Watch the Hilarious Teaser Trailer for ‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’

the spy who dumped me trailer

Spring has just begun – rain, snow, and all – but we’re already looking forward to this year’s lineup of summer movies. The best ones have insane stunts, hilarious one-liners, and cool characters you can’t help but love. If this new teaser trailer is anything to go by, The Spy Who Dumped Me checks all of those boxes.

Starring Mila Kunis, Kate McKinnon, and Sam Heughan (one of our Outlander faves), The Spy Who Dumped Me is an action comedy of epic proportions. Audrey (Kunis) is dealing with a bad breakup that involved her being completely ghosted. When her ex-boyfriend (Justin Theroux) shows up out of the blue at the apartment she shares with her best friend, Morgan (McKinnon), we learn that he’s actually a spy. Okay, so maybe ghosting is justified sometimes.

Unfortunately, the ex is being followed by a gang of assassins – and now they’ve been led straight to Audrey and Morgan. The two BFFs become swiftly involved in the spy game themselves, traveling across Europe to escape the deadly assailants on their trail.

As if that weren’t awesome enough, the film is also helmed by a female director – Susanna Fogel (Life Partners). Fogel also penned the script with David Iserson.

Combine girl power, laughs, and action with one Jamie Fraser in a suit? You can bet we’ll be seeing this movie in theaters.

Hasan Minhaj as “Duffer” and Sam Heughan as “Sebastian” in THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME.

Watch the full teaser trailer below:

The Spy Who Dumped Me hits theaters on August 3.

Photos by: Hopper Stone / SMPSP

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