‘The Vampire Diaries’ 7×08: Our Rants and Raves

Well I didn’t see that coming, is anyone else gutted Lily bit the dust in the last episode? What a party that was, it was definitely up there with all the other parties that town has seen. I mean it would not be a party without a bit of murder would it.

The episode was jam packed with all drama, from relationship troubles, family squabbles and then the murder planning, and actually murder. We all knew someone was going to die at that party; it is The Vampire Diaries after all.

Check out our rants and raves about the episode below.


  • Matt – He’s is on a mission and isn’t taking crap form any vampire. You go Matt, even if you do try to kill or kidnap the vampires we love.
  • Stefan and Lily – Was it just me or was that mom and son advice scene beautiful. I loved it, Stefan was still holding out hope for his mom.
  • Steroline – Stefan calling Caroline and telling her he loved her and he’s going to stand by her during this weird pregnancy drama.
  • Flash-forward – Good trick there making us think Lily wouldn’t die in present day because she was the vampire hunter. But all made sense again when it turned out she wasn’t after them at all, it was Damon hallucinating


  • Lily – No why did Lily have to die. Things were starting to improve with her and the boys, when I say boys, more Stefan, Damon was going to take more convincing. But that was something I wanted to watch develop.
  • Mary Louise – Anyone else mad with her? How could she choose Julian over the others? And not only that, she’s becoming really whiney.


  • Will Damon be saved from the werewolf venom in the future?
  • How will Stefan and Caroline make their relationship work with Alaric’s babies?
  • How will Enzo escape?
  • Will Stefan and Damon catch Julian?


The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW

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