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The Sexiest Man Alive Has Been Named (He’s A “God”)

The Sexiest Man Alive Has Been Named (He’s A “God”)

Okay, Jimmy Kimmel announced the sexiest man alive and it’s finally one that I can get on board with. It’s a Hemsworth brother – and no guys it’s not this one.


Though Liam is hot, the honor goes to Chris Hemsworth. The married father is the object of many women’s affections – including ours. We drool over him and we don’t apologize. I mean when you think about it – Chris seems like an obvious choice.

I mean he looks like this –


Yes guys, that’s his way to start teasing us all. It’s like he’s going hey guys, I’m putting on my pants when I know you want me to take them off. Look at the way those jeans rest on his hips. Yummy.


Or the way he chews on his hoodie with his deep thought’s look. I don’t know why this is so attractive, but it is people. It is!


Even the way he puts on a shirt. I am not objecting to him being clothed. Can we talk the man ponytail. His messy hair is just – well, men with longer hair take note. This is how you do it.


Even his sleepy, rub the stuff out of his eyes look is sexy.


See – deep thoughts Chris is a sexy mofo.

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The way he enters to the room is just another reason that he is the sexiest man alive. Chris joins the ranks of such men as Ben Affleck, Channing Tatum, George Clooney, Brad Pitt… you’re getting the point right.

You know he’s rejoicing that People has acknowledged that he’s sexy. Um, but all of us woman could have told them that years ago.


Here’s Chris’ video –

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