets things done, and Matt Czuchry portrays it with ease.

Some of my favorite scenes in this episode were where he was just being himself. He helped AJ and Bell with Simon’s case, he tried to help Zoey with Henry’s case, he helped Mina and Devon prep to storm Quovadis headquarters, he discussed Quovadis with his dad, and it wouldn’t be an episode of The Resident if Conrad wasn’t running through its halls at some point during the episode.

The only thing Conrad didn’t do in this episode was interact with his beloved girlfriend, Nic. Sad, but true. Nic was off helping Alec with the clinic in this episode. I’ll get to that later, but let me say that it’s rare to not have any interaction between Conrad and Nic, but this episode is a first. None the less, I still loved the episode. It was just missing one of my much beloved aspects of the show – Conic.

Anyways, back to Conrad, and him being him.

I mean, come on. How many episodes has Conrad had a scene where he’s running? Almost every single episode. I just can’t imagine this show without Conrad going somewhere at Chastain at full speed. I expect this in every episode now.

Another favorite interaction of Conrad’s in this episode are the one’s he has with his father. I was so happy to know Marshall was in this episode, and boy, did he make a splash upon his return. However, this isn’t about Marshall. We’ve discussed that. This is about Conrad. I love how proud Conrad was of Marshall and how he stopped Quovadis from causing harm to the 21 soldiers who were supposed to get the VNS devices inserted.

Maybe it’s the combo of Conrad being a veteran with PTSD, himself, and a doctor, or maybe it’s the fact that he’s seeing a different side of Marshall than he’s ever seen before. Whatever it is, Conrad looked so proud of his dad in their last scene together. I sure hope my prediction is correct about Marshall’s motives in the next episode. I’d hate Conrad to be crushed by Marshall again, especially after they’ve covered so much ground to get their relationship where it is right now.

I just really loved Conrad in this episode, ok. I can’t stop gushing. It’s another superb performance from Matt.

WTF, Alec?

Ok, WTF, Alec? YOU KNOW BETTER, DUDE! You know Nic has a boyfriend. You’ve met Conrad. You know how much they care about each other. Seriously, low blow. You’re on my shit list, Alec.

We will get to that scene in the gif in a moment, but first let’s talk about what Alec and Nic are up to. In this episode, one of Alec’s old patients, Marilyn, and her daughter, Kay, arrive at the clinic all the way from Alabama with an inflamed gallbladder. It’s not critical yet, but it’s causing a lot of pain.

Without health insurance, Marilyn can’t get the surgery that she needs until it becomes an emergency. It’s one of the huge issues with the American healthcare system that shouldn’t be an issue. One that Alec questions, when he considers that maybe taking the job at the clinic was a bad decision.

“What’s wrong with the hospital system, when patients have to put their own lives in jeopardy, just to get access to treatment.”

– Alec

I mean he’s right that patients shouldn’t have to put their own lives in jeopardy to get treatment, as Marilyn had to do in this episode to get her gallbladder removed. The only reason Alec and Nic know that Marilyn did this was that she and Kay were living on Alec’s RV while they waited for treatment.

For Marilyn, it couldn’t come fast enough, so she got every fatty food she knew of and caused herself to have a full gallbladder attack. It’s a sad situation, but she finally got surgery and she and her daughter are back in Alabama the next day.

Now, back to that first gif. Yeah, what’s up with that, Alec?

When Nic asks him why he stays, instead of returning to the road to help people, especially ones like Marilyn who don’t have health insurance, but still need to see a doctor. Alec states that he stays because of Nic. She only notes that they make a “great team”, but nothing more. That’s when Alec notes that “there could be something more” between them. At that Nic, grabs her purse, swiftly tells Alec good night, and leaves.

Tumblr: theresidentnews

Once out on the side walk, Nic looks very uncomfortable and swiftly begins heading wherever she is going. Probably to her car, so she can drive home. We don’t know because this scene is very close to the end of the episode.

I knew I could trust Nic. You go girl. Get away from, Alec. Get far away. However, if I had been her, I’d have told him off, and mentioned that I have a boyfriend. Nonetheless, I hope Alec gets the message. There’s only one man in Nic’s life, and it’s Conrad Hawkins.

Because his actions, as noted above, Alec’s on my shit list. It takes a lot to be removed from it. So, beware, Alec.

And, seriously, WTF?

Questions Before the Next Episode

  1. WTF, Alec? I had to say it again. Will Nic confront Alec about this? Will she tell Conrad?
  2. Are my predictions about Marshall’s motives at the end of the episode are correct?
  3. Will Bell continue to be more humble to those around him?
  4. Will we see Zoey and Henry again?
  5. What’s going to happen with Dr. Benedict? Will he turn on Gordon Page? Will Dr. Benedict be able to ethically practice medicine again? Can he be redeemed?


The Resident will return on Monday, March 18, 2019 at 8/7c on Fox.

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