‘The Vampire Diaries’ 6×03 Recap: Diving Into the Deep End

Who’s up for a party at the swimming hole? Booze, bikinis, vampires and a vampire hunter – what could possibly go wrong? In a word, everything.

Remember when Enzo killed Stefan’s girlfriend Ivy last week? Yeah, Stefan’s not getting over that anytime soon. He takes a few days off of work to hunt the devilishly good-lucking bastard down to exact revenge. But on the way, pit stop at Whitmore where he pays Elena a visit. Stefan’s a little confused about why Elena is talking only about grieving Bonnie (oh, honey, this is why you shouldn’t leave. So hard to keep up on the weekly happenings. But when Elena indirectly tells him Enzo is going to be there, Stefan is all ready to party – or kill.

TVD603B_0006bDrama at the swimming hole: Tyler gets into it with Matt’s douchebag of a friend, Jay, Jeremy is making out with the girl Elena attacked and almost killed, Elena tries to orchestrate a reunion between old friends that even Jell-O shots can’t fix.

Things come to a head when Stefan meets Enzo in the woods. Stefan isn’t going to settle for Enzo torturing him for the rest of eternity, so killing him will have to do. But Enzo does the unthinkable and saves Stefan’s life when Jay, yes douchebag Jay, tries to stake Stefan from behind. So much for the life-saving, Stefan is still hell-bent on killing Enzo before Caroline intervenes. Oh well, no use crying over spilt ice.

Later that night after Caroline finds out about what Enzo did to Ivy, she goes to Stefan to ask him to stay. He might want to start over but a part of him misses all of this – misses his friends, his home, her. If there was even a part of him that cared about her, he’d stay. But Stefan emotionally shuts down again and walks away once again leaving a crying Caroline. Man I want to hurt him for making her cry two straight weeks. Luckily, Elena is there to be a shoulder to cry on. (Note: I’m seeing parallels between Stefan x Caroline and Arrow’s Oliver x Felicity, what with the two ladies getting emotionally dumped on by their brooding love interests).

TVD603B_0116bWhen the bitchy girl that Caroline compelled to get ice comes back without it, something is wrong. She made it just a little bit into Mystic Falls before she suddenly no longer felt like getting ice. There’s no magic in Mystic Falls. And now, magic committed outside of Mystic Falls will disappear when said person sets foot into the town. Which means, Sarah knows that Elena tried to kill her.

As Enzo stops by the diner for a midnight snack who also happens to be there other than our founding family member/vampire hunter Tripp Fell (hehe). Tripp drugs Enzo with a shot of vervain that doesn’t work (nice try dude) and just before Enzo snaps his neck, Stefan shoots a couple of stakes into his back. After a quick founding family bonding moment, Stefan hands Enzo over to Tripp who wants to kill him “his” way. Recap: He likes driving them over the Mystic Falls border and watching them burst into flames.

Back in the 1994, a simple (and repetitive) grocery shopping trip goes all wrong and all right for Bonnie and Damon. Missing pork rinds, a moving carousel and Damon’s car lead to the realization: they’re not alone. It’s only after Damon strikes a nerve with Bonnie when he complains about living in hell and that he’s lost all hope that he pisses off Bonnie, who hope is all that’s keeping her going, that Damon retreats into the grocery store to find a guy eating the missing pork rinds. Name’s Kai. Are we supposed to know what that means?

TVD603A_0086bKai’s been watching Damon and Bonnie for awhile now – long enough to know that Damon is a vampire, Bonnie is a magic-less witch and Damon has pissed Bonnie off exactly 13 times. They’re his own personal soap opera, though not as good as Baywatch. So we’ve got a ‘90s guy, have we? So what does he want? Simple really, to kill Damon. He poisons all of the bourbon bottles he knew Damon would drink (just like every other day for the past four months) to take him out.

But even though Damon can be a real ass sometimes, Bonnie comes back. Just like she’s done exactly 13 times previously. Kai taunts her lack of power and is about to stake Damon when a candle flickers and lights. “Uh oh.” Uh oh is right. Bonnie’s powers are back.

The real question is, Why did Kai want to kill Damon? They’re the only three in this place and for all we know this is just some random guy. Oh, but Kai doesn’t want to kill Damon. Why would he want something as ridiculous as that? No, it was all a plan to give Bonnie some motivation to regain her magic. And now that she has, her magic is the key to getting them out of there.


Episode 6×04 “Black Hole Sun”

Airing: Thursday, Oct. 23, 8/7c on The CW

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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