‘The Vampire Diaries’: Questions We Want Answered Before The End of Season 7

We might only be half way through season 7, but this hiatus has given us time to think what the rest of the season will bring. A lot happened in those first 9 episodes, so much so we have a lot of questions that still remain unanswered and we need to know the answers to them before season end.

There’s not long left of the hiatus now, but before the star of the rest of the season, here’s what we want the answers to.

What’s Stefan idea of hell?

We know that the Phoenix Stone puts every soul through hell and now that he’s trapped inside that stone, what will be Stefan’s hell?

Will we see how Stefan and Caroline fall out?

We know they aren’t together in the future. Caroline’s with Ric and Stefan’s with Valerie. But will we see why she hates him so badly? We know Stefan’s not the kind of guy to cheat, but we know it must be something bad for her to hate him so much.

How will Damon and Stefan handle been trapped in the Phoenix Stone?

We’ve seen from the promo’s that Damon doesn’t deal well once he’s out, and we know Stefan can’t handle his personal demons and his past. These two are about to be put through hell literally, we just hope they make it out the other side.

Will the effects of the pregnancy get worse for Caroline?

We’ve already seen Caroline vamp out at the prenatal class and at Alaric. But As the pregnancy goes on, will the effects get worse? Caroline lives for control and with this pregnancy I think she might be just about to lose it.

Is Matt going to die?

 There’s been a lot of rumours floating around that this is the season that our last remaining human will bit the dust. Will he really die? Because we need Matt, he’s the moral compass for the gang, he’s made it this far, he can’t die now, plus we love him. wecuase ust. Will he really die/ ut we know it’he next part of the season starts, here’

Will we find out why Caroline and Alaric can’t return to Mystic Falls?

In her flash-forward, you know the one right before the vampire hunter stakes her, she mentions that she and Alaric can’t return to Mystic Falls. Why though, what’s so bad that they can’t come home?

Why is the vampire hunter after Stefan?

Why Stefan and not the rest of them, what is it about Stefan?

Why does Stefan head to New Orleans?

My theories on this one are, either the Phoenix stone proved too much. The vampire hunter has come to town or maybe love trouble with Caroline.  Something bad must be going down for Stefan to head over to Klaus’s, I don’t think he’d go there unless he’s totally desperate.

Will Bonnie be the one to save Damon from the effects of the stone?

Now either Bonnie or Stefan is going to be the one to save Damon. But if Stefan is also having a hard time dealing with the effects, the only other person I think that can save Damon is Bonnie. She’s become a constant in Damon’s life, someone he can rely on, but Bonnie’s also not about to give him a nice time, she’ll hold her own if she has to. Sometimes you might have to be cruel to be kind.

The Vampire Diaries returns Friday January 29th at 8/7c on The CW


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