‘The Vampire Diaries’ 7×01: Our Rants and Raves

The Vampire Diaries is officially back and we couldn’t be more excited. Out Steroline hearts skipped a beat, The Heretics are not to be messed with and a mysterious woman in the future has us all intrigued and guessing who she could be.

This year  we’re introducing a post were we get to rant and rave about what was good and not so good about each episode. To kick to start this off we have episode 1, out first episode of The Vampire Diaries without one Elena Gilbert.


  • Flash forward – we’re used to flashbacks but the premiere opened with a flash forward and we’re liking it. The flash forward is looking very interesting and we can’t wait to see why this mysterious woman is after to Stefan. More flash forward please.
  • Steroline – Caroline’s finally ready and it happened and with humanities intact. Steroline fans must have been jumping out of their seats, but we have to remember that curve ball that’s coming up, that could spell disaster for these two, although we hope not.
  • Bamon – Their friendship might be one of the best things that happens this season. Damon called her his best friend, watch out Ric you might have some competition. I just love these two together, who knew a friendship could have blossomed. Season 1 Bonnie and Damon would have laughed in everyone’s faces at the sheer thought of friendship.
  • This season is looking promising, Elena might be gone but her presence is still there. While I was gutted Nina decided to depart The Vampire Diaries, the new season is looking really exciting and I can’t wait for more.


Not many rants at all, just one.

  • Malcom’s death – Lily told Stefan it wouldn’t be easy to kill her heretics and that it was going to take more than a bomb. However later in the episode Damon is simply able to just sneak up on Malcom and rip his heart right out. I thought they were supposed to be smart and it would be a challenge to kill one.


  • Will this season catch up to the flash forward?
  • Is Caroline actually ready to be with Stefan, or will we see her regretting her decision?
  • What’s this mysterious phoenix stone?
  • Why does lily want it?
  • Why does Ric have and what is he going to be doing with it?
  • Beau’s scar looks just like Stefan’s wound. Is the mysterious woman someone to do with Beau?

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW

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