‘The Vampire Diaries’: What are Matt and Tyler doing at the start of season 6?

We’ve gotten plenty of Elena-Damon related Vampire Diaries scoop for season 6 — not that we’re complaining — but we’re wondering about the fate’s of some of our other favorite characters, including Matt and Tyler.

Luckily, TV Guide got us some scoop about what the two humans (welcome back, Tyler) are doing at the start of the season.

Our favorite quarterback is doing just fine. “He misses his friends, but he’s dealing with his grief in his own way [and] he’s channeling it into something very positive by getting involved in the community and really trying to make something of himself,” executive producer Julie Plec says. “So he’s thriving, ironically, in the absence of the supernatural elements in Mystic Falls.” As for Tyler, Plec adds, “Tyler is back to being a guy with a werewolf curse. He’s been down this road, and it’s really difficult [and] he’s got testosterone and machismo, so how does he keep himself together? He’ll find help in some fun sources.”

The Vampire Diaries returns for season 6 on Thursday, October 2.

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