The Trailer for ‘The Darkest Minds’ Is Finally Here

“I will fight for all of us.”

If you are familiar with The Darkest Minds you can understand why we are anxiously awaiting the film adaptation. We went to set last year and though we can’t talk about it yet, we know that you are in for a treat.

The teenagers of The Darkest Minds are part of a revolution on the big screen and that is a fight for their lives. Kids that survived are the ones that the government is afraid of because they have powers and Ruby (Stenberg) is the most powerful of them all.

Teens are classified by the powers that they possess. “Orange” is someone who can control people’s minds. There’s “blue” who can move things with their minds; “green” who are super intelligent; and “yellow” are those who have a link with electricity. And yet, you would think that would be it, but there is more. “Red” are fire starters.

But what else can they do? Well that’s something you’ll have to watch to see.

The Darkest Minds opens in theaters on Aug. 3.

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