‘The Resident’ 2×19 Photos & Synopsis: “Snowed In”

The April 1st episode of The Resident is titled “Snowed In” and its title pretty much reveals what it’s all about – a major snow storm reeking havoc all over Atlanta. By the way, as a native southerner, I can say that the word snow puts the fear in people. We just aren’t used to it, and a city like Atlanta can shutdown because of it. I’m interested to see how they portray that aspect.

Here is the official synopsis:

When Atlanta is struck by a severe snowstorm, Mina must perform a big surgery – without the help of The Raptor – to save the life of a young father, while Kitt and Bell get stuck babysitting the man’s children. Nic and Conrad experience a disagreement with a patient’s treatment, causing further strain in their relationship. Meanwhile, Devon teaches an important lesson about life and death to a first-year med student.

Here is what I take from this:

  1. SNOW! Oh, no.
    • Any snow in the south is a bad thing, and a major snow storm is bound to cause havoc. I’m interested on seeing if they can portray how the south handles these events accurately.
  2. Due to the storm, Mina has to perform surgery on a young father without AJ.
    • I know she can do it. Mina’s fully capable, and AJ knows it. I’m ready for an episode showing what Mina is fully capable of.
  3. Kitt and Bell babysitting? This should be some comic relief, if nothing else.
    • I honestly doubt this will be an easy experience for Bell.
    • However, he and Kitt working together is something I’m here for.
  4. Conrad and Nic have another argument, this time about a patient, that causes more issues in their relationship.
    • Please let this be resolved by the end of the episode.
    • I love Conic, and I do get that they need conflict, but I’m ready for better times between them.
  5. Devon provides a lesson in life and death to a med student.
    • Wonder what prompts this?

Here is the promo:

Here are my thoughts:

  1.  I’m glad Conrad and Nic are FINALLY talking.
  2.  Of course, the snow storm is causing issues! It’s Atlanta. This city rarely sees storms like this.
  3.  Where is AJ?
  4.  Oh, no! The guy might die. Save him, Mina. Help her, Bell!

Here are the photos:  

Here are my thoughts:

  1. What’s going on in the ER? What are Kitt and Irving up to?
  2. Kitt and Bell with those kids. Again, should be entertaining, if nothing else.
  3. Conrad and Nic with their patient. I’m wondering how, or if, they resolve their issues this episode. I’m still needing them resolve their issues from their last fight.
  4. If Mina has to do surgery without AJ, then is this picture after the surgery? What is going on?
  5. Kitt and Bell working together is an aspect I love. I love that pic of the two of them.

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