‘The Vampire Diaries’ 7×08 Recap: Killer Party

We’re three years into the future again and Damon’s still been held captive by the vampire hunter.  And we’re with Damon on this one, show us who you are. Well It’s only Lily Salvatore who’s the vampire hunter. Say it can’t be.

Back in present day Caroline’s still trying to get her head around this whole baby drama and someone else to add to that list is Stefan. Now Stefan and Damon are in murder plan mode so when Caroline shows up with baby news, Stefan…  well he doesn’t really know what to do or say. Instead he bails and carry’s on his plan to kill Julian.

Over at the Heretic’s house or as we know it the Salvatore house, Mary Louise and Nora are celebrating their 133 year anniversary. Mary Louise has proposed to Nora and Julian has decided to celebrate such an occasion, a party is in order, something Lily clearly doesn’t want as she has murder planned for the day.

The party’s in full swing and Julian has basically compelled the Heretics a human buffet. Knowing this is their only opportunity to kill Julian, Lily makes sure Damon and Stefan know where to find them to take Julian down once and for all. Lily’s still aware she’s linked to her no longer beloved and needs the rest of the Heretics on her and Valerie’s side so they can break the link. The only way to get them on side is however to tell them the truth about Julian but Mary Louise isn’t as convinced of this evil Julian story as the rest of them are.

While the murder plan is coming together, Damon’s got Julian tied up, the Heretics are on side. Somehow, in between all the chaos, Stefan and Lily manage to have a mother son moment and Stefan asks Lily for advice on the whole Caroline baby thing. And Lily asks for advice in return on Damon, it was just nice to see Stefan hadn’t given up hope on his mom.  After getting advice from his Moma, Stefan calls Caroline and tells her he’s in this relationship 100% and is ready to take on the whole weird baby situation.

While all the dram plays out at the party, Enzo finds himself in a little bit of a drama. He’s been caught by Matt helping himself to the town’s remaining residents and Matt’s not playing nice anymore.  Enzo obviously doesn’t take Matt seriously but it get serious quick when he’s kidnapped by a few of Matt’s new buddy’s. What Matt has in store for Enzo, we don’t know yet.

Back at the party, Mary Louise has taken Julian’s side and frees him before Damon can do any damage.  Now he’s free, Julian takes the opportunity to get the upper hand and take Damon and Valerie hostage. It’s now up to Lily to choose which one dies as Julian gives her an ultimatum, be a Salvatore or be a family with him.

Thinking she’s still linked to Julian, Lily decides not to choose between the two and stakes herself thinking Julian will die alongside her. But what Lily didn’t know is, Mary Louise had already unlinked the two. Even though Lily has just tried to kill him, Julian still tries to save her, but it’s too late the wood from the stake has already made its way into her heart, so now it’s only a matter of time before she dies.

Everyone takes their turn saying their final goodbye’s to Lily but Damon in his true narky self manages to get in one last insult before she goes. Now I know what everyone was thinking, she can’t be dead because she’s alive in the future. Well the end of the episode goes back to that future and it turns out Damon has been poisoned with werewolf venom, again and was just hallucinating; Lily’s not the vampire hunter after all. The identity of the hunter still remains a mystery.

Check out the promo for the mid season final below, will it be a Merry Christmas for our favourite vampires this year?


The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW

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