‘The Vampire Diaries’ 7×02 Recap: Never Let Me Go

This weeks episode of The Vampire Diaries starts with another flash-forward and this time it’s Caroline. She’s made it into broadcast journalism after all just behind the camera. But Steroline fans hearts are going to be crushed because Caroline and Stefan are not together in the future in fact Caroline’s engaged to some other dude.

Nevertheless back in present day Steroline are still a thing and all is good well except the fact that Caroline is hanging out in Stefan’s bedroom, literally. Thanks to Enzo, Caroline has been taken hostage in the Salvatore house and thanks to Damon for killing Malcolm, Caroline is been tortured by Mary-Louise and Nora. However, it does look like one of the crazytics might have a heart as Valerie spells Caroline so her skin’s like vervain to the touch. Is she trying to help? Or does Valerie have an agenda of her own?

Alaric’s still trying to figure out if that Phoenix Stone is legit or not so it’s time to turn to Bonnie for help. After a little withcy voodoo it’s not looking good for Alaric’s plan to bring Jo back. It turns out the stone is pretty bad in the magic department as Bonnie has disturbing visions, so she orders Ric to destroy it. Ric on the other hand has other ideas and wants to try the stone out before destroying his only chance of getting Jo back. Even through Bonnie’s warned him, Ric takes the stone for a test run and it works although only temporarily and thus Ric decides he’s keeping the rock.

Stefan’s found out Lily has Caroline and it’s all Damon’s fault. To make amends and save Caroline, Damon decides to apologise and offers to switch places with Caroline. There’s one problem though, Damon can’t get into his house, so naturally the only way to solve this is to kill the owner. Well poor Matty Blue unbeknown to him owns the Salvatore house and it’s up to Bonnie to temporarily kill Matt and break the spell.

Since Damon has murdered one of Lily’s own, Lily’s decided to take something that matters to Damon, Elena. The only way to get back his girl is to make a deal with the she devil herself, his mother. After finding out that Damon bailed on the rescue Caroline plan, Stefan’s ready for a fight with his big bro but is left shocked to find out that Lily’s taken Elena and the only way to get both girls back is if Damon makes the deal with Lily that he’ll leave town for good.

We also find out why Enzo is on team Heretic and in fact, he didn’t even pick the Heretics, he picked Lily. Romance might be on the cards for these two, although Lily looked stunned rather than happy about it.

And it’s bad news for Caroline both in present day and in the future. In present day Caroline’s given an old journal of Stefan’s and it turns out Stefan knew Valerie back in the day and might have even been in love with her. In the flash-forward it looks like Caroline might be dead as the vampire slayer that was trying to hunt down Stefan and Damon in the last episode comes back.

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The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW

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