‘The Resident’ 2×18 Photos & Synopsis: “Emergency Contact”

The March 25th episode of The Resident looks full of some exciting developments for quite a few of our characters. From Chastain taking up the fall out of Quovadis to Conrad & Alex teaming up up to help a young gymnast experiencing mysterious symptoms, “Emergency Contact” is set to be a ride!

Here is the synopsis from Fox for the episode, titled “Emergency Contact”:

Chastain picks up the pieces after the fall out with the corrupt medical device company Quovadis, leaving Marshall ready to charter new territory in the medical field, and Devon to finally discover the truth about what happened to Julian Booth (guest star Jenna Dewan). As Conrad and Alec team up to help a young gymnast experiencing mysterious symptoms, Nic focuses on her sister, who’s back with their estranged father, Kyle (guest star Corbin Bernsen), in tow. Meanwhile, Bell rushes to Kitt’s aid when her ex-husband comes to the ER needing emergency surgery.

Here is what I’m taking from that:

  1. After the events of “Betrayal”, Chastain is picking up the pieces. Not surprised.
  2. However, Marshall wants to work in the medical device field, after he bought out Quovadis. Sounds interesting. Just do it the right way, Marshall.
  3. Jenna Dewan is back!!!
    • We’ve waited since “The Dance” to find out if Julian is alive or not!
  4. Conrad is teaming up with Alec on a case.
    • Things could be getting awkward.
  5. Nic’s dad is making an appearance!
    •  I’ve been wondering about him. He’s never been mentioned before. I’m interested to see this.
  6. Also, Jessie is back, as well!! I love when Jessie is on the show.
    • I sure hope that Jessie has gotten the help she needed. I hope their dad showing up doesn’t derail Jessie’s sobriety.
  7. Bell comes to Kitt’s side when her ex-husband needs emergency surgery.
    • Interesting. I did say I wanted more of Kitt’s backstory.
    • Will it get awkward for Bell and the relationship that is starting between he and Kitt?

Check out the trailer for “Emergency Contact”:

Here is what I take from that:

  1. SPOILER ALERT! HOLY CRAP! I called it. I originally thought Julian was dead, but somehow, along the way,  that didn’t make sense to me. Somehow, it made more sense she had survived. I called it! JULIAN IS ALIVE, confirmed by the promo.
    • Where to from here for Devon and Julian?
  2. Alec, shoo. Get away from Nic right now. Conrad is onto you!!!
  3. Lying to a patient, really Alec? Good on you, Conrad. Call him out!!

Check out the photos for “Emergency Contact”:

  1. I really am curious about this plot line with Nic, her dad, and Jessie. What’s really going on that the pictures are hiding? Also, will Nic’s dad meet Conrad?
  2. Kitt’s ex-husband. Interesting. I’m interested to see this, especially with Bell thrown in.
  3. Where is Bell in that photo? Another speech?
  4. What are Conrad and Alec up to in the cafeteria?
  5. What are Conrad and Marshall discussing?
  6. Irving! I love seeing what he does next!

Also in this episode:

  • Patrick R. Walker, who plays Micah. Will we FINALLY get an answer to that marriage proposal?
  • Here’s the press release, for you to read for yourself.

The Resident airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

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