‘The Resident’ 2×18 Review: “Emergency Contact”

The  latest episode of The Resident, titled “Emergency Contact”, really should’ve been titled “Picking Up the Pieces,” because that’s what this episode did. Not saying that’s a bad thing, because there were some loose ends that desperately needed to be picked up.

This episode includes:

  • Conclusion of a cliffhanger that I have been waiting to be resolved since November’s midseason finale
  • The hospital picking itself up after Gordon Page’s very timely demise
  • Some romance for Devon
  • Two love triangles, oh my!
  • Nic’s dad shows up to help Jessie with rehab – and Nic is not thrilled
  • Marshall deciding on his next business venture
  • Conrad and Alec working together to help a gymnast trying to get into the Olympics
  • Mina finally gives Micah an answer – and there’s a plot twist I did not see coming involving their relationship
  • We learn what “sever” means

It’s a very full episode, that ties up the loose ends, which is a good thing because we are getting close to that season finale. That’s right, I can say that, and it be completely true because Fox has made it official that season 3 is a go. Congrats to everyone involved in this show. I’m excited to see where you take these characters I’ve grown so attached to. Here’s to another year!

Let’s discuss “Emergency Contact”, shall we?

Love Triangles Gallore!

One of the tropes that I breathe hatred and disdain for is the love triangle. There are few things I despise more than this overused and overdone TV trope. However, I know this is a medical drama and love triangles are ways the writers way of creating drama for a couple. I get these things happen, but there is a better use of a character than to introduce someone to cause relationship drama. Sorry, not sorry.

Alec, Nic & Conrad

Well, I’ve been mad at Alec for a while now. While, I see wonderful potential in Alec as character, I hate that most of his plot line has been this love triangle with Nic and Conrad. Like, get it together, dude. She’s taken, and you know it. She’s made it very clear to you where her loyalties lie, and that is Conrad. So, back off, and forget about Nic. She is not for you.

Now, what prompted this? Well, if you remember, in “Adverse Events”, at the end of the episode, Alec tells Nic about his feelings, and Nic gets out of there as fast as she can without responding, and stays loyal to Conrad. Since then, she’s been avoiding Alec, and trying to distract herself with other things, which helps when her good for nothing father makes an appearance in her life again. That’s for another section, but let’s just say Nic had a lot on her plate this episode.

However, at the beginning of the episode, Mina and Nic talk about their relationship issues, and ironically Nic’s issues aren’t with Conrad, they are with Alec.

“Come on you can’t dodge Micah forever, he deserves an answer.” 
“I’ll handle my situation with Micah if you handle yours with Alec.” 
“What situation?” 

-Nic and Mina, talking about their relationship issues

Well, we know the situation, but the girls made a pact to resolve these issues in their love lives, once and for all, and it’s about damn time. That is all that can be said.

However, before Nic can handle the situation, Nic has to handle her dad, but again another issue entirely. At the beginning of the episode Nic is shocked to learn that Conrad and Alec are actually working together to help a patient, but she seems, none the less, pleased at the scenario.

So, with that being said, she goes on her way, but and I’ll discuss Alec and Conrad later, but through working with their patient, you see tension between the two doctors, and a lot of that can be contributed to their shared feelings for Nic.

All I can say is, Nic did the right thing by telling Alec that they needed to stay professional, and that she really loves Conrad. That they’ve had to work to get their relationship to work. She wants things to work out with Conrad. That I’m glad for, but Nic really needs to just say, “Alec, I’m not that into you. Sorry. Find another girl.”

Is this the end of this scenario? Please, let it be. Will Alec try again? Did he get the message?

Oh, and now, Conrad knows about this because he walked in on the conversation at the end of the episode. He’s onto you, Alec. Will Conrad confront Alec? Will this cause jealousy, or is Conrad really a changed man?

Bell, Kitt & Brett

In this episode, we get more of Kitt’s backstory, just like I’ve been begging for all season, however, along with it, arises some complications in her “relationship” with Bell.

What am I talking about, you ask? Well, Kitt’s ex-husband, Brett, makes a visit to the ER and ends up having to have surgery to remove an abdominal aortic aneurism  before it ruptures. If it ruptures, it could cause a stroke or a brain bleed, and both could kill him. There’s complications though. Kitt asks AJ for advice, and he tells her that Brett needs surgery, which Bell agreed with after she asked him for a second opinion.

There are complications with Brett’s blood pressure throughout the entire process. In the ER, Kitt tells him because of his elevated blood pressure, she knows that he not only broke up with his girlfriend, but that he’s smoking again. Irving puts him on meds while in the ER, but they are no match when this issue begins to make surgery impossible for AJ and Mina to perform. To combat the issues, they put him into a medical coma. Now, that he’s unconscious, he can’t make decisions. That’s when the power of attorney steps in.

I was shocked that Brett made Kitt his power of attorney for two reasons. One, she cheated on him which ended their marriage. She says, “I broke his heart into a million pieces.” By the way, this is the last thing I expected from Kitt. I just expected it to be they grew apart because of her career and she chose that over him. Which she admits was the case, but to cheat to find a reason to end it, I never thought that would be where the writers would go for Kitt’s backstory.

To make things worse, this man is the father of her children. The grandfather to their grandchild. There’s major history here. We also learn one of their kids is still of school age as well. So, it’s a very complicated and rich history I’m dying to see more of.

Two, well, that kind of heartbreak doesn’t make you trust someone. To trust Kitt with his life like that is phenomenal. Kitt asks Bell how he could even consider that, and he says that Brett has forgiven her for what she did, and that says a lot. She decides to do surgery when a mass is found in his right adrenal gland, knowing he would not want to wait.

“Stop worrying about me.” 

“Just this once let me worry about you.”

-Brett and Kitt, about the situation they are in

It’s risky and during the surgery, Bell walks her through the procedure because as she put it “there aren’t enough bones” in this surgery. She’s an orthopedic surgeon, so with her being so specialized she noted that she forgot some things. Also, she’s very nervous and scared for Brett’s well being as she watches AJ, Mina, and Nolan perform the surgery from the viewing room.

Now, you can see why I said it causes issues in the “relationship” between Kitt and Bell. I love the idea of Bell and Kitt one day, because there is definite chemistry between Bruce and Jane, but the history between Kitt and Brett is something that can’t be ignored. Will Brett and Kitt get closer during his surgery recovery, which she has offered to help him with, or will she say she is finished with the romantic part of that relationship and move on to something else? Again, maybe Bell?

All I know, is Bell looked so hopeful at the end of the episode about their connection until he saw her talking to Brett after he woke from surgery. Where will this go? Will Brett be back?

One thing I can say, it’s about time Kitt got more of a background, but I need more.

She’s Alive!

Surprise! She’s alive!

At the end of “The Dance”, Julian’s car was ran off the road by Gordon Page’s bodyguards into the Chattahoochee River. In “Virtually Impossible”, her car was found by the Atlanta police, but not her body, which left Devon with more questions than answers about the woman he called his wedding off for. As the season has progressed, Devon has become more annoying about finding answers to what happened to Julian, fearing she was dead more than anything else.

Well, after her body wasn’t found, I thought that something just isn’t right about all this. Why aren’t the police trying harder to figure it out? Why wasn’t Devon questioned? Why didn’t Devon do more investigative work? I had so many questions about this cliffhanger that’s been hanging out there since November. I originally thought Julian was dead too, but as the season progressed I thought that maybe she had survived. Maybe, just maybe. Turns, out I was right in my thinking.

In this episode, Julian appears at Chastain’s morbidity and mortality conference hosted by Bell. Here she gives a speech surrounding the findings about Quovadis.

“I look out today, and I see dedicated doctors and nurses who come to work each day to heal their patients. That was my mission as well. But, like Chastain, I was misled by Quovadis. The results were harm, and in some cases, death. The most frightening thing is the fraud committed by Quovadis was far too easy to accomplish, and that is why I’m here today. Moving forward, we can make sure the devices put into Chastain patients heal instead of harm.”


After her speech, Devon confronts her about her mysterious absence and asks her about where she has been. Turns out, she got out of her sinking car, and swam to shore. Then she fled to Savannah to her parents’ house until Marshall’s investigators contacted her about what happened.

Turns out, Julian was Marshall’s inside source. All along, Marshall not only knew about Julian being alive, but he kept this information close to the chest not as to alert Gordon Page. Smart man, that Marshall. However, it makes me wonder if Conrad knew. When Conrad sees Devon’s reaction at the conference, he asks if he knew Julian was alive. Like he knew what was going on the whole time, and kept it from Devon. I get why, but poor Devon really thought the woman he broke his wedding off for was dead. He deserved to know the truth.

What I did not expect was how fast Julian and Devon jumped into a relationship. I get that there were unresolved feelings between them, but wow, I was not expecting this at all. That sex scene was fire. Even Julian’s cat, Bailey,  who has been in the care of Devon since he retrieved him from her apartment had to turn his head away. Poor Bailey!

One question, though. When did Devon move back into his apartment? I would’ve loved a reference to that. It had to be recent because as of Valentine’s Day, he was still living with Mina, and now he’s at his old apartment. I’m very confused with that part of the timeline.

I expected to see some reconnecting, but I just didn’t think they’d jump into it that fast. After their first encounter, Devon asks her if she regrets it because she’s leaving so fast, and she adamantly says she doesn’t, but Bailey seems pissed at her and she wants to make it up to him. She also has a meeting later that day she needs to attend. Also, seeing a shirtless Manish Dayal helps a lot. Julian’s a lucky girl.

Later on, Julian comes by and offers to buy Devon dinner so they can reconnect properly. A proper first date. He agrees, and they have a romantic date that was actually covered by the cook because Devon saved his pinky on Valentine’s Day. Gotta love that! During the date, Devon admits to Julian that he was never truly in love with Priya, because if he had been, he would’ve never fallen for her.

Eventually, Julian reveals to Devon that she was approached by Marshall about helping him fix Quovadis into a viable, and reliable company. The company it was supposed to be. She decides against working for Marshall, and instead starts a new non profit to keep companies like Quovadis and the FDA accountable with backing from Marshall. To do this, she has to travel. So, for now the pause button has to be pressed on Devon and Julian’s relationship.

But, before that happens, they share one last dance together to savor the time they spent apart, and will spend apart again. A bittersweet moment, if there ever was one.

Will Devon wait for Julian? Same with Julian, will she wait for Devon? Will they ever get to truly be together?

Now, I know some people could care less about this relationship. I know some that love it. I hated it at first, too. Mainly because of Priya. However, things change after this long to think things through. I’m more on the “I want Devon happy” train. He deserves happiness. So, is that happiness with Julian?

I would love to see this relationship actually happen. I’d love to see Jenna come back to The Resident one day. However, she was cast in a new show, and must be written out. It’s also the reason this cliffhanger took so long to resolve. So, with that being said, yes, I’m for Devon and Julian being more than just a fling. I want to see a real relationship between them. I’d really love that.

I really need to see Devon find his happiness, and for now, that seems to be Julian. I’m happy that Julian is going to be holding these companies accountable, though. That’s definitely a must as well.

The Proposal Plot Twist

In the Valentine’s Day episode, “Stupid Things in the Name of Sex”, Mina’s boyfriend Micah popped the question and left Mina unable to answer. Until now, she hasn’t made any attempts to talk to Micah about it, because she “likes to make decisions without emotions”. That’s just Mina. However, I’m agreeing with Nic when she talked to Mina about it, this decision requires emotion. Marrying someone should be based solely how you feel about them, and nothing more. This is where I think Mina is going to be learning this scenario.

Due to her pact with Nic to tackle this issue in her life, she contacts Micah to talk to him about it, and he is less than thrilled at the wait for an answer. When they talk at the end of the episode, Mina agrees to marry Micah, which I never thought she would do. Never in a million years did I expect her to say yes to this proposal. This is not where it ends though.

Remember when I said plot twist? Oh, it’s a doozy. Due to the lack of response from Mina, Micah has had time to think this through, and he realizes while he loves Mina, she doesn’t love him on the same level he loves her.

“But, Mina, I deserve to be with someone who loves me on the same level.”


He’s right, a marriage should not be one sided, and this one would’ve been. I loved how this relationship started, but I never thought it was an endgame relationship. Never. I didn’t expect the proposal. Honestly, the development of this relationship was just not expected. I want Mina to be happy, but I never pictured it being with Micah, and after a few weeks of silence from Mina, neither does he. He takes back the ring, and leaves the apartment. A shocked Mina in his wake.

I wonder how this experience will change Mina? Will she learn from it? Will she figure out how to handle a romantic relationship, or will she continue to say she doesn’t need one? I hope this is a learning experience for Mina.

I also want Micah to be happy. I love Micah, and I really hope that he finds love someday. We probably won’t ever get that story, but I hope he finds happiness. I’m actually mad at Mina for treating Micah like this. Usually, I love Mina to death, but I can’t defend this, and I shouldn’t. What she did to Micah was inexcusable.

Shame on you, Mina.

You know what they say, “You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone?” I think Mina is learning this right now.

The Return of Kyle Nevin

Nic and Jessie’s father hears that Jessie is in rehab for her opioid addiction, and is having kidney issues that Nic assumes are from the clinical trial Jessie did back in “Trial and Error”, and offers to help Nic care for Jessie.

Problem is Nic doesn’t trust her father as far as she can see him. He ran when things got tough. He was absent for years. So much so, Nic was the one being the parent to Jessie instead of the sister, once their mother died. Nic even notes the schools did not trust him in case of an emergency and had the neighbor’s number as an emergency contact. This is how much Nic doesn’t trust this man.

However, Jessie’s relationship with him seems to be getting better now that she is in rehab. It’s definitely much better than Nic’s is with him. Nic can’t even call him dad. She prefers to call him by his first name, Kyle, and I get why. He isn’t much of a dad. Shame on you, Kyle. You have two amazing daughters who really needed a dad, and where were you? Sad thing is, Nic doesn’t know where he was.

In a conversation with Nic and Jessie, he tries to pitch his idea for an app that will help first responders and healthcare workers, while Jessie thinks it’s a wonderful idea, Nic is skeptical that he can make it happen because of his past business ventures failing. I think his app is brilliant, but with his background I wouldn’t trust him either. Going from job to job, doesn’t provide stability.

Kyle is not a good man. His main motive is not to help Nic and Jessie, as he said, but to pitch this app to Marshall, who he knows is the chairman of the board at the hospital. It’s really selfish and pathetic. He tries to use his daughter’s connections for his personal gain to get funding for his app. Low blow! Thankfully, Nic called him out on that. Never go to Marshall Winthrop again, and make a business pitch Kyle. NEVER. Luckily, Marshall is a good business man and saw right through Kyle.

“Your daughter is the best thing that’s ever happened to my son.”

– Marshall to Kyle

However, during that conversation with Kyle, there is one thing I loved. Marshall the Conic shipper. Seriously, loved it. Best part of that scene hands down. I really loved Marshall in this episode. I’m getting teary just thinking how polar opposite the relationships Nic and Conrad have with their fathers are. Conrad’s was at this point once, but that relationship is so much better. We will get to that later, but let’s just say Nic and Conrad’s conversation about how he changed had my heart in flutter.

It comes about because Nic is frustrated with her father’s antics, and Conrad notes that if he can change so could Kyle. Nic says, “Yeah, but you wanted to”. She’s right, it doesn’t seem like Kyle wants to. Also, Conrad’s disdain for Kyle is hilarious. It’s more than just a boyfriend not liking his girlfriend’s father.

This is probably because of Kyle being such an absent father when Nic and Jessie needed him the most. I love his, “Since when does Kyle offer to help?” Oh, Conrad. I actually laughed. He knows this man so well. I need to see how Conrad reacted when he met him the first time, after hearing so much from Nic.

At the end of the episode, Nic and Kyle have a heart to heart when Jessie has to return to ER because her potassium is too high. Nic’s concerned and she knows Jessie needs more than her good for nothing father. She pleads with her father that Jessie needs stability. She fears he’ll bail on them if Jessie gets worse. Kyle promises he’s around for good, but is he? That is to be seen.

I’d love to see Kyle and Nic go through what Conrad and Marshall went through to better their relationship. Can Kyle redeem himself to Nic? Can he prove he’s able of providing some stability for Jessie? While, I hate Nic’s father now, I also hated Marshall when he arrived. I wonder if this is the parallel of the two dads? I’d actually love that.

The best part of all this, is Conrad’s overwhelming support in it all. He’s offering to help Nic with Jessie’s medical needs. He’s being the emotional support she needs to deal with her father. I just really loved that aspect of this scenario regarding Nic and Conrad’s relationship. This is what it should be.

If Kyle Nevin is sticking around, can he change enough for Nic to be able to have a decent relationship with him? That is the big question in it all.

Speed Date Your Doctor Should Be A Thing

Alec and Conrad attending a “Speed Date Your Doctor” event at Chastain to better help people in need of a doctor to find one. It’s actually quite hilarious the questions they get asked. Anything from “Are you single?” to Conrad to “What’s the weirdest disease you’ve treated?” for Alec.

The “Are you single?” thing had me howling at Conrad’s reaction because he’s like “This isn’t real speed dating”. However, I give the guy an A for trying. It was my favorite part of the whole scene. Truly, Matt’s facial expressions are priceless.

However, back to point, at the end of the event, a girl named Valerie, who is a gymnast training for the Olympics is experiencing shortness of breath and she doesn’t know why. She wants answers and she has chosen Conrad and Alec together to find the cause. I’ll admit, though, I would’ve chosen Conrad to be my doctor.

It’s an interesting enough case. Initially, Conrad and Alec find a deep vein thrombosis in Valerie’s calf and tell her they want to put her on blood thinners to help with it. Unfortunately for Valerie, it means no training until she no longer has this blood clot in her leg. Valerie doesn’t like it and almost refuses treatment until Alec coerces her into it with a story about his sister doing that and dying from it.

After Conrad and Alec leave Valerie’s room, Alec reveals he lied to Valerie to get her to agree to treatment. This just pisses Conrad off. He confronts Alec and tells him that they don’t lie to their patients to get them to agree to treatment. Conrad, is absolutely right. I’d hate to find my doctor pulled what Alec did.

In that conversation, the differences in how Conrad and Alec work become evident. Conrad tells him that this isn’t the road, you don’t pull things like lying to patients to make sure they are treated. Alec accuses of him of being inside the system too long, and asks if he was really a medic in Afghanistan.

If I had been Conrad, I’d have punched Alec out then, because of course he was Alec. It’s how he got into medicine. It’s why he’s such a good doctor, but your hatred of the fact that he’s Nic’s boyfriend blinds you. Honestly, I believe a lot of the tension between Conrad and Alec, especially on Alec’s side stems from that exact scenario. At this point, Conrad is unaware of the fact that Alec has told Nic he has feelings for her, and if he is aware, he’s a wonderful actor.

“Are you sure you were a medic in Afghanistan?” 

-Alec to Conrad

Eventually, the two doctors take Valerie in for a CT when she has abdominal pain and they discover she was born without a uterus. I had many questions about this, because at 18 she should be having periods. I don’t care what you say, it should have been questioned by 18. It’s a normal part of being a woman, and a normal question at every exam I ever have went to since puberty hit. It’s a normal part of being a woman that should be talked about with your doctor. End of story, and don’t lie. It doesn’t help. My rant is over.

Anyways, Alec and Conrad tell Valerie the results of the scan and diagnose her with androgen insensitivity syndrome, a genetic disorder that prevented her from making testosterone as a fetus. So, she developed external female anatomy, but genetically, she is actually male. She has testes that never descended. Unfortunately, for Valerie, her woes don’t end with this development.

Her pain and breathing issues are because one of her testes is cancerous is needs to be removed. That’s right, she has testicular cancer. So, to hopefully continue her training, she opts to have her testes removed. I’m over here questioning how she didn’t about this stuff know sooner, and I always will.

Conrad and Alec seem on better terms by the end of their case, even to the point of placing a bet on Valerie making it to Olympics and winning. Will she make it to a cereal box, they ask? One thing is for sure, after the events of the end of the episode, Conrad and Alec will never be drinking buddies, despite Conrad’s offer to do just that after they finished their case with Valerie.

What is “SEVER”?

In the last episode, the thing that nailed the coffin of Quovadis, was Abe Benedict giving the word “SEVER” to AJ and the crew. I’ve been wondering since then if it was some type of code word or something. I knew it had to mean something or Gordon Page wouldn’t have reacted the way he did. I knew it had to be something he didn’t want getting out.

Fortunately, Marshall does his homework about things.

When Julian asks Marshall in their meeting what finally sealed the deal, he reveals to her about “SEVER” being a study where 20 VNS devices were inserted into people and 15 of them died. 15 people died, and Gordon Page knew it. He tried to hide that he knew his device killed people and get away with it. That’s just crazy how low he went to make money.

That begs the question, though. Is Page really dead? After talking with other fans, I have to ask this question. I mean in my mind he died in a blazing inferno. If he did survive, he’s got third degree burns and is in severe condition. I can’t believe I’m even asking it, but considering Julian survived her wreck practically unscathed, I have to wonder. We’ve never seen a confirmation of death. I need to see that. Please writers, don’t fail me now. I still say Page died though.

I’m also glad we didn’t have to wait until the finale to get the info about “SEVER”. Thanks for coming through fast with this answer.

Marshall’s Next Adventure

In a turn of events, Marshall tells Conrad that he is leaving Chastain to explore business in the medical device field. Conrad doesn’t like it all. He finally has his relationship with his father at this amazing point, and now he’s leaving again.

Marshall reveals he resigned as chairman of the board and bought out the remains of Quovadis. His plan is to make Quovadis the company it should have been all along. An ethical medical device company that has devices that not only work, but heal the patients that use them. He feels a need to fix this mess. He sees an opportunity to help and make money.

However, I can’t image Marshall pulling a Gordon Page. Not, now. When I didn’t like him, possibly, but not now. He’s proven that he has morals and ethics. He knows good and bad, and even though he’s a business man with a track record that can be questionable, this time I truly believe he is doing the right thing.

He asks Julian to help him right the wrongs that Page made, and after researching Marshall, Julian declines the offer, but mentions to him her idea about the non profit that will hold companies like Quovadis and the FDA accountable to make sure the devices actually do what they are supposed to do. That they don’t harm the patient using it. Which is a brilliant idea.

Marshall agrees that the idea is brilliant, and provides Julian with backing to help for start it. Didn’t I say how much I loved him in this episode? Man, I never guessed this would be the path that Marshall would take. Episode after episode, I just love him more, and now there’s possibility that I won’t see him much.

When he is walking out of Chastain for the last time, he tells Conrad:

Son, I’m leaving town. I’m not leaving your life. I want to see you often. And I’ll be making many trips to Atlanta.”

I sure hope that’s true, Marshall. I hope you come back and visit Conrad as often as you can. Just when this relationship gets to this amazing point, they pull Marshall away to travel for business. I’m with Conrad, this sucks.

He admits in conversation with Nic that while he’s happy for his father, he feels like he’s being left behind. I’m glad he has Nic to confide in about this. This episode proved one thing about the relationship Conrad and Nic have, is that they get each other, and are there for each other when it gets tough.

Both of them dealt with their dads in this episode and both provided emotional support when it was needed. That’s my kind of couple.

Also, in the last scene Conrad agrees to go on a trip to Anguilla with Marshall so they can spend more time together. Marshall is shocked because Conrad has never wanted to willingly go on vacation with his father. This is how far they’ve come and it’s beautiful. I’m crying. I’m going to miss seeing Marshall on the regular, and I hope next year he’s at least a recurring character, so I can get my Conrad and Dad fix. I need this relationship in my life between these two men. Come back, Marshall. I’m so with Conrad on this one. Don’t leave me!

I’m all up in my feels about Marshall’s next adventure. I’m so glad he’s doing it. The Quovadis ship NEEDS to be righted, and Marshall is just the man for the job, but I really was not expecting him to leave the board at Chastain. However, Marshall feels more secure that his relationship with Conrad has been fixed and he can do this now.

Just, really, the feels I have on this are the most out of any other part of this episode. I really will miss Marshall.

“Last time I would’ve ushered you right out the door. Now, I want to lock you inside.” 


The quote above is the epitome of the status of the relationship that Conrad now has with his father. It shows just how far they’ve come, and I just love it so much.

AGAIN, ALL THE FEELS. Between that hug in the last episode, and now this, I’m gonna go have a good cry over this.

Please, Marshall, come back!

Questions Before the Next Episode
  1. Will Alec try to let his feelings be known to Nic again? Did he get the message?
  2. Will we see Kitt’s ex-husband again?
  3. What about Kitt’s “relationship” with Bell? Will it go anywhere?
  4. Will we see Julian again? Will Julian and Devon get to be together down the road?
  5. Will Mina learn from Micah taking back his proposal that she needs to put all of her into a relationship?
  6. Will Kyle Nevin keep his word to stay and make things right this time?
  7. Will Conrad confront Alec about his feelings for Nic, now that he’s aware?
  8. When will Marshall return?


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