‘The Resident’ 2×17 Review: “Betrayal”

When I read the official synopsis for The Resident‘s latest episode, titled “Betrayal”, I knew immediately that this episode would be a game changer for the entire series. I knew going in, that this episode was going to be full of drama and plot movement, and I was very excited to see how it was pulled off, and pull it off they did.

When watching this episode, you forget that it’s an episode of The Resident. There’s a shoot out with the FBI, a car wreck and explosion that brings a fiery end to someone I’ve been hoping would get payback for all the bad things he’s done. The car wreck and explosion scene is one that you would likely see in a certain variety of A-list movies, than an hour of network TV. It’s that amazing when it comes to this.

Also, phenomenal song choice with Hozier’s “Arsonist’s Lullaby” playing over the last two and a half minutes of the episode. It fit the scenes so perfectly, that again I felt like I was watching the big climax of a movie, than the end of an episode of The Resident. Whoever chooses the music for this show, kudos!

Just a phenomenal episode that left my head swirling for hours after I watched it the first time. After every rewatch, I just loved it even more. It’s just that good. From start to finish. Do I have some questions? Oh, definitely, but it’s because the writers did their job in crafting an hour of TV that will be talked about for years to come.

Abe’s Predicament

At the beginning of the episode, AJ is outside his former mentor’s house to get answers from him because of his involvement with Quovadis. When he can’t get Abe on the phone, he tries to see if he will answer the door, with no success. So, AJ checks the front door, and luckily for him it’s unlocked. It’s unfortunate for Abe, though.

When Abe doesn’t respond to AJ saying he’s in the house, AJ goes into alert mode. He knows something is off. Abe’s wife is no where to be found. By coincidence or design, I have no idea. I also spent a lot of the episode wondering why she never came to the hospital, but I’ll discuss that later. Anyways, eventually, AJ finds Abe in his bedroom laying in the floor with a gun by his side and a bullet in his stomach.

I know what you are thinking, and it’s what everyone in the episode thought, as well. Everyone except AJ. Suicide. However, as AJ pointed out, Abe is a heart surgeon. He knows where to shoot, if he really wanted to die. This is when AJ and Devon begin putting the pieces together. They know it’s too coincidental that Abe has been shot so soon after Quovadis lost two major contracts and is on the verge of collapse.

Yep, you guessed it. It all begins and ends with Gordon Page. I’ll get to him in a moment, but let’s just say that the team quickly put two and two together about why Abe is in the situation he is in, and Marshall immediately takes action when he finds out. Again, that’s for another section, but it all ties together.

Abe is really the central focus of the episode. He ties everything together. I never thought, when he was introduced, that AJ’s old mentor would have this prominent of a role in the overall plot of this show, but here it is.

Now, for most of the episode, Abe is unconscious due to his injuries. The team confirms that Abe was shot by a .22 caliber bullet that damaged many of his abdominal organs. It really was a touch and go situation for Abe for parts of this episode. However, Mina and AJ know that they need to get the bullet out if Abe has any chance of surviving.

“Abe Benedict deserves a shot at redemption.”

– AJ

And, so with that being said, AJ and Mina perform a very risky surgery to extract the bullet and save Abe. It’s so risky that it actually requires two surgeries, because they couldn’t even close the first time. Abe spent some time in the ICU with a bandaged chest and an open abdominal cavity. This show is amazing at the realism. You could see his heart beating it was so realistic.

After the surgeries, Abe is under full sedation and AJ doesn’t want to push the issue on waking him up. The first person who really pushed it was Devon, and when he did, AJ got pissed by it. So much so, he told Devon to return to ER and that his comments were inappropriate. Which, they were, considering the circumstances.

As Bell puts it, everyone in the room has a personal stake in the outcome of the events happening with Quovadis. Especially when both Abe and a patient of Nic and Conrad’s, Evan, both need to be put on an ECMO machine because of depleted lung function that a ventilator is no longer helping with.

It’s a tricky situation for Bell to be in. What is the cost of a life of a person? I must say, I’m loving Bell more with each episode. He handled the situation in front of him with grace. Bell is left with the decision of which patient gets the machine, and I really loved seeing him come into his position as CEO. It’s something we haven’t gotten to see much of, yet.

They want Abe to wake so he can help them bring down Quovadis, and Evan is very young and has his life ahead of him. Sadly, for Abe, Evan gets the ECMO machine (I’ll get to him later), but that doesn’t mean that Abe’s left without help. Eventually, Devon steps in with the answer that ends up saving Abe, and not a moment too soon.

The team decide to turn Abe upside down, after tightening his bandages, of course, and like a miracle, Abe’s oxygen levels go up enough for them to remove the sedation. With that, Abe provides the nail in Gordon Page’s coffin. I bet you’re wondering where I’m going, but you’ll eventually understand.

AJ starts talking to Abe and due to his situation, Abe asks for a pen to write down something to help the team take down Page and Quovadis. What he writes is the word “sever”. What does that mean, they all ask. I’m asking too. I mean, is Abe telling them to sever ties with Quovadis, because that’s been done. I honestly don’t know what it means, and neither does our crew, but I’m ready to find out.

I can say, someone who did seem to know, was Gordon Page. Once Conrad was capable of talking to Page via his father, he tells him about Abe being awake and talking – and “sever” – and Page reveals the truth that he did, in fact, have Abe shot.

He was relatively calm for a man who is about to lose everything, including his life, but apparently he’s had time to think. I could never be that calm. I’ll talk about Page later, but let’s just say that Abe being alive and the word “sever” is Gordon Page’s demise.

Abe’s on his way to recovering, thanks to AJ, Mina, and the rest. I just hate this isn’t one more thing Page can’t answer for – because he’s dead. I have one question, though, why didn’t Abe’s wife come to the hospital? Where is she? What a crappy wife you have, Abe. Just saying.

Gordon Page’s Fiery Demise

At the beginning of this episode, Marshall tries to fool Page by offering to buy Quovadis out from under him, but with two other potential buyers, and Page being the clever man he is, he saw right through Marshall’s offer. It’s a good thing Marshall Winthrop doesn’t give up easily.

One thing I can say, is I was right in my guess about Marshall’s motives when it came to calling Page about buying out his company. His only interest was bringing Page and Quovadis down, but to do so he knew he’d have to trick Page to spill the beans. Especially after he finds out that Abe has been admitted to Chastain with a gunshot wound, and is fighting for his life.

Eventually, Marshall gets to Page’s other buyers and tells them the truth about Page, and not a moment too soon, because he has a plan up his sleeve that brings Page’s fiery end that is depicted in the gif above.

Marshall tells Conrad that he plans on going back in and bluff to Page about Abe’s status. We all know Abe couldn’t say much, and he came through for everyone just in time, but back to Marshall. Conrad hates the plan. He knows it’s dangerous. He knows how risky it is, and even tells Marshall that he is absolutely against it. However, he concedes when Marshall tells him that he plans on wearing a wire that lets the FBI listen in on the conversation.

I’ll get to this later on, but Conrad and Marshall’s relationship in this episode gives me all the feels!! Again, that’s for another section!!

Back to topic. So, with a wire tap in the form a watch that looks something like an Apple watch, and nothing but his business know how, Marshall goes into the lion’s den to take down Gordon Page, once and for all. The watch is also another thing that tips off Page, because earlier in the day, Marshall was wearing his fancy $80,000 Rolex at their first meeting.

When Marshall was first introduced, I never thought I could love him, much less like him, but episode after episode I’ve really grown attached to him. I’m so glad Marshall had such a pivotal moment in the plot of this episode, that’s more than ruffling Bell’s feathers or being Conrad’s dad. This episode makes him a pivotal character in this show, and I wouldn’t want to be on his bad side.

Once Marshall gets in there, Page asks him to call Conrad for proof that Abe is alive. Not only is Abe awake by this point, but he’s talking to them. Remember “sever”?

It’s just the thing that makes Page crack and reveal that he did have Abe shot. Really, Gordon, no choice? You sound like a mobster, dude. He kills off his liabilities and moves on to the next business transaction, with only one thing on his mind – money.

However, Page doesn’t seem to be able to hire the right hit men, because Abe survived and even he has no clue where Julian is. He’s scum to me, and apparently, he is scum to our crew of heroic doctors and nurses, as well, because in that phone conversation Conrad calls him out on what his company has done to people.

Don’t tell me Page had no clue what his devices were doing. Don’t tell me that he had no clue his heart valve is the actual cause of Bradley’s death. Don’t tell me that he didn’t know the VNS was faulty, yet he still had it inserted in Henry. His devices hurt and killed people.

I know Bradley and Henry can’t be the only two. I wonder what will happen after the fall out? I can’t wait to see. I sure hope retribution is given to Bradley’s family. Somehow, someway. Will Henry’s bills be covered now that Page is dead and Quovadis is toast? I have so many questions about all this.

So, with that admission of guilt, the FBI moves in to arrest Page, but it becomes a shoot out between them and Page’s body guards, who I’ll admit are not the best shots. They are like storm troopers – they never hit anything.

Marshall gets caught in the cross fire, and he ends up falling to the floor unconscious behind a shattered glass case in Quovadis’ front lobby. At first, I was so scared something had happened to Marshall. They make you believe that. I’ll get to that in another section, because it’s important to Marshall’s relationship with Conrad.

Nonetheless, Page makes a break for it in a scene that really does feel like it’s in a blockbuster movie. It’s almost poetic seeing the glass wall with the Quovadis logo shatter with him running in front of it. It’s symbolic. It’s a wonderful metaphor. Quovadis is shattered. I like it.

Anyway, he finds his way to his car and leads the FBI on a high speed chase through the streets of Atlanta, that leads to his fiery demise. His car rolls and eventually explodes in movie style fashion. There is absolutely no way of surviving that. Which, I believe it is the writers’ point. They wanted him dead.

It’s almost too good of a death for Page after everything he pulled, but it’s also a very satisfying death for me. Karma is a bitch, Gordon. You were just served with a blazing inferno of torment.

I hope you’re in hell, Gordon. It’s where you belong. I don’t say that often, but he deserves that.

The Father/Son Duo I Needed Has Arrived

This episode is full of feels for this father/son duo! I’ve loved seeing their relationship grow since Marshall’s introduction in season 1. I’ve loved how they’ve gotten closer. I’m so glad Marshall is back after recovering from surgery. He was sorely missed.

This episode highlights the father/son relationship between Conrad and Marshall like no other before it, and I’m here for it. From their first conversation to their hug at the end of the episode, I just so happy to see these two on such wonderful terms. It’s so polar opposite from where they were when Marshall entered the picture last season, it’s crazy.

THE FEELS ARE REAL. This is the relationship I’ve been hoping they would have.

“Dad, be careful.” 


When Marshall reveals to Conrad his plan to go back in and bluff Gordon Page, once he conceded to the idea, all Conrad can tell him is to be careful. From this moment on, you can see the genuine concern Conrad has for his father while he is in this situation. I’m right there with you, Conrad. I was on the edge of my seat hoping Marshall was going to be ok.

After the shoot out, Conrad makes his appearance at Quovadis headquarters in search of his father. He’s scared that his father has been shot, or worse killed.  Especially when he saw the police carrying someone out in a body bag, and his dad nowhere in sight. It’s a fear I shared with Conrad, right up until you hear Marshall call his name. I let out huge sigh of relief that he wasn’t hurt. Maybe injured mildly from some broken glass, but he’s alive and no worse for wear from the incident.

At the end of the episode, the father and son share a hug that hits you right in the feels. I didn’t know how much I needed to see that hug until it happened. I think I shed a tear or two during their reunion.

Their relationship in this episode is everything I needed. Please writers, continue what you are doing with this father/son duo! I can’t get enough.

It’s Not Just Mono, Is it?

At the beginning of the episode, Evan and Sydney are at the free clinic waiting on their test results, which Nic reveals to them aren’t good. They both have mono, but Evan’s case is worse because his oxygen saturation is too low. Too low for Nic to let him go home anytime soon.

Once in the hospital, Evan begins to decline rapidly. They move him from oxygen to a vent, but his X-rays reveal he has pneumonia, and he is transferred to the ICU. Once there, they realize the vent isn’t enough for Evan and that he needs the ECMO machine, and he needs it fast.

As you are aware, there’s only one in the hospital that isn’t in use. The closest one is a day’s drive away, in Louisville, according to Nic (because of course it is), and Abe needs it too. As I noted above, the crew goes to Bell for the final decision and Bell decides on Evan because he’s only 22 and much stronger than Abe, who just had major surgery.

I love that when AJ is putting Evan on ECMO, he quotes Mr. Spock. The fangirl in me cheered! You are talking to a girl who grew up with a dad who watches Star Trek: The Original Series at least once a week, even now. I know, the nerd in me is showing, but I couldn’t help it when AJ said, “Live long and prosper.” Ok. He’s right, though. Nic saved Evan’s life that day.

She fought tooth and nail to make sure Evan was the one on ECMO, despite that fact that she knew Abe needed it too. Despite the fact that she knew the stakes if they didn’t take Quovadis down. She knew that Evan had so much life to live. She knew he wanted to finish college, and find love.

Speaking of love, I sure hope once Evan wakes he and Sydney get together. In a conversation with Nic, Sydney reveals to Nic that she has been in love with Evan for quite sometime, but is afraid to mention it to him, due to their friendship. She doesn’t want to ruin it. However, Nic encourages Sydney to tell Evan the truth after he wakes.

Sadly, the episode ends with Evan still on the ECMO machine, so we have no clue if these two friends ever become something more, or even if Evan recovers at all. I sure hope we get a follow up, because usually The Resident wraps up the stories of their patients of the week, but they didn’t with this one, so I hope there is follow up. If they don’t, I’ll be disappointed. It’s the one loose end in an otherwise phenomenal episode.

Questions Before The Next Episode

  1. Will Abe continue to recover as planned?
  2. Where is your wife, Abe? I hope she makes an appearance soon. That’s a crappy wife if she doesn’t.
  3. What does Abe mean by “sever”?
  4. What will happen with what’s left of Quovadis in Gordon Page’s death?
  5. Will the families of his victims get retribution? Will Henry’s healthcare be paid for as promised?
  6. Will we see more of Marshall and Conrad’s relationship? I NEED MORE OF THESE TWO!
  7. Will there be follow up on Evan and Sydney? Does Evan come off ECMO?


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