‘The Vampire Diaries’ 7×07 Recap: Secrets of the Past

It’s recap time and like every episode so far we start three years into the future. Damon and Alaric are racing to find Caroline before Stefan does. The vampire huntress is still after Stefan and what better way to do that than take Caroline hostage, I assume Stefan still has feelings for her at this point otherwise why would she use Caroline. Anyway Damon gets there first and is Vervained, and we’ll have to wait till next time to find out what happens to him.

Back in present day Caroline’s still dealing with the baby news, so one way to be certain is to take a test. Well it’s bad news, it comes back negative, but Caroline’s still in denial about the whole thing.

Over at the Lockwood Mansion, Stefan’s decided to host pre-Thanksgiving and invited Lily over for the celebrations, but they won’t be eating turkey and giving thanks.  Stefan’s plan is to make an ally out of Lily in order to kill Julian, but when that doesn’t work, Stefan moves onto plan b. Having spiked the Bourbon with Vervain, Stefan ties her up and tortures her until she see’s sense, and Damon’s quite proud of his baby bro for his style. Anyway when the torture doesn’t work we find out Lily and Julian are linked. And it’s also probably not the best time for Julian to be challenging Enzo to a duel.

Matt’s found more compelled people at the Grill and has roped Caroline in to help him free the people form their human blood bag duties. As the compulsion can’t be broken, Caroline calls on Valerie to use her magic juju but they’re interrupted when Beau shows up. Somehow Valerie seems out beaten by Beau, so the only way out is for Valerie to cloak herself and Caroline.

Valerie’s still certain Caroline’s pregnant and Caroline’s still in certain she’s not, so Valerie urges her to do another test.

At the hospital, Caroline and Alaric go for an ultrasound to find out once and for all if she really is pregnant. Caroline’s doubts are put to rest when the nurse can’t find anything not even a heartbeat and poor Ric looks like his world has coming crashing down all over again. Still not able to let it go, Valerie shows up and remembers that she cloaked her and Caroline at the grill to protect them from Beau, so that means the babies would have been cloaked too, and what do you know, Caroline’s pregnant.

Knowing that Lily and Julian are linked, Damon makes it his mission to finish this once and for all. Damon walks into the middle of Enzo and Julian’s duel knowing if he kills Julian, he kills his mother. So obviously Damon forces the sword right into Julian’s heart, but Julian also seemed quite scared of the sword.  We do find out that the sword only works with the Phoenix stone, so it must harbour some kind of magic. What this all means though, we don’t know yet.

While that’s going down and before Lily feels the effects on the  linking, her and Stefan have a somewhat heart to heart.  Earlier in the episode, we find out some home truths about Lily and Papa S from Stefan and Damon about what happened back in 1851. But it turns out Lily wasn’t blind to the kind of man Damon and Stefan’s dad was. In fact she was planning on escaping him and taking the boys with her but plans changed when he found out.  So she did care about the boys.

Over at the Salvatore house, Julian and Lily try to recover from the day’s events, and Lily finally see’s what kind of man Julian really is. Just like Stefan told her earlier in the episode Julian is just like Giuseppe. And he didn’t seem to care much about her life when he challenged Enzo to the Duel.

Back at the Lockwood house Stefan wants Damon to know what really happened back in 1851 but Damon isn’t interested all he’s interested in is the fact that Lily left them, abandoned them and made a new family.  But things might be looking up for the bothers as Lily shows up ready to take Julian down.

Check out the promo for the next episode below. Bad news though, they will not be a new episode this week. We’ll have to wait until December 3rd.


The Vampire Diaries airs Thursday's at 8/7c on The CW

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