‘The Walking Dead’ 5×03 Preview Guide: ‘Four Walls and a Roof’

The Walking Dead is all new tonight and after last week’s shocking cliffhanger, we’re sure the season’s third episode is going to an intense ride.

We’re getting you ready for tonight’s episode with sneak peeks, photos and five things we’ll be on the look-out for.


Sunday, Oct. 26, 9pm, AMC


5 Things We’re Watching For:

  1. When do the Termites attack?

    Now that we know the Termites have been following Rick and the group (and taken a literal bite out of Bob), it’s not of a matter of if but when they plan to attack the rest of the group, that are inside eating contently unaware of the danger that lurks outside.

  2. What happens to Bob?

    Bob is not having a good day. Not only is he being held captive by the craziest people we’ve seen on this show (and we’ve seen some hardcore crazies) but half of his leg is gone and serving as food for the crazies. We just need to know that someone finds Bob and the Termites and saves him because I just want him to live. Please tell me he lives!

  3. Where does that car lead Daryl and Carol to?

    When we last left Daryl and Carol they took off in the getaway car following that car we all recognize as the one that kidnapped Beth last season. Where does the car lead them? If it leads them anywhere? Will we finally have a lead on Beth?

  4. What is Father Gabriel hiding?

    We’re still incredibly suspicious of Father Gabriel (even with the Termites lurking outside) even though he puts off this holy priest demeanor. Everyone is hiding something, including him. And it’s always the quiet ones that surprise you the most.

  5. Will we finally find out what happened to Beth?

    Okay, we’re two episodes in (going to be three tonight) and we still have no idea what happened to Beth. Hopefully Daryl and Carol will find us some because after seeing a tease of the supposed boot camp she’s been kidnapped into, we need to know what the hell happened to sweet Beth.





Rick and the group find themselves pitted against some nasty people.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

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