The Vampire Diaries 8×05: Our Rants and Raves

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Well we made it through the episode. Julie warned us that a major death was happening. Let’s hope that was it, because I don’t want to say goodbye to anymore characters.

Oh this episode had the season two feels, the carnival, the Stelena reference, plus Matt was back in Mystic Falls. All that was missing was Elena, Jermey and Tyler. This time though at least no one was turned into a vampire and the carnival didn’t turn bloody.

Just like episode 2×01 Stefan hits the carnival after hours, no Elena this time, and tells every to live for the moments. It was time for some fun and for them to actually enjoy themselves for a change.

Speaking of fun, check out below what we liked, didn’t like as much and what questions we have below.


  • Matt – He’s back in Mystic Falls. Not so good for him as he wanted to escape that town, but good for us, because Matty Blue is back. It was about time he got his ass back to town, let’s hope he sticks around.
  • Carnival – Oh the season two feels. The scene was pretty much similar to the original. Stefan tells everyone to enjoy the moments and not to forget to live their lives. A nice little throwback to episode 2×01.
  • Bonnie – Always the one to get hurt, but that girl is a fighter. She definitely went to desperate measures to get her man back, and it worked.
  • Stelena – Yes, a Stelena reference. Again a little throwback to episode 2×01. The feels guys on this episode, it was making us all nostalgic and stuff.


  • Tyler – I felt like Tyler needed a better send-off than the one he got. He was a main character, yes he technically, kinda got two funerals but he needed a proper goodbye.
  • Seline –More a question than anything. How comes Tyler had all this information on Seline, but there was none at The Armory? Surely they would have been some research on her there and on Sybil too. As Tyler worked for The Armory he would have got that information from somewhere, somewhere been The Armory.


  • Why does Seline need the twins? Does she need their withcy abilities?
  • Will hell be explored?
  • Will we see Katherine again?

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